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    Confessions Of A Junkie

    Hey everyone! Sorry it has taken so long to get back in touch. I am happy to say that I am officially below my previous "lowest" weight of 170. I am currently at 165 and continuing to make good decisions and progress. When you have been heavy your entire life you do end up with a false sense of security, even though you are still not at a healthy weight. You might be 85 pounds down but if you are still in the overweight range you can't brush that off. It took me a while to figure that out but I think I am finally getting the feel of my new body and will no longer allow myself to be too comfortable. I used to think about food every moment of every day and now that hasn't changed. What has changed is that I think about it differently. Thanks to everyone! All is well with Cyndi!
  2. It is normal to weigh a little more when you come home. I gained six lbs of fluid while in the hospital for one day. Trust me, it will come off super fast. Stay hydrated and try to focus on the positive. This is an amazing tool that really works if you follow the rules!
  3. I truly hate that you are having a terrible time. I assure you the 'regret' you are feeling will soon be replaced with an elation that will remove all these bad thoughts. I was fortunate in that I did not experience the sickness, but I would like you to go to YouTube and look for Big Nick VSG. He experienced the same difficulty and I promise his story will make you feel better about your decision. Best of luck to you. Please keep us posted!
  4. Not only my collar bones, but the first time I bumped my hip bone into the corner of a desk I was actually happy to get that bruise!
  5. Cyndi

    Does anyone have Celiac Disease???

    I have Celiac Disease. I have been eating gluten free for years and was sleeved in December of last year. You are correct, it is in EVERYTHING! LOL! Well, not everything but when there are things you want, it seems like it is in everything. When you get used to eating gluten free it actually will help you watch your intake after your sleeve. When you can't have bread (and trust me when I say I'd rather do without than eat gluten free bread. Most of it is pretty gross) it's easier to get your daily Protein. I eat a lot of grilled chicken breast which is great dense protein that not only helps reach your protein goals but also helps keep you feeling full longer. When you feel full longer it is easier to keep from eating too many small meals in the day. Here is an example of some of the foods I eat without having to buy special gluten-free foods. Breakfast: turkey bacon, boiled egg, grits, corn chex Cereal (the honey nut chex are also excellent to eat dry as a snack), yogurt lunch: Grilled chicken, shaved turkey and cheese (usually 50% less fat mozzerella string cheese), Healthy Choice tomato basil Soup (so good!) with Protein powder Dinner: Lean ground beef with rice and powder ranch seasoning, lean beef steak with green Beans, grilled chicken fajita strips with rice or tortilla chips with refried beans and lowfat shredded cheese Trust me, once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. My symptoms improved so much that even though I do miss things, it is totally worth it.
  6. I have Celiac Disease. For those of you who do not know what that is, here is a basic description: Celiac disease is an autoimmune digestive disease that damages the villi of the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. What does this mean? Essentially the body is attacking itself every time a person with celiac consumes gluten. So, eating gluten free is hard enough considering it's everywhere! But, trying to make good food choices while avoiding gluten is even more difficult. I eat a lot of lean meats which fill me up, but sometimes eating a simple piece of meat over and over becomes a bit, well, to be honest, nauseating. A piece of chicken breast, a broiled, ground turkey patty, sliced deli meats. We all know that what we decide to eat is a big deal because what we pick is pretty much going to be all we get in. So, if anyone out there who has had the sleeve also has Celiac Disease, let me know what your meals look like. There may be something in your meal plan that I'm not thinking of.
  7. Cyndi

    The best thing I ever bought!!

    You, my friend, are a genius!
  8. Cyndi


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It's a wonderful feeling isn't it? You look amazing!!! Not sure if you've noticed, but one of things I am loving is that I can see my collar bones in pictures and when I look in the mirror now. It's weird that it is something that excites me, but it does never-the-less. Again, you look amazing!!!!!
  9. Congratulations! You look fabulous!
  10. I was so happy this morning when I stepped on the scale and after the digital screen did it's little dance for what seemed like FOREVER...there it was. The numbers 199.0. I honestly didn't think I would be as excited as I was but the emotion got the better of me and I did a little naked happy dance right there on the scale. I started this journey at 251 lbs (highest weight) at 5' 2" on November 18th. That was the day I went to my doctor's office, stepped on the scale and was utterly shocked at what I saw. I immediately sprung into action. I lost 20 lbs prior to surgery and had my sleeve surgery on December 27th. It has been an interesting journey so far and I'm looking forward to my next goal 150. I wanted to shout it from the roof tops, but knew that since I still have a way to go, this would be just as good. Hope everyone is well and I'm happy I can share this moment with you!
  11. I was stalled for a almost two weeks at 200.0! Don't worry it will happen. Thanks for the congrats!
  12. Cyndi

    Six months today

    Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful how a little bit of confidence breeds more confidence? Fantastic job and inspiration to all of us!
  13. Cyndi

    5% of 1%?

    Are you in my brain? Couldn't have said it as thoughtful and eloquently myself. Of course, nine times out of ten, the only people who wish to engage in such conversations with you ( "why don't you believe in God? Are you angry at him? What's wrong with you?!") truly do not understand even when we attempt. Great thoughts on the subject.
  14. I was sleeved on Monday and came home on Tuesday . When I came home I weighed six pounds more than I did when I arrived for my surgery. Is this a normal occurence due to IV fluids?
  15. Thanks for the quick replies. Deep down I knew that's what it was but with this being a new experience it is always good to get confirmation. I wish everyone luck and am hoping things go smoothly for everyone!
  16. I have been lurking around these forums for a couple of months and realize that there are many who have the same surgery date I do. Today. I wanted to say good luck to all of you and I wish for an eventless recovery for us all. Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life!
  17. Thanks everyone for the warm wishes. I am officially sleeved! Doc said mine was the easiest surgery he had preformed in a while. I don't have a drain, my incisions are not bothering me at all either. As a matter of fact, I don't really have any pain to speak of. Even the trapped gas wasn't bad. Of course, can't sleep in the hospital for all the noise, but I'm doing so well, they will do my leak test in just a few short hours and then send me home! These forums have been a life saver with all the decisin making, support and encouragement. I will keep everyone updated periodically and maybe one day I will post before and after pics.
  18. Cyndi

    Any December Sleevers?

    Nope DougNichols- You aren't the only one! I will be right there with you. But, I think the excitment of my life being changed for the better is a little bit of an encouragement. My surgery date is December 27th. Good luck! Just keep that nervous energy working in your favor!
  19. Cyndi

    Any December Sleevers?

    Hi Tiffnie- I too am scheduled for December 27th but my surgery will be in Georgia. I wish you luck! Please stay in touch so we can talk about our experiences! Cyndi
  20. Hmmm... I don't remember hearing such disgusting things being spouted when Roseanne was on the air. I seem to remember several make out sessions and elusions to bedroom activities between the star "fatties" on that show. Vile, vile, woman with a target for bad mojo.