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    HELP WANTED 36 year old, 280 pound, beautiful wife (of 11 years) and mother (two boys ages 5 and 6) seeks a strong mentor who has successfully completed VSG surgery for a year or more. Must be able to "tell it like it is" and not "sugar-coat" the journey (I'm a big girl. I can handle the truth). Someone who is mild mannered will not be good for my BIG personality! I am scheduled for VSG this Tuesday, November 30th in Houston, Texas. My goal weight is 170 pounds and I would like to be in a size 12 ( I am currently a 24). I am very faith driven, so a Christian mentor is preferred (but not required). I do believe it will take God's help to get me through this lifestyle change. I KNOW I NEED HELP! If you are interested in being my mentor, please respond to this post. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to "meeting" you.
  2. I have 2 sons, age 5 and 6. They are full of life and very observant. They always comment on my hair or my dress. Wondering how they will react to my weight loss? Anyone with small children care to share their reaction?

  3. Tiffnie, I just spent an hour reading over this information. This is the BEST guide I have seen for post-surgery! It addresses every question I had. I have surgery Tuesday and planned to call my doctor Monday with toms of questions. This guide is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for sharing your story Rain! My surgery in this Tuesday!
  5. Hello Everyone, First of all , let me say these forums have truly been God sent. I am inspired and informed! Congrats to all of you have have taken the step to a healthier life. I am 280 pounds and only 5 feet and 1 inch. My goal weight is about 170 pounds (I don't want to be skinny)! I was originally scheduled to have LapBand on Tuesday, November 30, 2010. I went to see my doctor this past Thursday for a pre-surgery consultation and he begged me not to have LapBand and have the Sleeve instead. He said I would be pleased with the results of the Sleeve and not be as sick as I would be with the Band. He also mentioned the number of revisions he is doing! I was numb initially! I had spent weeks toiling over having LapBand and Gastric Bypass:unsure:. I had briefly looked at the Sleeve, but had not given it serious consideration. After having several friends with serious ByPass complications, I finally decided to have LapBand. Now my doctor is confusing me all over again!!!! I came home and began to research. I watched You Tube videos and then I found this site! After days of reading posts on this site, I contacted my doctor today and changed my procedure to VSG! I am nervous, yet encouraged. Your support is so needed! Please post any pre-op or initial post-op advice, do's and don'ts. Thank you in advance for your help. This site truly helped me make my decision. I am looking forward to the new me! NewNatalie Scheduled for VSG - November 30, 2010 Start Weight: 280 pounds
  6. Hi Bryn, I am having VSG this Tuesday! After talking with my doctor and others on this forum, it was an easy decision. Keep me in your prayers! I think many doctors still perform LapBand because so many patients are adament about having it. My sister had LapBand about a month ago. She would not even consider anything else. She likes that it is reversible. The thought of altering her stomach was not appealing. I hope she does well.
  7. newnatalie

    Anyone with Aetna?

    I have Aetna and I gained weight over those 3 months. My doctor told me they are not looking for weight loss, but rather documentation from a physician that you were on a Doctor ordered diet and visited that doctor 3 months consecutively. My approval took about 4 weeks. They said nothing about my weight, but did say that one of my visits was more than 30 days from the previous visit. Be sure to watch your dates. I think you will be fine. I have heard that Aetna is one of the easiest companies to obtain approval from! Don't stress! It will all work out!
  8. newnatalie

    29 Years Old & Getting the Sleeve

    Hi Secret Surgery, I totally respect your decision to remain private. I will be sleeved this Tuesday, November 30 and I have decided "I am telling"! You can check out my "Why is WLS a Secret?" blog on this site. I explain in great detail my feelings about this issue. Basically, as an overweight person, I know so many people who lied about having surgery and I wish they would have told me the truth. I left their presence feeling like a fat failure! Why couldn't I lose weight like them? Little did I know they had a secret weapon I was not privy to. You don't have to tell the world, but when someone sincerely asked how you lost the weight, consider encouraging them by being honest. You'll be able to separate those who really desire help from those who are just being nosey! Congrats!
  9. newnatalie

    Oh no, Oh no no no no no

    I wouldn't start beating myself up too fast. I bet those 2 pounds will disappear quickly once all the food is out of your system! Please don't be depressed. We are often our hardest critic. Focus on your 5 months of success and not one day where your body decided to latch on to every calorie! Keep us posted. Those 2 pounds will be gone in no time! Smile : )
  10. newnatalie

    My husband is not totally for this

    Most men will not admit that they are afraid of losing us! It's not YOU he is not supporting. It is the fear of something happening to you! Don't confuse the two. He won't tell you this because he is a MAN! I would go back to him and assure him that not only will you be fine, but FINER and HEALTHIER in the end! Like others have said, if he is "allowing" you to have VSG, then a part of him does support you. Give him a big kiss and let him know how much you love and appreciate him!
  11. So my friend who said she would NEVER speak to me again if I had weight loss surgery comes over yesterday for Thanksgiving. I dropped the bomb that I am having VSG on Tuesday, so this would be our lost moments together since she was dispowning me! I ended up sharing how I came to my decision and all the great things I've learned in this forum. Now guess who wants to have VSG?!?! SMH (I guess I get to keep my friend).

  12. 6 days until surgery. Feeling more confident everyday thanks to this site! I've made so many new friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. newnatalie

    Why is WLS a secret?

    @MicNic - I just think we should encourage one another on this weight loss journey as much as possible! You don't have to go around shouting you had WLS, but if someone asked what you have been doing, with a sincere heart, you should tell them truth. Thanks for checking out my blog!
  14. Aquamama, This is the first I have heard of the Super Sleeve. It sounds great! Is your insurance covering the procedure? What are the chances of the sutures breaking? Thanks for sharing!
  15. Tiffykins! Thank you so much for all the advice and encouragement! Did I mention how much I love this site?1?! It seems like the first 4 weeks are really difficult because of recovery and afterward, things get better. Is this a fair assessment?
  16. Hopeandfaith, I am grateful to him for making me reconsider. I was just shocked because it was2 weeks before my surgery! I pray all goes well for you. I will definitely keep in touch!
  17. Thanks Chilo! What has been your experience with VSG? NewNatalie
  18. Hi TexasT, I am becoming more and more sure of my decision as I read posts on this website. I hate throwing up and he told me that, with the band, vomiting is very common. I am glad that you are doing well and have met your goal! Congrats! Thanks for sharing. NewNatalie
  19. Carrie, I am grateful for my doctor's honesty! He has an awesome reputation and is known for being a superb surgeon. He performed my aunt's Lapband and she is in year 3 with no complaints. He did my sister's LapBand a month ago. She does not have as much weight to lose as I do and she was not open to anything, but LapBand. I will say that I have seen more people unhappy with the LapBand. I have read very few reviews of dissatisfied VSG patients. I pray I am making the right decision! Thanks for your support and words of encouragement. NewNatalie
  20. Hi Aquamama, Congratulations! We must keep in touch. I see you are having surgery 4 days before me. What is the "super sleeve"? How is this different for normal VSG?
  21. newnatalie

    Dateline show on VSG

    Thanks for sharing this video! It actually depicted VSG in a much more positive light than I expected.