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  1. 9:15am my journey begins Good Luck my fellow 21st bandsters
  2. Im a fellow April Bandster I'm so excited, it's so refreshing to share this journey with so many others. Good Luck everyone
  3. Congrats on your new beginning:)
  4. Congrats to you I only hope my approval goes that fast, I submit the paper work March 14th. I'm so nervous, scared and excited all in one. We are all here to support you, Keep in touch my love:)
  5. Mimi11

    Got Approved

    Congrats sweetheart:)
  6. Congrats on your surgery and Welcome to LBT:)
  7. Mimi11

    Newly banded

    Congrats Ladies on your bands, I can't wait for my day. Edy you were banded on my b-day, so I know you will be sucessful
  8. Mimi11

    Intro, etc

    Welcome and Congrats on your surgery:)
  9. Congrats on your surgery, it's on my birthday so I know it will be a success:)
  10. I feel the same way Feb 7th is my last piece to the insurance puzzle. I can't wait to begin my new life, please keep me posted:)
  11. I agree slow and steady wins the race, each pound is a milstone:)
  12. I had the same issue for a brief second, I think you should go over the pros and cons with your surgeon. Everyone is different, we all have to keep that in mind:)Good Luck
  13. Don't be overwhelmed, it's important that you work with your Dr's office. First step is find out what your insurances requires. Then you want to work with the Dr in order to complete the required Pre-op tests, psyh evaluation and work with a nutritionist. Also you have to attend a seminar about weight loss surgery. Best of luck to you keep me posted:)
  14. That's right girl brag it gives people like me who are still waiting, Hope that this surgery changes lives. Congrats on your success sweetie;)
  15. You have to do this for you, we are all here to help and support you. My boyfriend doesn't approve of the surgery either, but I need to do this for my happiness and health. So this surgery is the only thing in my life that I'm selfish about. You will do just fine take it one day at a time girl, Good Luck Friday keep us posted
  16. That is so awesome, congrats on doing a great job. Please keep me posted on your progress:)
  17. Mimi11

    I'm so happy!

    Congrats to you:)
  18. Your stories have all been very helpful. Thank You all:)

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