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  1. Been at goal for 1.5 years and making big life changes! Life is busy & good!

    1. Carlotta1


      Checked out your profile.. What a success. Happy to hear from someone who is maintaining their weight. You look awesome.

    2. Mikee57



  2. 1 year anniversary of being at goal weight! Loving it! Life is grand!

    1. catfish87


      Congrats on your success!

  3. My band isn't slip! Turns out my stomach doesn't empty right away. Learning to work around it!

  4. Kiskis

    Any Bandsters In Vancouver?

    How is everyone doing? I gained 12 lbs this summer and I am still struggling with the last 6 lbs! Plus I have chronic acid reflux that has gotten worse that has me making poor choices. So I am back to 2 hour workouts and protein shakes... The basics always work! Have a great weekend all!
  5. I think i may be hooked on Skinny Cow desserts & my suguar free pudding i make with protein. Are you? What are your guilt free treats?
  6. More tests required to solve my stomach emptying issue. Maybe a slip! Urg!!!

  7. In the process of working out my situation. Turns out that me stomach is not emptying properly. I thought is was because my band was too tight. As a result my acid reflux is brutal! My band is very lose and I am 10 lbs over goal! Urg!!! Waiting to see my surgeon to discuss next steps from my scope.

  8. I had a fabulous cruise to Alaska last week but gained 2 lbs so now I am up 12 lbs for the summer! Having a hard time losing after 9 months of maintaining - urg!!!!

  9. Kiskis

    Kiskis's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  10. Kiskis

    Maintenance for life & loving it!

    I hit goal in August of 2012. I love having my life back & rocking my new wardrobe!
  11. Having a blast but tipping the scales with all this fun! I have put on 10 lbs and I think it is because of drinks & not having the time to do killer workout! Urg!!!!

  12. Summer is fun but trying best to maintain a healthy balance. Rocking my new bikini's :). Enjoy!

  13. Had too much fun in Mexico & on the weekend as I am up 8 lbs and they hard to take off! Urg!!!

  14. Bring on the warmer weather so I can wear my new kick ass wardrobe!

  15. Hope life is going well! xxoo

  16. Don't beat yourself up! Keep up the great work!

  17. Life is so good! Pinch me! :)

  18. Think I have the right amount in my band! Loving life! Bring on spring!!!

  19. 2 years ago the band saved my life and i have had only success! They only thing I am challenged with is not losing weight and good meal ideas after trying to lose weight my entire life! I have been having unfills for the last month to get a balance and eat more . Love my new life!
  20. Had another unfill today of .3 and new prescription for acid refux. Hope this is the answer!

  21. My unfill has put me in a good zone :)

  22. Holly Dolly - how are you doing?

  23. How are you doing? I hope all is well!

  24. Going for slight unfill today

  25. I9 hasn't allowed me to log in for awhile. Happy New Year all! I had a great time in Kona, Hawaii and now I am a size 4 and loving life to the fullest! 2013 is going to be one hell of a great year!

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