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  1. August 26 revision from sleeve to bypass
  2. Native Girl

    BCBS revision?

    I have Blue Cross and they just approved my revision due to medical reason
  3. Native Girl

    Revision to RNY

    What is 10 kgs
  4. Native Girl

    BCBS revision?

    I just got approved from BC for a revision from sleeve to Rny
  5. How do you add the water reminder on an iPhone
  6. I am interested I am about 25 pounds away from my goal weight
  7. I wish I would of had the bypass instead of sleeve, like you I had mild Gerd before surgery but now after the surgery I am taking two different medications cause my gerds/ heartburn got worst. Some patients it went away after losing weight so I thought that would be me cause I felt the same way you did not wanting to go with a risky surgery go with the safe one.
  8. Native Girl

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    My Surgery was May 3, and I am down 49lbs. My tool is working for me, I just ignor all of the negative talk about how we should all be losing faster. I feel that we will lose it when we lose it, come off slow makes less of a hanging skin effect, at least I think so.
  9. Native Girl

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    I had my surgery May 3, 2018 lost 40 lbs having issues with constipation tired alot I also walk about 4-6 miles a day.
  10. Native Girl

    Protein Shakes

    Can someone please tell me again on the site for trying to see if your insurance covers your protein shakes. I remember someone mentioning it on here but can’t seem to find it again.
  11. Native Girl

    Protein Shakes

    Thank you very much for posting that.
  12. I heard that creamy dairy.products after the Ry could cause you to get very sick. I.was at a.support group and it.was mention that a few.got really sick and.that OIKa yogurt is thick like cream.
  13. Native Girl

    Almost 6 months out!

    You look good on your journey... keep up the good work. Dora
  14. Native Girl

    Time off of work

    How much time should you request off after having the sleeve done.
  15. I totally understand what you are saying I am 5'2 at 213 lbs, with diabetes heart problems and high blood pressure that runs in our family. Father and mother passed because of this and afraid of this. I want to see my grand children and my own children live there lives. You need to do what's right for you.
  16. I am getting the revision from behind to a sleeve. Does anyone know what the time frame and process is to getting this done. I was told first they remove the lap band and then after a month or two they can do the sleeve. I would like to hear if anyone else had this done.
  17. Does anyone know anything about insurance covering your protein shakes?
  18. Native Girl

    Protein Shakes

    Thank you GassyGurl...I will try it
  19. Native Girl


    Thank you for that information...I plan on listening to what my doctor suggested
  20. Native Girl


    Saw my doctor yesterday and he suggested I get the band removed and get the bypass instead of sleeve cause of my intolerable acid reflex..will need to Do research as I don't know if I want to do the bypass
  21. I am getting a revision I was told they will take the band out and then I will need to wait at least six weeks to get the Sleeve done it also depends on the Insurance approval
  22. Did you have to wait after having the band removed to get the sleeve..I have to get a revision done.
  23. Did you have to wait after having your band removed to get the sleeve.. Cause that is where in am at now.
  24. Native Girl

    Sleeve May 15 and I'm Angry

    The surgery will help you but it won't fix your unhappiness and frustration you will need to continue with therapy to help you get to feel good about yourself and what's in you as a person. Feel and talking the way you do just means you really want this which means you will work hard to get there. That's a good step forward.

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