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  1. Soon2BMiniMommy


    Sophia, I would love for you to keep us posted. I had my sleeve 3.5 years ago and it has failed. It's takem me three years to realize it's NOT ME. Tons of therapy and nutrition appointments later, I am convinced my little sleeve is damaged I am also following up with a new bariatric surgeon in a week and I'm wondering what he'll say. My desire would be for a re-sleeve since I can eat a lot of volume and have NO wish to revise to a GP or any other rerouting surgery. Can't wait to hear what your surgeon has to say! Thanks for the updates!
  2. So that word above is supposed to be b.e.n.i.g.n. Why does VST block that out? Can't figure out which profane word it thinks it is??? Weird......
  3. "What is it with women & pickles?' LMAO @ OTR.....heh heh... I don't know about you all, but I sure didn't get fat eating pickles! I know they're VERY high in sodium, but I think they are probably one of the most be***n foods we could eat. And vinegar is very good for us! I wouldn't feel guilty if I went on a pickle binge. I have had a horrible salty/crunchy craving for months and unfortunately, give in sometimes to THE Sour Cream and Onion mating call. *SIGH* I WISH my body would rather have pickles! Then I'd be safe!
  4. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    Yep, honey.....SO normal. We all went through that and had to 'mourn' our food and the way we used to eat. Mine hit a lot harder than I thought it would. I was REALLY surprised with how bad it messed with me, actually....thought I was prepared and ready. But, no, took about three months for it to go away, still there a little bit, but not NEAR what it was in the beginning. And it wasn't that strong for three months, it slowly diminishes. It will get better, Sweets, for sure. eh first couple months are pretty rough with all the physical healing we need to do, and also the emotional upheaval and mourning we need to go through! It's quite a life-changer, but you will come out on the other side so happy you did this!
  5. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Nearly 4 Years On

    Yes, Queen, we are all awaiting some more detail to your cryptic statement! Please enlighten us....
  6. Soon2BMiniMommy


    Forgot to mention...be careful of 'slider' crackers - those with no nutritional value, like saltines, goldfish, oyster crackers. You can eat a lot of those and they are a slider food, which means you can eat more than you think and they're a nutritional wasteland and bad for weight loss (like chips, popcorn, etc). Will drive up your glucose and insulin levels. Make the crackers you do eat 'worth it' if you know what I mean. Read labels for fiber and Protein, there are so many good choices out there now!
  7. Soon2BMiniMommy


    I eat crackers ALL the time! They are great for a meal/bread replacement. I eat a lot of multigrain ones and Triscuits. With hard cheese, spreadable cheese, deli meat, chicken, etc. I can eat about six triscuits with some cheese. Four with meat and cheese. I put veggies on them, olives, cucumbers, pears with cheese. Mini pizzas on triscuits zapped in the microwave for a few. The possibilities are endless. I try to do low carb most of the time, but I think crackers are great, especially the higher Fiber ones. But not at two weeks. Wait a few weeks till you can have solids. You'll be surprised how many (few) will fill you up
  8. Soon2BMiniMommy

    A Little Worried

    Nope, shouldn't at all. These two vitamins are often low, and are easy to correct. Just start taking some B complex and D vitamins. There is no reason this should stall your surgery at all. Very common to have low vitamin levels, especially if you are overweight, like we all are!!
  9. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Always Hungry And Wanting Carb!

    I agree with the others, change to 5-6 meals a day. I really, really think 3 smalls meals a day is NOT enough for most of us. We eat so little, we need to eat more often. My advice is to eat to feel satisfied. Don't try to deprive yourself, mentally or physically, and that is what your Dr/NUT's advice is doing. It's making you feel deprived, mentally and physically. Or course, make good choices, whatever that means for you - cheeses, meats, veggies, even fruit, nuts, whatever you can tolerate! My hunger did not totally go away, either, and it's as much a mental thing with me that I NEED to be able to eat if I want to. It may just be a couple of triscuits and a babybel cheese, but dammit, if I wanna eat, I will. Now, I won't eat TWENTY times a day, and I won't eat chocolate cake and pizza (at least not every time ) but I'll be damned if I will deprive myself on yet ANOTHER diet. I've done that my whole life and that's not why I had this surgery. It's taken me some time to relearn my new body/tummy. Like when I'm really hungry. Some days I am starving, some days not. I just follow my body's natural rhythyms (not my mind's!) and feed it when it wants food. That is very hard to do in the beginning because we feel mentally deprived of food and are somewhat in mourning and really want to eat just because we CAN'T, but that will get better and you will learn your body's way of needing nourishment. I* went through a tough couple of months as my whole being had to shift and learn to live in a different world than what I was used to. Really, though, eat more than three times a day. It's gotta say something that probably 99% of us here eat more often than that and almost all of our doctor's and NUT's have said the same thing. (disclaimer, you should always follow your surgeon's advice first and foremost, I'm not a doctor!) Good luck, Sweets... :wub:
  10. emlefe, I think that is WAY too low. I haven't heard of a doctor or nutritionist say that, even in the beginning (not that they don't, but man, that sure seems low!!) Most of us scratch our head right after surgery trying to figure out how to get in 800-1000/day! And most of us don't, at the beginning. I agree that your weight loss will be slower, maybe even stall if your calories stay that low. I'm concerned about that number, especially at six weeks out?? How are you doing with that? Are you finding it hard to stay in that range now that you are eating more?? I would have a hard time eating only 600 calories and that would lead to 'diet guilt' which I promised myself I would NEVER have again, which is why I had this surgery!! SweetP, I think between 1000-1200 is good, too. I have been in a stall for 6 weeks, so can't report lately, but my weight loss would slow down before if I dropped below 1000. Or if I ate too many carbs Just in the last two days, I'm trying to get up to 1200 to see if that breaks my stall. I'll let you know! But your weight loss so far is great! Don't get discouraged! It's way too early for that!!
  11. Cludgie......I :wub: you........
  12. Soon2BMiniMommy


  13. Soon2BMiniMommy

    No Weight Loss For Going On 3 Weeks.....wth!

    Thank You, Dorrie.....and wonderful article, Wi3hes!
  14. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Nsv - New Headshots!

    Oh. My. God. There is NO way anyone would laugh at that. Good grief, Girl. Is that the same person!!?? You were beautiful before, but oh man!!!! You don't even look the same!!! That is amazing....SO amazing! I am so freakin' proud of you!!!
  15. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Hair Dye And Hair Loss

    I have dyed, and highlighted my hair three times since surgery and it doesn't make it fall out any faster, or worse. I gotta agree with Wheetsin again (sheesh, Wheetsin, you practically write my ideas for me!!) that our hair loss is systemic and hair dye is topical, so doesn't really matter. It's gonna fall out regardless if that's what your body wants to do. And it is hormonal, not tied to anesthesia (for many hormonal reasons - unfortunately, obesity causes a maelstrom of related hormonal issues and when we have the surgery and suddenly lose weight, our body's panic). That's why some have some hair loss and others not. I had HORRIBLE hair loss after the birth of my son three years ago (another hormonal upset and maelstrom on the body) yet some women don't lose weight after having a baby like that (most do), but my hair loss since the surgery hasn't been as bad. But it has not been pretty, either. It is definitely thinning...was worse right at the three month mark, which is very common, and has slowed down a bit, but it is still falling out, just not as bad.

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