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  1. soonercandy

    BIG secret... good or bad?

    At first I didn't tell anyone, but then I thought to myself.....I am taking a huge step here. I am doing something that I know a lot of people are scared to do. I am proud of myself! I slowly started telling people around me and I began to notice how much it actually helped me. My friends were making conscious decisions about where to eat because they knew I could only eat certain things. They helped me find and borrow clothes when I started to lose. It was great. I was scared to tell because I thought having surgery made me look weak. It doesn't!! I made a decision to change my life, and I will take all the support I can get. I have even told strangers that I run into when on business. It has been liberating sharing my secret!!
  2. I know it has been a while but I wanted to post an update. I am 5 months out and I am down 87 pounds!!!!! Here are my before and after photos.
  3. I had some of you ask how I did it. It was easy. I did not cheat, not once! No bread, no Pasta, no rice, no sugar, no potatoes!! I walk one mile five times a week. I only drink Clear liquids with less than 15 calories per 8 oz. I am just getting out of a two week stall so I needed to post this in order to keep my spirits lifted. My surgery was 1/19/11 and I was 250lbs the day of surgery. I love my sleeve!! I would be happy even if I never lost another pound, but I know I will.
  4. Me before surgery 3 1/2 months post op...yay....look at my face!!!! Yay!!!!! 3 1/2 months post op
  5. This is my before photo This is me 3 1/2 months out.....yay!!!! This is still 3 1/2 months out, but look at my face!!!! yay!!!!
  6. I will be 4 months out on April 19th. I am down 67 pounds since surgery date. I still can not eat very much at all. My Vitamins I take in the morning fill me up so I can't eat Breakfast. I eat maybe 2 oz of chicken at lunch and maybe 2 oz of tuna for dinner. That is all I can get down. I don't eat any Snacks. Since I can't get any more food down than that I am very diligent with my vitamins. LOL.... my 1 year old eats more than I do.
  7. soonercandy

    Second post op visit

    Lisa!!! I live in Enid too!!! Dr. Walton did my surgery. It is good to know I am not alone here in Enid America!
  8. soonercandy

    stuck at 178 for 5 weeks

    ok, I was sleeved January 19th and I am down 62 lbs. I know for a fact I am not getting enough Protein. I am however drinking my Water and taking all of my Vitamins. The past 2 days I have not been hungry at all. I am having to make myself eat something today. This sleeve thing is a strange creature.
  9. I accidentally swallowed my gum this morning. Will this hurt me? What should I do?
  10. soonercandy

    3 Week Stall HELP!!!!

    I too am 9 weeks out. I have been stalling for about 2 weeks. I was actually getting on here to get some advice when I saw your post. Thanks for posting this. It makes me wonder if this is just a normal time to stall? I have noticed that even though I am not losing pounds I am losing inches because my clothes are getting bigger. I am sure you are too.
  11. soonercandy

    Whatcha eating today!!! Thursday

    Yay Thursday! Breakfast: Protein Bar Lunch: 2oz grilled chicken Dinner: 2 oz of shrimp and 1oz of grilled chicken Water: On track so far Exercise: going on 1.5 mile walk with my daughter
  12. soonercandy

    Easter Sunday - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    SN.........................Starting Wt........Current........Goal.......Lbs to Goal Soonercandy............198...................198.............180.........18 I am starting late, but I am all in!!!!!!!
  13. I started at 250 lbs. No pre-op. I am 7 weeks out today and down 52 lbs.!!!!!!
  14. soonercandy

    Butt pain!

    I actually had hemrhoid surgery and it was really painful but I haven't had any since and feel so much better!
  15. I started eating egg drop soup about a week post op.

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