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  1. Happy 34th Birthday caramellyregina!

  2. Happy 33rd Birthday caramellyregina!

  3. of protein can harm your kidneys. You just need to figure out how much you need on a daily basis and that's it. The band is no quick fix but it is a tool to help you stay on track. Learning your band is a big must as well. What works well for one person is not always the key for everyone else. Good luck!

  4. Hi Caramellyregina, sorry for just getting back with you. I haven't been on the site like I use to do. My life is so busy lately but for me the key is working out as much as possible. It really don't make a difference what it is just do something to get your heart rate up. I have also learned that portion control is so important. I am careful with my protein due to an excessive amount(cont)

  5. caramellyregina

    Do you ever get to where you don't feel like a fat person?

    BEST WISHES And CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU......I TOO AM DEALING WITH THOSE EXACT THOUGHTS...........but with God's help I will get over that hump sooner than later:) and also better decision making on my health awareness
  6. Dr. Fobi is my surgeon....He also did Roseanne Bar and lots of celeberties...he is in Long Beach google for certain results are great professionalism the best of the best seriously they take lots of insurances....good luck and best wishes
  7. caramellyregina

    Tired Of Sitting on the sidelines

    Hi.....I highly recommend my office.....they are truly the best they have been in the pracice of weightloss for thirty years.....they have tons of before and after pictures of patients.....they even have a calender for patients and there success.......they are funny caring compassionate friendly professional and educated in this field.....give them a call i highly recommend The Center for Surgical treatment and obesity control (562) 491-7935 Good Luck
  8. wow i have questions for you...like did protein drinks contribute to your success?? did u ever ever ever have a cheating moment like a slice of pizza or were you pretty strick???please be responsive i could use a few tips i had my surgery on 2/28/11

  9. Pretty.......I love your pics.....You are a true winner......!!!!

  10. So my son says to me mom i notice your weight loss....And i say how....And he says i notice space between you and the steering wheel and how i can't tell what kind of panties your wearing and the rolls in my stomach are dimenishing... cool right.....And how long i can go without eating.....!!!i can get so use to that...I love you son Happy 14th Birthday.......
  11. caramellyregina

    DOES PROTEIN REALLY MATTER.......!!???????

    Wow........ Well best believe that I'm on it........I found each post response to be informative and extremely helpful.....Best believe that it won't be going in one ear and out the other.......i finally got a hold of the Greek yogurt and it is so delicious....Now i gotta pick up a better protein drink cause i no longer care for the Isopure....thats probably why it seemed like i could live without the protein but i just need to get the better tasting protein drinks when I'm on the go and can't get to healthy type of chicken or fish.....and i gotta also go on fitday sounds informative.......THANKS EVERYONE YOU ALL INSPIRE ME TO THE FULLEST.......BE BLESSED HEALTHY HAPPY AND LEAN:)
  12. I'm trying to start a tread on this topic.....all feed back is helpful to say the least and Thank You in advance... So yesterday i had my first fill in my A.P. Lapband.....size 13 cc band 2 cc was put in it....Anyway i was told to consume at least 82 g of Protein daily by the physician assistant at my office......great office by the way....but i guess I'm wondering does the protein really make a difference in weight loss and how do you get that much protein in one day?? Any suggestions or ideas will be great.....
  13. caramellyregina

    Before and After Photos

    Aboslutely Gorgeous....!!!! I now want to start actually using my Nocotine again...Smoke Free is the way
  14. caramellyregina


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