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    Anyone having this issue? I haven't been regular since I had the surgery on 2/7. For the most part it seems the only way I can poop is to take a laxative. I don't like taking them and don't want to rely on them so I have only done it on Friday nights when I know I'm going to be home on Sat due to the last minute urgencies...sorry if to much info. I have been upping my Fiber and that hasn't helped. I have never eaten a ton of fiber in the past and have never had this issue. I have always been regular. Any suggestions? I'm starting to feel bunched up and gassy. :huh: Thanks! Ally
  2. I'm glad you posted this. I am also not chewing enough and eat too fast. food gets caught and then I get the slimey spit ups. haven't vomited yet..thank goodness. I need to be more concious of my food, slow down and enjoy every bite. Best of luck to you! Ally
  3. FeelingGroovy

    Just Had Surgery today

    sometimes I find drinking some water will help food pass through. The water helps soften the food in order to pass through the top of the stomach
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    Right now I am taking Phentermine as an additional tool. I take them under my Drs care and so far it has been very helpful for me.I have taken them in the past and fortunatly never had any side effects. It gives me the extra control I need as I practice new eating techniques. Good luck getting all the help you need during your weight loss journey. Ally
  5. FeelingGroovy

    The Cloths are getting looser !

    wahoo!!! congrats...keep up the good work!
  6. I need to look into this too. I also sweat a ton from my face and head.Its awful and always embarassing...especially in meetings when I am meeting new people. I also thought it was just b/c of my weight. Not glad that it happens to you but always happy to find there are others having the same issues as I do...
  7. FeelingGroovy

    any hanging sutures?

    I had one too. Not on the port insision but the smaller one next to it. My hubby snipped it off and everything was fine.
  8. FeelingGroovy

    Need to buy new clothes

    So I'm down 30 lbs and 3 sizes...yeah me!!! So now its time to buy new clothes for summer. I can't wait! I have always hated to buy clothes but now i'm kind of excited. Maybe I'll even get a bathingsuit that's not aswim dress. So for others who have had to get new clothes, where did you shop? I don't want to spend too much money but I do need to wear nice clothes for work. lmk
  9. FeelingGroovy

    Chicago/south suburbs doctors

    I also go to Dr Nagle at Northwestern...I like him and the staff is incredible. Kaitlin did my last fill. She is great so is the rest of the staff. Northwestern also has a lifestyle medicine group with great Drs, Nutritionists and shrinks. I like to get help from every angle...good luck to you! Ally
  10. FeelingGroovy

    SIZE "6"!!!!!

    AMAZING!!! I need to start working out...seems like a huge piece of the puzzle...CONGRATS!
  11. OMG I burp and fart ALL the time its awefull...the farts totally stink like somethind died inside...uggghhh.My hubby has been more then tollerent...haha. I have also had problems pooping. My Dr recommended taking Magnesium 2x a day and its helped. The benifiber and gummies did NOTHING!!! I also take dulcalax on the weekends so I can clean out my system. Keep trying new things and good luck!
  12. FeelingGroovy

    Need to buy new clothes

    Thanks everyone for the tips...I can't wait for some well deserved retail therapy!!!
  13. FeelingGroovy

    Side Bar NSV

    Get rid of the big clothes and buy yourself a few new items that fit or are a bit snug and you will get into in a few weeks. There are tons of great sales right now... I am down almost 4 sizes and jusr bought myself a few new things...yeah! You deserve it...congrats! :D :D Ally
  14. Thanks for posting. This is the inspiration I needed. I just my 2nd fill today. I have been slacking a bit lately especially last week since I was on vaca. After reading your post I have renewed energy and looking forward to continueing on this journey. Thanks and much continued success to you! Ally
  15. So yesterday was a real bad food day for me. I am a total sneak eater. The day started off right. I had Greek Yogurt for Breakfast and a protien bar for a mid AM snack. Then came the chips. They were left overs from a work meeting and somehow they ended up in my office. The left over chips (only about a 1/4 of the bag) became my lunch...and I am not even a salt craver...chips aren't my thing but there they were so I ate them. Then no afternoon snack. So then I had to go to CVS for my meds and somehow I walked out with a box of peeps and two Reeses eggs. The eggs didn't even make it home. I ate them on my walk home and felt totally ashamed since I don't really like to eat in public since I feel like a fat person eating candy and people are watching me..even though I know that's not true its the tape that plays in my head. So for dinner I made chix w/stir fried veggies and ramen noodles...I would have been sort of ok but I ate too much...and naturally I ate all the peeps before my hubby came home. I have a total marshmellow problem and that totally hit the spot for my sweet craving...uuuggghhh! At least after that all was good and today I am totally on track again. My other issue is that I am having a hard time pooping so I have been taking laxatives to empty my tummy. I had a lax problem many years ago and all those good feelings are coming back. I'm a bit nervous about that starting up again. I hope to stop the lax by increasing Fiber and using mirilax and drinking more Water but in the meantime I'm crampy and gassy...oy...not fun while I'm at work. Anyway, I just needed to share and get that off my chest...which has gone down a full cup size btw... Thanks for listening! Peace and best wishes to all! Ally
  16. FeelingGroovy


    OMG that's fantastic...! You are doing amazing! I hope I loose that much when I am 6 mo out...keep up the great work! :D :D
  17. FeelingGroovy

    Had to Buy New Jeans :)

    Congrats to all! It is very exciting fitting into the next size down...no matter what size that may be. I also did some shopping this past weekend. I finally cleared out my closet and gave 3 bags of clothes to goodwill. I'm down 2 sizes so far and i feel great...hubby keeps giving me compliments...wahoo!!! :D
  18. Good luck with your appt...I'm doing ok with it but it is hard. I had chinese food tonight and ate way too much...if I do the right thing 85% of the time i'm ok... :-)

  19. FeelingGroovy

    Couch to 5k

    Thanks Rainy! I also have Plantar Fascitis. Went to the Dr about 2 months ago and he fit me for inserts which I wear everyday. I am still in a ton of pain and sometimes it hurts so bad I can't walk. Not sure if I mentioned but I am going back next week. I'll ask about cortizone as I have had it before for elbow pain and it totally did the trick. I should look into getting a new pair of Berks. Haven't worn those since my Grateful Dead hippy days...great times/memories!!! :D I also get terrible shin splints also so bad that sometimes I can't walk. I agree that this all has to be weight related...I guess its always best to listen to your body and not wait years before doing something. UUUGGGHHH!!! Ally
  20. FeelingGroovy

    I burp too much.

    I also burp alot now...and there long ones...feels good to let it out!!! :rolleyes:
  21. FeelingGroovy

    Couch to 5k

    Glad I found this post. What apps are people using? I want to give this a try. I know I will need to start very slow though. I am just over 200 lbs but my biggest issue is lung capacity and flat feet. I have a dr's appt next week to see what's going on with my feet. They hurt so bad that sometimes it hurts to just walk. I went to the gym last night for the first time in way too long and was able to do 25min on an eliptical machine. I didn't go all that fast but at least I didn't want to die when I was done. Let me know what app people are using. I downloaded one but there is no music, just peeps. It bored the heck out of me. I just got a droid phone and need to figure out how to put music ont it. Good luck to all. Small step every day will add up...we can do this!!! Ally
  22. Thanks for asking this question. I also recently had my first fill and I'm not sure what I should feel. I do get fuller faster but not sure that the full feeling is lasting as long as it should. I'm still trying to get used to eating only when hungry and not just because i'm happy, stressed, sad, bored...etc. You get it.
  23. FeelingGroovy

    My first Fill

    I posted this is Post Op but thought I would post here too... I am just over 4 weeks post op and had my first fill yesterday. All went wekk. Not much pain but very strange feeling. The Dr started with a lanicane shot which burned like hell but was over quickly. Next he felt around for my port which was pretty easy since its very close to the surface. Thats odd in itself since I can always feel it and even see where it is. Dr says that's fine based on my weight. Next the dr injected teh saline into the port. Its a very feeling b/c I could feel the Fluid entering the tube and band. It took only a few seconds to add 5cc's. That seems like a lot but the dr was comfortable with that. Not sure what I am now supposed to feel. I think there is some restriction but not sure what that should feel like. After the fill i drank about 8oz of Water to see how well it went down. I drank it down over about 5min. It seemed to go down just fine. I was told to see if it felt like the water was backing up or feel like it wasn't going down ok. Seemed like it went down ok. While I was drinking the water the needle was still sticking in me incase the water didn't go down well and the dr needed to take out some fluid. Now that was weiered. I didn't like seeing the needle just hanging out... All went well...the needle was taken out and now I am back to 2 days fluid, 2 days mush and 2 days soft food before going back to regular food. Today I'm a bit sore in the area but overall doing ok. My next fill will be in 6 weeks. I hope to loose 6-8lbs by then. Continued success to all. Peace~ ally
  24. FeelingGroovy

    Can you feel/see your port?

    Hi Everyone! Thanks for all the great responses...glad to hear others can feel and see the port. And that some are a little creeped out. I agree its a small price to pay for getting healthy. I only had the surgery about 6 weeks ago so maybe i'll get used to it. Ally
  25. Hi there- Can anyone see or feel their port? I can and it kind of creeps me out. Mine is just up and to the rt of my belly button. It's right under the skin surface and I can always feel it especially as I sit up close to my desk when working om my computer. My belly hits right up to the edge of my desk right at the port site. It doesn't hurt or anything but I can feel it and it's sort of uncomfortable. I can also see where it is. It's looks like a small 1/2 dollar sixe or so lump. I imagine it will only get worse as I keep losing weight. Does this happen with anyone else? Or am I just being hypersensative to it... :unsure: Let me know. Thanks! Ally