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  1. Phewie! I am SO afraid that this horrendous, horrible, never-ending stall is not really over and the scale is just teasing me.....I'm afraid to hope, since I lost so much hope over these last 8 weeks! On February 4, I hit the 50-lb lost mark, after only 3.5 months out of surgery. I hit 252 from my high of 302. I was so ecstatic, but I wanted to get to 249 so bad....that is SUCH a major mental marker, to be under 250 - the lower half of the 200's and on my way to onederland. Then, my body betrayed me I was literally STUCK at 252, 253, 252, 251, 252 for EIGHT FLIPPING WEEKS! The worst part was, I wasn't losing inches, either!!! I kept getting on here (but not contributing much, I was pretty down), and everyone's response to everyone else's stall was "but wait, measure yourself, I bet you're losing inches" and most were losing inches, even though the scale wasn't moving. But not my body, no way, no how. It was a nightmare. All the momentum and excitement and hope I had since way before the surgery depleted a little bit more week by week. I kept logically telling myself, 'you know this is temporary, you know this happens, you know you're not done losing weight, you know you will break this.' But no matter what, it still sucked me down into the vortex of self-doubt and blame. I kept telling myself 'you need more Protein, more Water, more exercise, less carbs, stand on your head, try the cabbage Soup diet, try this, don't do that, etc, etc,' back into the world of diet failures and worrying 'am i doing enough? am i eating too much, am I not trying hard enough?'. I kept checking on here and reading about stalls, thought I knew it all, used to tell people to 'relax, you know you'll lose, we all do - stalls don't last forever'. Kept reading about people's three day, four day, one week, two week, and even *gasp* FOUR week stalls. They just made me feel even worse since no seemed to ever hit a EIGHT week stall after THREE months of surgery. Criminey...what the hell was wrong with my body!!?? What have I done to ruin my surgery so soon! Yes, I don't always eat right, and yes, I don't always get my protein or water in, but dang.....EIGHT WEEKS! NO pounds and even more devastating, NO inches, either. All under 1000-1200 calories a day....is it even physically possible?? But fast forward to late last week. The scale went to 250.8. Had been at 250 before, no biggie. Then 250.4, then 250.6, then 250.2, then 251, then 250.0!! Are you kidding me!! Really!! Then 250.0 for THREE MORE DAYS....it hovered there, hovered, taunting me, laughing at me....not even an ounce to help me along.... I had even stopped weighing daily during this stall, only doing so once a week, which hurt even more, cause I was sure after trying with all my might to not weigh for a whole week I would lose....but no, waiting until Monday didn't work, only disappointed me worse. Then, miraculously, this morning.....got up, went pee, stood on the scale. 249.8. Off the scale, rub eyes, step back on. 249.8. Repeat 8 times. Same reading. Could it be?? Finally? Broke the stall? On my way to onederland? Finally below 250!! So scared to get excited and hopeful again. What if it's not over?? It did this once before. From 252, I got down to 250.8 once in late February, but then shot up to 253 the very next day....and never saw it again. Till last week. Now......249. So scared....but excited, but scared to be excited, too. Wish I could see just a week into the future to know if I really finally broke my stall or not....actually, scratch that....If I have a wish, I want to see a YEAR into the future to see if I ever even get to onederland!! Sorry for the negative post....those that know me know I'm not usually like this...which is why I've been so absent lately. Love you all.....and SO glad you are all here, and we are here for each other!! :wub:
  2. Soon2BMiniMommy


    Sophia, I would love for you to keep us posted. I had my sleeve 3.5 years ago and it has failed. It's takem me three years to realize it's NOT ME. Tons of therapy and nutrition appointments later, I am convinced my little sleeve is damaged I am also following up with a new bariatric surgeon in a week and I'm wondering what he'll say. My desire would be for a re-sleeve since I can eat a lot of volume and have NO wish to revise to a GP or any other rerouting surgery. Can't wait to hear what your surgeon has to say! Thanks for the updates!
  3. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Would U Do It With Bmi Of 38?

    Yes, absolutely. I will only say this.......I wish I did it with a BMI of 38 so I didn't GET to a BMI of 44, which is where I was at when I had my surgery. And, I have a three year old little boy who was two when I had my surgery....totally understand your fear there. AND, my life is completely normal - I can eat whatever I want, do whatever I want, just like before, but with less weight. My hubs and I often have pizza, I just don't eat half the pie now!!
  4. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Still Hungry

    I'm confused, too....what do you mean eat and eat? What are you 'eating' six days out? I'm assuming not steak and eggs It's okay....your tummy is adjusting. I can't remember who told me this in the beginning, but she said to remember that even though our tummies are much smaller after surgery, that the hormones in our bodies are still floating around (ghrelin) and the hunger will not be gone right away. Also, our tummies are healing and sort of numb, AND on top of all that, you are in the worst time of head hunger and food mourning, which can make you feel 'hungry'. Are you taking a PPI (acid inhibitor)? My advice would be to only 'eat' small amounts as you don't want to hurt your new tummy, and just keep saying to yourself over these next couple of weeks that it will get better. Your body, and your mind, has a pretty crazy adjustment now and in the next couple of weeks. Just know that it's temporary, and you will find balance eventually. I promise The first couple months are the hardest, really, with trying to find your new 'normal'.
  5. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Chia Seeds Are Da' Bomb! Literally :)

    LMAO!!!! Oh, that was funny.....heh heh....still wiping my eyes over here. Seriously, tho, Root...I am SO GRATEFUL you shared this! I have also always had the same problem, which of course has been compounded since the surgery. Thank you so much for this - I am going to buy some at lunch today!
  6. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Slider Foods

    Any food that is not 'dense' and is nutritionally void. For instance, I can eat a HUGE (well, in sleeve standards) bowl of potato chips, Cheetos, popcorn, even donuts, but only a very small amount of chicken breast. So slider foods have a VERY HIGH caloric value, which is worse because we can eat more than other foods, and they don't stay in your tummy very long, making you feel full and satisfied like 'real food'. Hence, the name slider....they go down way too easy, and go through the tummy way to easy. And, they're a very large danger to WLS patients because mentally we sometime still want to 'eat' or at least eat in quantity, and we can do that with slider foods, so it appeases the food addict in us. Many doctors/articles say its the number one reason WLS surgeries fail...we can 'eat through' our weight loss surgeries by eating and drinking sliders and gain our weight back. They are very dangerous...I know because I was stuck on them for quite some time and have not lost any weight in 6 months (especially Doritos and potato chips). Ugh. Don't ever start with them, stay as far away as you can, or you may be like me and figure out, "Hmmmm, I can still eat these like before, and look, I can eat MORE".
  7. So that word above is supposed to be b.e.n.i.g.n. Why does VST block that out? Can't figure out which profane word it thinks it is??? Weird......
  8. "What is it with women & pickles?' LMAO @ OTR.....heh heh... I don't know about you all, but I sure didn't get fat eating pickles! I know they're VERY high in sodium, but I think they are probably one of the most be***n foods we could eat. And vinegar is very good for us! I wouldn't feel guilty if I went on a pickle binge. I have had a horrible salty/crunchy craving for months and unfortunately, give in sometimes to THE Sour Cream and Onion mating call. *SIGH* I WISH my body would rather have pickles! Then I'd be safe!
  9. Soon2BMiniMommy


    I have no trouble with any bread, or tortillas, unfortunately. I also use the sandwich thins to make sandwiches, cut in half and save the other half for later. Great vehicle for meat and cheese and veggies You'll notice both the whole wheat and mutigrain ones are both high in fiber and protein....very good stuff!
  10. Soon2BMiniMommy

    I Did It The Baked Ricotta!

    I LIVED on this in my pureed stage.....loved it!! It is soooo good! Now, later on, I add italian sausage or ground beef for even more protein/substance....it's from www.theworldaccordingtoeggface.com. WONDERFUL website for recipes!!
  11. Soon2BMiniMommy

    I He Been Stalled For Too Long!

    Yah, gotta agree with thinoneday....I'm going on a five month stall...haven't lost anything since Feb 2. Have fallen off the wagon, got back on, fell back off, now back on again. Very, very hard mentally. Just hang in there....it will start coming off again. And don't drown your upset and frustration in a bag of Sour Cream n Onion chips, like I did ....multiple times. Like I said, I'm back on the wagon now, so we'll see......
  12. Soon2BMiniMommy

    How Do You Define A Stall?

    Completely agree with Wheetsin As usual. I think she reads my mind sometimes.....
  13. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Seattle, Washington anyone?

    Hello, all! Checking in.....I am also in Marysville, Mary! How are you doing?? How is your almost four months going??
  14. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Any Pre Sleevers Near Bellingham Washington

    Hey, gals....I'm in Marysville! Well, closer to LS, actually....off of Soper Hill road. Would LOVE to get together!!
  15. Ugh...going into a five-month PLATEAU!! So sad :(

  16. Yes, please start figuring out a way to take your Wellbutrin. Not to minimize what you are going through in any way, but everything will be terribly blown out of proportion since you stopped taking your anti-depressant so suddenly. One of the worst things to do is to stop taking anti-depressants cold turkey, or you will get 'rebound' depression and anxiety tenfold. It will take a couple of days for it to kick back in, but please start taking it again asap. As for everything else (except the husband issue) it WILL get better. And as you feel better, and stronger, and heal from this journey, you will mentally get stronger, and feel ten times better about yourself, and will be able to kick your cheating husband to the curb (If he truly is) and think "GOOD RIDDANCE". There are so many, many changes to go through, but you will eventually start to divest of those people and situations that harm you as you will start to value yourself more and have more self-confidence. Some are painful, and most are necessary. Just rest, take your pain pills, please take your Wellbutrin, sip, sip, walk, walk, sip then walk some more. This is just a temporary phase, you WILL get through it. You will look back in 6 months, even three months, and think "why was I so freaked out? All ended well!" I promise....you'll be okay. We all freak out, but we all recover and blossom and grow into who and what we are supposed to be. Hang in there, Sweets, and reach out to us if needed. And please, go take your Wellbutrin, right now :wub:
  17. I'm a chef, too. Am cooking ALL the time.....Cook a big ole' pot of homemade Soup or a white bean chili, then puree it with some sour cream and cheese. That's what I did....made a couple of Soups, then pureed them and 'drank' it out of a cup. Even chicken noodle, black bean, hell, Campbell's Bean with Bacon was good pureed when you're desperate for some flavor Also did that with regular chili....just pureed the hell out of it. This is the worst stage...your body and mind just want to EAT because you know you can't. It's a real mental game....and a life-changer. I had a harder time than I thought I would for the first few weeks....I just wanted to EAT so bad. But, six weeks to a few months down the road, you'll look back and realize it wasn't hard...you just have to get over the mental hurdle that we can't turn to food anymore when we're bored, tired, etc.
  18. I'm bumping this up...can't believe no one has responded yet....there are so many supportive people on here, we need to get you some!!!
  19. Soon2BMiniMommy

    17th - 20th Sleevers

    Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to one and all scheduled today and the rest of this week! We have 22 October sleevers scheduled between now and Thursday! Wow! Hope everyone is doing okay nerve-wise and that today's sleevers are all on the other side and resting peacefully!! Let's please all check in as soon as we can so everyone knows that our little family is all okay!
  20. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Can I Leave The Husband At Home?

    I have a three year old, and my hubby came with me cause my mother watched our little boy, but honestly, I would have been just FINE without him. He didn't stay overnight with me, and my girlfriend was there with him, but I was SO relieved when they finally left. I wanted to be alone with just my nurses, to be able to doze off in my morphine-induced state. Was in no condition to 'talk' or converse, and I was so taken care of. I think it's better if he stays home with your kids, so your children feel confident and secure with Daddy while Mmmy is in the hospital, and he can come and see you the next day! I will say, I was glad he was there through the pre-op process, as that is nerve-wracking because you're nervous, etc, and he may want to stay just till you're out to make sure you're fine, but then you will just sleep and sleep that first day, anyway.
  21. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Weight Loss Chart

    I would LOVE your chart....maybe it will help me mentally with my stall Please email to me? I'll PM you
  22. Can it be? Have I broken the longest stall record? Anyone else longer than FOUR MONTHS out there??

  23. Soon2BMiniMommy

    The Horrible Feeling That You Are Done

    Oh, sassy....I wish I can have your luck. I have been stalled since Feb 2 of this year, and cannot break it. That's four months and I've never heard of a stall even close to that until yours. Your post has given me some hope, but I still feel like a loser since I'm now stalled the longest I've seen I haven't even been posting or reading on here like I used to....all the weight loss success stories hurt. I used to be so active here, but feel as if I've lost so much, EXCEPT weight.....*sigh* Hopefully mine will break, too. Can't even imagine that dramatic of a loss at this point! What a miracle that would be....and get my mind right, again, too.
  24. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Restaurant Card

    I always order from the senior menu if they have one...I just tell them I had stomach surgery, then they're okay with it. Some hesitate at first, but when I tell them that, they don't question it. Or I order a la carte, or appetizers. Or split with my three-year old, or beg off my hubby's plate...or a combo of any of those! There's lots of ways to do it...kind of fun to be creative to see how many different ways you can order smaller portions, pay less money. then again. Sometimes I go all out, get a regular meal, and it feeds me for a couple more lunches!!
  25. Soon2BMiniMommy

    Pinterest Anyone?

    Oh my gosh! How perfect! I LOVE your boards....I also have a little boy, so I am repinning from you like mad, lol!!

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