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  1. I did a 4 hour then a 13 hour flight home! How mental was that? I got it approved by the doc first and had no history of clots, not on pill etc. Have you spoke to your doc about it? I had no trouble or pain at all. I sipped Water as much as I could, got up and walked every hour on the hour and did excercises in my seat. I also wore the extra long compression socksfor the entire journey. I didn't sleep a wink but got through 6 great movies! Your surgeon is the best person to speak to but what I did worked for me!
  2. Thank you foxbins. No vomiting or different bowel colour\movements just slight churning pain when eating liquids fine just food causing funny feeling Have started omperazole & took gaviscone after light dinner which seemed to help, I think Will take your other advice as well, thanks for posting! As I've never had acid before I'm not sure if its just that or not!.
  3. Ok, beginning to freak out now. Could this be a stricture or a beozar? Searching this forum might not have been a good idea.....
  4. groovearmada

    Pain when eating. What are your intolerances?

    I'm glad I found this. I'm currently on holiday at the min and everything I eat has been giving me slight, very slight pain and discomfort. Its almost like I can feel the food churning away inside. I'm hoping its just do with different foods here in thailand. Maybe a bit spicy. Trying not to worry but reading this post makes me feel a bit better.
  5. That's a great idea Irene. Thank you! Looking hot by the way!
  6. Thanks everyone, sound advice as always. I booked with dermatologist next week so will keep you all posted. I have no doubt that I don't drink enough water, I will start to get in as much as I can. Pretty sure the dermatologist will advise that too!
  7. Thank you so much Kelly. A lovely reply. I am still scared of photos but I will try to bring myelf to upload some. What you said about being scared to feel successful could def be something for me to think about. Congrats to you too, I hope everything is still going smoothly. I <3 this forum.
  8. groovearmada


    God this is becoming boring. Anytime someone posts something positive about trish there is an almost instant reply by someone trying to discredit her.....
  9. groovearmada

    Told a patient I had a VSG today....

    I feel the same as everyone else, I think what you did at that time, was perfect. It was your gut instinct to open up to her and share it with her. I also think that the fact your are so obviously evaluating what you did makes you a real professional.
  10. groovearmada

    Protein 4 months out

    Thanks for all the great answers, sorry it took so long to reply.
  11. groovearmada

    Protein 4 months out

    Hi everyone, Ive not posted in a while, mainly because ive been busy enjoying my (new) life and buying new clothes! Im just about 4 months out now and am just overweight having lost over 60 pounds. The weight has consistantly come off and I am really proud of what I have achieved. Up until about 3 weeks ago I was very vigilant about my Protein levels. I find the shakes and shots disgusting but forced myself to have them every day. About 3 weeks ago one of the shakes really turned my stomach and i was violently sick, spewed so hard that i was scared I maybe burst my sleeve. From then on I have taken my foot off the accelerator and have not been vigilant about drinking shakes. Dont get me wrong, protein is still my priority, i eat protein first, high protein food choices all the time, pretty much avoid carbs HOWEVER i have stopped tracking the protein levels. What i want to know is if anyone else the same as me, or are you all still tracking and supplementing Proteins? Also, what level of protein should I be getting in at 4 months out and what are the repurcussions if I dont meet this level? Although I am delighted with the results of the sleeve, I am sad at the thought of continuing to supplememt my diet "artificially" I want to just eat normal foods without having to count and calculate levels of protein all the time. Its almost like being on a diet counting and checking calories and after the years of struggling to do that, i just want normality! Thanks as always for your input!
  12. Sorry i cant help (was self-pay) just wanted to say im really sorry. Cant believe they denied, even with a BMI of 54.That alone should be enough. Not fair. Fight them! I hope some others can help. xxx
  13. groovearmada

    bikini/two piece

    This is a great thread, glad i found it! When i was 18 i worked in Ibiza, which as you can imagine involved lots of bikinis and hotpants! I was so slim and confident then. I am thinking about going there again this year and have been thinking loads about what to wear. A few months before surgery i developed these ugly stretch marks on my tummy (not a mum yet) and as i lose weight they get more prominent and uglier. I know this is really vein but it has totally upset me. I did it to myself and for no reason. No kids to show for it! How can i ever wear a bikini again with these ugly marks on my tummy. Im only 27 and have a few bikini years left! My only solution is to wear some of the cute beach kaftans over my bikini.
  14. Hi everyone, If its any consolation, i am in the same boat. Everything is going pretty ok apart from the energy to exercise. I am a teacher and when i get home from my after school activities that is it, i cannot move a muscle! I started walking at the weekend, but those two days were all i managed. Just too tired during the week. I am hoping in time my energy will increase.
  15. groovearmada

    How many calories???

    Ladies, Im 3 weeks out, what do yo u think i should be getting? Just started mushies, probably getting about 500 a day, too much? Finding it hard to get the heavy protein in mushy form, drinking lots of think soups.

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