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  1. jennifer1

    one month post op

    I can't believe it has been a month since my revision surgery. What a month it has been. This recovery was so much harder than when I got my lap band. I lost 9 inches and 26 pounds since my pre op liquid diet. I got sick 2.5 weeks post op! OMG that was so horrible! To have to cough with my stomach still recovering was really bad. I had a burning sensation over my largest incision that would bring me to tears. My surgeon told me that the burning was most likely do to a nerve that was caught in a suture and that it would go away once my sutures dissolved, which could take 3 months. If I couldnt take it he said we could do a nerve block! ummmm no! Literally the day after that appointment the burning stopped and has never returned!!!!! I started back in the gym per his orders. I was only released to do cardio so i'll do that the first week and slowly add in weight training. All in all this has been a kinda rough recovery, but I dont regret it!!!
  2. jennifer1

    3 denials and finally approved!

    My denials were due to paperwork basicially. Initially i was told the documentation submitted didnt show medical necessity for the removal of my band not that I followed the post op diet and recommendations for the lap band. Next it was because they thought it had been removed in July when in fact it was just totally deflated in July. The peer to peer was denied too, but I never found out why and the last appeal was finally approved! My surgery date is March 14TH!!!!
  3. I just wanted to write this to encourage those who are fighting with insurance for approval. I fought with BCBSIL since Dec 2016 til Feb 2017. I was denied 3 times for various reasons, mostly paperwork crap! Don't give up fighting you are worth it!!!!! Insurance companies look for reasons to say no... dont let them tell you know without giving them the fight of their life!! I felt I have been paying my premiums and co pays for almost 4 years and never had anything major.. soooo they needed to pay for this! LOL!
  4. jennifer1


    Just wanted to update you guys that I was finally approved for surgery on Feb 10th! I had my pre-op appointment today and my surgery is scheduled for March 14th! To say Im excited is an understatement. I am so grateful for another shot at getting my health together!
  5. UPDATE!!! I was finally approved after the appeals process and my surgery date is MARCH 14TH! YEAHHHHH!
  6. jennifer1

    Big Fat Failure!

    Sooooo i just looked at my blog and see it's been like 5 years since I posted!!!!! WOOOOOOWWWW!!! So if i wrote everything that has happened in those 5 years this would be like 8 pages long, so i will make it short as possible. I met my goal size of a 12 within 11 months of having my band. I was good at maintaining for like 2.5 years. And then my band and i started fighting more and more. Between life, band slippages, emergency unfills, relationship changes and the death of my mother i have basically gained all my weight back. I am back to a size 16 and my original size preband was a 20. I have changed jobs and now am in the process of getting my band removed and revised to a vertical sleeve. I have had many emotions about this from embarrassment, shame, anger, etc. I was self pay for the lap band, but my current insurance does pay for the surgery. I was submitted for the removal of my lap band and revision to a sleeve and was DENIED!! To say I was devastated is putting it mildly. I am in the process of having my doctor submit further explanation of why it is medically necessary to remove my band. This time will be different. I will be going to support groups and doing thing before that i hated like actually tracking food and gym times. I'm pretty sure no one even follows this blog anymore, but i am keeping my youtube blog up to date! Thanks for stopping by!
  7. jennifer1

    Band removal denial...

    i just got through this.. i was denied 3 times for the same reason them stating it wasnt medically necessary. my insurance finally approved me on feb 10th. my insurance company basically stated that due to my band slipping it was deemed medically necessary as this was a fault of the band and not me. Do yo u have any documentation stating any type of mechanical failure with the band?
  8. jennifer1

    Back on Track!

    Sooooo I finally got approved for my revision from lap band to VSG!!!! I am soooo excited! I have my pre op appointment this wed. and I will have to speak with the NUT, anesthesiologist and my surgeon. I am hoping my surgery date(which i wont know till wed) is in March!!!
  9. jennifer1

    Big Fat Failure!

    I'm so glad my story is helping you.. Did you decide what you want to do?
  10. Hi my name is Jennifer and I am looking to get a revision from my lap band to the sleeve. I often hear how your surgeon should be board certified...has anyone ever used a doctor that was not board certified. I have a doctor out of UIC in Chicago and unless i'm spelling his name wrong when I look him up it doesnt say he is board certified. Thoughts????
  11. OK so i was initially submitted to insurance for approval(revision from lapband to vsg) in Dec 2016. I was initially denied because they said I didnt have enough documentation stating it was medically necessary to remove my band nor that I had followed up with the post op diet recommendations after my lap band. I went to meet with my surgeon and he submitted more info per BSBS request. Well they denied it again, this time I was told they thought my band was removed in July 2016.. ummmm no this damn thing is still in me. Sooo they submitted again.. so where along the line a peer to peer happened(which no one even told me we were at that stage), apparently that was denied so now it's in the appeal process!!! It's been like 2 weeks and still no answer!!! Has anyone ever had to go through all of this I have BCBSIL???? Please tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel. Has anyone ever done an external appeal? HELP!!!! #tiredofbeingfat #thissucks #i'msofrustrated
  12. omg ihave bcbs as well.. i am going for a revision from lap band to vsg.. i started this process in oct 2016.. had everything submitted in Dec.. was denying 3 times and now its in appeals..when i call they just keep saying it looks like they are going to over turn the denial.. but it's still in proces!! AAARRRGGGHH!!!! soooo annoying!!
  13. jennifer1

    Big Fat Failure!

    Thanks for the encouraging words. i was self pay for my lap band and I'M STILL PAYING IT OFF! My last resort will be to save up and go to Mexico!!!
  14. i think you're mentally ready which is an awesome thing! i was like that when i got my lap band.. after the first 3 days..those were rough for me! Keep going!
  15. the first 3 days were the roughest.. be mentally prepared for the head hunger and possible headaches as your body detoxes.. dont shut yourself out from the world..keep yourself busy with things not surrounded around food.. best wishes you can do this!
  16. jennifer1

    BCBSIL Insurance questions

    i have BCBSIL and i saw that about not having to do the 6 month diet, which is true. HOWEVER, i have a lap band and im trying to get it removed and revised to the sleeve. i have been denied twice, basically due to paperwork. they first said my paperwork didnt show it was medically necessary to have my band removed, then we submitted with more paperwork. Now they are saying they thought my band was removed in July so they denied me again!! Currently they are reviewing my paperwork AGAIN!!! So i would just advise that all the documentation they request is submitted correctly!!! Best wishes to you!
  17. jennifer1

    Big Fat Failure!

    thanks for the encouragement guys!! I submitted again and was DENIED!!! i'm really trying not to get frustrated. This last time they said it looks like they thought my band was removed in July when the documentation states my band was DEFLATED in July!! nope this bad boy is still in here.. so now they are looking at it again! I am so ready to get back on track but I know I need a tool(the sleeve) to help me!!! Praying my next update is that I got approved!
  18. jennifer1

    Billing Bull

    girl i would have had a heart attack too! glad it was an error!
  19. jennifer1

    Approval for how long?!

    thats a good question.. i would call your insurance company they will give you a definite answer!
  20. i was rushing to get mine done by the end of 2016 due to insurance as well.. but that didnt happen. now my insurance company denied me but i'm working on getting more paper work submitted!
  21. jennifer1

    Olly powder at target

    i have seen those and the flavors look amazing! been too scared to try them i need to research them more.. have you asked your NUT about them?
  22. i wish i would have know the following: 1. achieving and staying in the "green zone" is damn near impossible 2. every adjustment would cost my$250.. so over $1,000 per year 3. that my band tightness would be effected by air pressure..the weather..my period and stress 4. that i cant slack off once i reach goal 5. once my band was emptied...it would NEVER reach the green zone again 6. i wish there were more options for wls when i got the band.
  23. jennifer1

    DVD of your surgery?

    that would be sooooo cool! i asked my surgeon if he would take a pic of my stomach once he removed it. he said yes! LOL
  24. I had my psych eval last week. I thought i was going to be a blubbering mess, but i was so afraid that they would thinkg I wasnt mentally stable enough to have the surgery that I forced myself to hold it together!
  25. jennifer1

    UIC Surgeons

    Hi has anyone here had a revision from lap band to sleeve at UIC. Specifically with Dr. Hassan.

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