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    Can I eat this?

    No, unless you blend it with water into a puree.
  2. Change it now. It's just the tool we use to measure by; that's it. We always tend to tie so much more to a damn number, our happiness, self confidence, etc. It just shows where we are now, not where we are headed. Change it now and in a month, you'll laugh about having given it a second thought.
  3. Paul11011

    Am I unusual?

    Did you have an open or laparoscopic procedure? In either case I would definitely call and get your surgeons opinion on where you should be pain-wise rather than leaving your health up to an internet forum, even one as great as this I had a laparoscopic sleeve, was up walking around the hospital floor that day and went mall walking 2 days post op and never had any pain to speak of. So as you can see results vary greatly. Call your DR.
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    2 Year Post Op

  5. Paul11011

    2 year comparison

    From the album: 2 Year Post Op

  6. Paul11011

    Boredom and old eating habits

    Hi Lynda, Thank you. Now the real challenge begins...the rest of life. Thanks for saying HI.
  7. Paul11011

    Boredom and old eating habits

    In addition to boredom, stress is the other "event" that really gets me looking in the fridge. I guess the 30+ years of bad habits and emotional eating don't disappear in 2 1/2 years of "doing the right things". It is the reality for me that I'm going to have to learn how to deal better with life changes and challenges instead of looking to food for the quick pick me up and entertainment. I thought this was supposed to be the easy way out? LOL.
  8. Yep, I did. And was not happy with it. I began at 496lbs and am 5'10". I never imagined I would ever come close to 250, let alone where I am now. I was very fortunate and was down to 200lb at one year post op. I became so fixated on getting to a "normal" BMI, which for me would be 174lbs, that I just kept doing the things I had been to lose. I got down to 177. Woo Hoo me, right? Nope. I felt like crap, my joints hurt when jarred (like jumping down from a ladder) and I did not like how I looked, my face was way too thin for my comfort. My body fat was less than 9% which, per my DR was too low. So for the first time in my life I made a conscientious decision to gain weight. (How crazy is that!) I am now living my life in the weight range between 185 and 195 with a body fat between 12-14%. I feel great, look relatively good and can do all the activities at the level I want at this weight range. Can one lose too much? I believe they can. I do think that each individual needs to make the determination of their ideal weight range is based on their lifestyle and it should not be based on charts or what is "normal".
  9. Paul11011

    I swallowed a piece of him

    What a trooper! Oh...gum.
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    Nope, you have that, not-gonna-be-a-fat-girl-going-to-get-through-this feeling. Hang in there, I see ONEland in your near future.
  11. Thanks for sharing this with us Cowgirl. You have a great perspective on what you want out of life and realize you deserve to be happy. Enjoy your dating experiences and remember they are the one lucky to be with you.
  12. Paul11011

    Does anyone never weigh?

    I am a big advocate of weighing once a week as near to the same time of day as possible. Say like every Monday morning before my shower . I believe that weekly gives a good understanding of where your weight is trending, either up or down. If it is going in the direction you want, presumably down, then it is affirmation that what you're doing is working. If it is not going down then it provides an opportunity to reevaluate what you're doing and change if needed. And keep in mind if the scale does not go down and you're doing the right things, that's fine, even expected. But by having a quantitative measurement weekly you provide yourself with the information you need to make informed decisions. Personally I feel weighing daily is too likely to cause one to ride emotional ups and downs with the slightest change from day to day. I would never advocate for someone never weighing, maybe at the greatest interval once a month.
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    Point of order. I love this thread!
  14. Paul11011

    Vet's Forum

    Can we have a moment of silence to mourn the loss of CowgirlJanes boobs?
  15. Paul11011

    Michigan Sleevers

    Thanks Carol. You're doing pretty amazing yourself! Glad to see that everything is going well for you.
  16. Paul11011

    Michigan Sleevers

    Hi Carol! I thought I knew you. We have a friend in common. Well I consider her a friend, you might be more inclined to call her your daughter.
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    If he is able to isolate an answer, make sure you write it down, because the secret to gaining breast size while losing weight would be a millionaire maker.
  18. Paul11011

    I'm buyin'! Whadda have?

    I have a couple of events coming up that are social mixers for my new job. I have never been much of a drinker and especially after surgery. Pre surgery I would have a beer or two at such events. Now, post surgery, I'm concerned about the carbonation and not tolerating beer well. Same story with mixed drinks. So fellow sleevers, when you do have a drink what has worked out best for you?
  19. Paul11011

    I'm buyin'! Whadda have?

    Thanks for all of the replies. Great suggestions!
  20. Paul11011

    Vet's Forum

    LOL.....see what I get for trying to make a gender absurd example. Though I can sympathize with the ladies when they talk about tube socks and tennis balls. I've wandered into TMI land huh............lol
  21. Paul11011

    Vet's Forum

    I'm confused as to why anyone would have any objection to having a closed forum available. With in a smaller group (closed forum) there is a greater chance that people will be more open and honest, especially about some of the more delicate topics having to do with WLS. IE: If I want to talk about the emotional difficulty I'm experiencing due to my decreased breast size and lowered self esteem, I would be much more likely to do that knowing that not everyone on VST would be reading my more intimate feelings. Additionally one would always have the option of posting where ever they felt like, either closed or open.
  22. Paul11011

    Vet's Forum

    Thanks buddy. My local surgical support group has a closed Facebook page and it's great. Patients are able to get on that page and talk about their issues without concern about their other friends seeing all the WLS info. No reason another group could not be created. If there is enough interest, I would be willing to administer a closed WLS vets Facebook group.
  23. Paul11011

    Vet's Forum

    I am very happy with the idea of a veterans forum. The primary reason I am excited about it is that we are now experiencing challenges that are more out of the realm of experiences during the first year. For me it's more relationship issues and concerns about falling into old habits and emotional eating. During the first year to 18 months I know I was just getting a handle on the mechanics of how to live life on this side of surgery How do we define a vet? It equates to the old adage how do we know porn......it's hard to describe but we know it when we see it. A vet is definitely not defined by the number of posts, time away from surgery is a much better guideline. I also think that a component of being a vet is having a thicker skin. I know as a vet that I'm going to see some thing posted that I don't agree with.(and yes I might even post a few that will piss people off). My hope is that I will have enough experience and be able to handle confrontational issues with tact and the ability to convey my view point. As a closing note I really like the idea of a closed group. It's one of my favorite things about Facebook.
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    I need a whoo hoo! :)

    WHOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Paul11011

    masturbation or sex safe?

    *Giving a standing ovation* Now there's a team player!