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    I am a 25 year old clinical psychology graduate student.
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    Rollarblading, iceskating, reading, cooking, bike riding.
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    Intern at a Behavioral Center.
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  1. Happy 27th Birthday utopianaurora!

  2. How did you work your sleeve? I feel like mine has stopped working and i even started going to the gym 3 weeks ago. I have cardio and strength training, and swimming. What do u find does not work with your sleeve, and what works? Please help i feel at a loss.
  3. utopianaurora

    I Definitely Regret Surgery.... So Far!

    I too have felt regret at getting this surgery and sometimes even now. I am 5 1/2 weeks out and i did not have any issues like you i am just frustrated with stalling, and all of the pills that i am now taking. I still have pain in my left shoulder, they say its just acid reflux. I have felt some time of happiness like dropping a pant size. You sound like you are doing great though now. Bravo. Keep up the good work!
  4. utopianaurora

    Fried Foods And Hot Wings Forbidden Forever?

    I have had wings twice since surgery and i am out 5 weeks. The first time was week 3.5 and they were little caesars which were terrible, they also hurt going down. The second time i ate wings i made sure to chew more and had no issues.
  5. utopianaurora

    Do You Get Nausea When You Are Full?

    Thanks for the tips!
  6. utopianaurora

    Head Hunger

    I am 1 month out and i feel this way. At least you made it to 6. I wish i had some tips.
  7. utopianaurora

    Sleeve Twins

    12/14/2011 where are you twin?? =)
  8. I find that i don't get nausea any time except when i am full. Not only do i feel nauseous but the sight/smell of food is repulsive. I have this overwhelming desire to get away from it all. If i could pick up the table cloth and throw it all in the garbage at once i would. Does anyone else feel this way??
  9. utopianaurora

    Severe Shoulder Pain

    I called today to my surgeons nurse and they 1st said "oh its normal wait until your follow up visit February 7th" Then she called back and asked what hand i use. Right hand i said. "oh well that doesn't help we thought that you were straining your shoulder by moving your fork to your mouth" (SERIOUSLY) Then she said because it is intermitten, it is probably acid reflux. You should eat more meals a day, graze, and then take a OTC (she gave me a brand i can't remember). I realized before calling her that it comes after i eat something. She thought it was odd that i made the correlation between eating and shoulder pain. As of right now i am feeling *okay* but if it keeps bugging me i will push. They said to try the OTC and let her know friday if i am still feeling like this. Jailynn i was wondering that too but it was bugging me even for a smoothie that i made.
  10. utopianaurora

    Popcorn After Gastric Sleeve Surgery....

    I thought the same thing!
  11. utopianaurora

    Popcorn After Gastric Sleeve Surgery....

    I first ate popcorn at 4 weeks. I eat it now and have no issues. I make sure to chew it really well.
  12. utopianaurora

    Blew Into Onederland!

    Yay go you!!
  13. utopianaurora

    Severe Shoulder Pain

    Omg kdippy. I hope it gets resolved. The rest of you thank you for your insight. I will call the surgeon and see what he says.
  14. utopianaurora

    Actigall Questions...

    I am taking it but i too wondered about the side effects. Nothing so far... I wish the pills were not so dang huge!
  15. Go you!! That is so exciting!!