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  1. Day Dreamer

    Prilosec while prego?

    I have to wait a week before I even get to meet my OB. *sigh I think I used TUMS back in the day, as well. May need to Google. Thanks!!
  2. What do you take for heartburn while prego? Can you still take Prilosec while prego (I took this postop, by prescription)? (Side note - I haven't had heartburn since I was 6 months post op, and I am 2 yrs out now!) I don't go to the OB for another week and my heartburn is harsh. Thanks in advance!
  3. Day Dreamer

    Scared about pregnancy

    This is really encouraging to hear. I do worry about not gaining enough or gaining too much. Even worse, losing it after baby. We worked so hard and went through so much (surgery and dieting)... just want to be extra careful. Great post!
  4. Day Dreamer

    Day Dreamer

  5. BMI 25 NORMAL?!?!? Yay yay yay! Finally!

  6. 6+ months out: Eating like a mad cow. I can literally eat a half box of crackers with laughing cow cheese. Mindless eating will crush any hopes of weight loss, for sure. Your Sleeve won't stop you from eating 6 months out if your head is still messing you up. UGH What is going on in my crazy head?!? I need to work these food issues out ASAP. If you are just starting your journey, please work on your food issues early on. They do haunt you later if you don't resolve them.

  7. 20 lbs from goal.. getting super hard to lose now, but not impossible. These are the times when you have to really push through.

  8. Day Dreamer

    June Sleevers Whats Your 6 Months Status ?

    Hi all! I was Sleeved on 6/6/11. SW was 264 and CW is 180. I should be happy but I am still having body issues. I still see that 264# girl looking back from the mirror. I wear a sz 9/11 in juniors but still an XL shirt - UGH. My arms are flabby at the top - no amount of lifting has taken them back to a toned, nice look - although they are MUCH smaller than before. My bottom is flat - no shape at all - and hangs lower. I have started doing more hind leg lifts and stairmaster moves to help put the buns back in the oven. Hehehe! B00bs are another story.. my once glorious D's are now full C's.. full? Oh no.. not full as in a hand full, but as in a sack of skin full. Gross, I know. But totally true. I was so against a b00b job, but now I really have no choice unless I can go the rest of my life throwing them over my shoulders like a backpack. Sigh. On the flip side, I can fit tons of crap in my bra now - so no need for a purse. Hmm. What do I eat? Oh girl.. I eat it all and then some. There is nothing that I cannot eat. However, I try not to eat Pasta (maybe a bite), no bread (ok a bite at best), and a few other things. Yes I drink soda, but only when I am having a mixed drink (rum and diet coke). No beer - I haven't even tried it and I don't want to. meats go down ok, but too much and I feel aweful. I can eat (bad) carbs like crazy ... crackers - OMG, I can literally eat a half box of flatbread crackers. Cookies are the same. I have to smack my own hand to stop. Prime example of why you need to change your eating habits early on. Stall? My middle name. Probably the cracker habit. My normal day looks like: B- Protein shake S1- nuts (pistachios or almonds) L- Soup, Jerky, Protein Shake or other S2- more nuts or jerky (whatever I can find at my desk) Some times, insert sad face, the vending machine junk finds its way to my mouth. Sigh D- lean meat (chicken usually) and veg I usually drive into some crackers before bed. Exercise - I have an under the desk cycle (yes, I use it at work all the time). I have hand weights at my work desk as well as beside my couch. I have done Zumba, cardio and walking. I have no routine in place. I try to lift every single day. And I need to work on my cardio again. I am slacking. I know. Insert stall nod here. Overall - I am happy with the results. I eat pretty normally. I don't order when we go out, so I am a cheap date. I can eat a few bites off someone else and be happy. Or if I must order, I order a side only (like green beans). I am tired a lot and always cold.. but I also have thyroid disease (could be the weight loss or the thyroid). I love that I can shop in the teen section of ANY store! I love that knee high boots zip up easily and are usually too big on me. I do wish I could break these month long stalls easier, but I think adjusting my eating and exercise would cure that - of course, that takes motivation and action. LOL
  9. Good information!!! I will make it tonight!! Thanks!
  10. Just wondering if anyone has tried Chia seeds post op? I searched and dont see any mention of them, which is odd since they are the hot thing right now. Here is the back story: Chia seeds are tiny little seeds that expand like 8 times their size when introduced to a liquid / ingested. I am wondering if we can use them post op (in small amounts of course) ?!?! I see people putting them in greek yogurt, in smoothies etc and so I bought some. They sit on my shelf as I am too afraid to test drive them yet. On a side note, there is nothing that I cannot eat / drink. Nothing really hurts anymore. Soda is fine. Bread etc. So I am not too worried about the expanding part... mostly because I know I wont use enough seeds to fill me, but more so I worry about breaking my seam wide open. (I know, I know, dont stress that so far out.. but sigh... I do). Anyway, if you have used Chia seeds, please let me know the amounts you use and how you used them. Thanks!
  11. 6 month surgiversary... it is basically back to normal life - but in smaller quantities. There is nothing I simply cannot eat. Although I do not eat bread or pasta anymore; my choice. Overall, doing good and in good spirits. Plus, I get to shop in the JR's section now hahaha! Always a plus!! :)

  12. Day Dreamer

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery And Gastric Polyps

    My polyps were removed during my surgery. I am 6 months out and fine.
  13. Umm... It is different for everyone but I had my surgery on 6/6/11 and my tummy still does it. Now it is much louder!! It really freaks people out. My DH constantly ask if I am hungry. Sigh. it is what it is.
  14. Wow 6 months out.. just one stall after another but I am not giving up. I Have thyroid disease, so I will attribute the low loss to that. I am still happy with my loss though. -70 lbs.. yeah that is nothing to be sad over hahaah!

  15. Day Dreamer

    Forum disagreements

    Lets just act like adults for a moment... LMAO ok ok.. my bad. You know, the disagreements dont bother me either - it is the Sleeve Know-it-alls that bug the crap out of me. They comment on your post about YOU CANT DO THAT... or YOU SHOULD NEVER... The thing is, you are not a DR and even most of the Drs are still learning about VSG and life there after. We have to learn and grow together. Maybe sharing your experience would be better than bashing them for drinking coffee etc. We can all learn from each other. Disagreements are ok... but sometimes you have to agree to disagree ... back to the fighting HAHAH

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