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  1. bird925

    Back to Work

    Well ladies I love to cook, it is therapy for me so when I came home I made fresh pork cutlets and a cream sauce with spanich. I made myself a scrambled egg. I really don't get hungry at all but must eat. I went back to work today too. Work sucked but I have a job.
  2. bird925

    The Time Has Come Finally

    Well I get banded tomorrow. May 11th. I am getting emotional. I feel scared and excited. I hope this is all normal. So many people oppose my choice. But I made this choice. I choose to be healthy and fit again. Enough with the negitive . I am so happy and relieved the day is here. I didn't get a call from the hospital to tell me the time I am to be there but I called them and 10:30am I was told with no instructions or anything. I will talk to my surgeon and his staff about that. I am in the medical field I work for a group of doctors that do surgery everyday and i give the instructions for gastro procedures everyday so I kind of know what I need to do but I hope nothing was overlooked. I guess you all can tell i am nervous. I am glad to have some where to vent. Well I will be on again on Thursday if not tomorrow. I'll let everyone know how everything goes.
  3. bird925

    May Day

    I have my May date also. May 11th. I start my pre-op liquid diet April 25th. I am replacing breakfast this week with a shake to get used to it and then next week I will be ready, I think.
  4. I am using Dr. Adam Goldstein. He is great. I love the office staff. His record is why I chose him. He has years and many successful surgeries under his belt. He is very personable and accessable. I am very satisfied with my choice. Also I am in the medical field and I really checked him out and he has never had a malpractice suit . Some of the others in the area has . Do your homework.
  5. bird925

    Just getting started

    I'm just getting started. Last week I have completed my bloodwork, cardio clearence, psyc eval,and barium swallow study. This week I have to see the nutritionist and my pcp and all my pre stuff will be done. Then my paperwork gets submitted to the insurance for approval. They say my insurance is one of the easy ones for approval so I hope they are right. I just want a surgery date. I am so ready for this journey to take flight. I have Amerihealth Administrators. Does anyone else have my insurance and has recently had surgery?
  6. bird925

    Post Plastic Surgery

    Congrats!! I know you my not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor yet but just wait till you heal all the way. I hope you feel and look as great as you want to.

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