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  1. Can'tweight

    I'm on permanent VACATION!!!!

    Thanks guys! It feels awesome!! I'm losing much slower now, but I'll take whatever I can get. I'm sure if I amped up the exercising it would pick up a bit. How's all my March sleever's doing??
  2. * *:D**:D** "One-derland" **:D**:D**
  3. Can'tweight

    Laura in Onederland!!!

    That is awesome!!! You should be so very proud of yourself. You have been through a lot to get here. Savor it, sister sleever!!!
  4. Lol...good Lord No!!! That's funny stuff Griselda!!
  5. I was sleeved 3/16/11...I am 3 mo's out and feel fantastic!! I started at 251 before pre-op diet and have lost 45 lbs to date. Here are just a few things I have noticed: No more aching joints Not as out of breath when walking up and down 3 flights to my apartment Not as hot No diabetes meds No liver pains Not hungry all the time Love going to the stores to try on clothes and find I need a SMALLER size Not tired all the time as before Feel younger More active with my family TMI...Being able to clean my ENTIRE body with out struggling TMI...Being able to wipe with ease after going potty But the BEST THING is....Making love with my husband!! Who has also lost weight as he has been drinking my Protein shakes- 3 times a day and a sensible meal for dinner. He's lost 20 lbs. Yea Pookie!! After gaining so much weight through our 18 year marriage...sex was quite difficult and not worth having. Now?? Well...let's just say everything is A-O-K in the boudoir!!
  6. Can'tweight

    My new Dew

    Wow...you look FABULOUS!!! Keep up the great work!!
  7. Awesome Job, sister sleever!! I am proud for you. I know you probably never thought you'd see the day!! But at last...savor it!! Well...I'm sucking hind-tit, but only 9 lbs to go!!
  8. Wow!! That's a lot of weight he thinks you should lose...I am 10 wks out and have lost a total of 42 lbs. My doc thinks I am right on schedule. I agree with the others...you are doing super!! I also hit a stall that lasted 2-3 wks when I was 3 wks post-op. Do you measure yourself? It's been said several times on the forums that although you may not be losing lbs, you may still be losing inches! Chin up!! You are doing great in my eyes!!
  9. Can'tweight

    22 days post VSG..

    I think you're doing FANTASTIC!! You don't want to lose too awful fast. Remember...it took awhile for us to get to the weight we were.
  10. Oops! Sorry...added it on. Thanks for playing!!
  11. Can'tweight


    That is FANTASTIC!!!! Rock that sleeve!! Congrats!!
  12. Just wondering...6 month's and longer Post-op...Have you experienced "Hair Loss"??
  13. I am 10 weeks out and still taking 20mg Pepcid, twice daily. I have break through acid from time to time though. Asked my doc's office about trying something different. They told me to just try some different over the counter brands.
  14. I am 10 weeks out and my nutritionist increased my carbs to 70gms and calories to 900-1000. She said to get in 40gms fat, 70gms or higher in protein, and at least 64ozs of water. I did ask her if there was such a thing as TOO much protein, and she laughed. She said, "maybe 200gms! But you won't be able to even get close to too much." I seem to be losing more (although slowly) now that I have increased my intake. Tricking the body seems to be the name of the game. You may want to talk with your nutritionist to see if you are getting in too little at 4 months out! Hang in there!
  15. Can'tweight


    I so hated sweets after drinking all the protein drinks. Never was a big sweets person anyway. Hang in there, sister! It gets SO MUCH BETTER!! ...and pretty quick I might add. Not sure what stage you're in, but after a few weeks in the solid food stage I was good to go!