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  1. When I started all this I tried to ask all the right questions. That said not all of the answers given were completly true. Frustration Number One - Eight eight hundred callories a day. Not a problem most days it's hard to get that much down. However if I eat anything less than 1000 callories I don't loose weight. However I have noticed if I eat 1000 for 2 days and then drop down to 8 for 2 days I loose weight. My body is on a weird loop and it's driving me crasy. Frustration Number Two - Eight 80 Grams of Protien a Day. 2 months ago not a problem today, huge problem. I can not stand most shakes the idea of them makes me want to wretch. EAS shakes are bareable once daily, but thats all I can stand not mention holy cow they are expensive. So heres what I am doing; Breakfasts at this time are first thing EQIS Strawberry Shake. One of my favorites. They are nice they come in a box, I keep them in the fridge they are best cold. like really cold. They are 17 grams of protien and only 2 grams of carbs and are 110 callories. Best part they count as twenty percent of your daily calcium requirement for one of them and they keep me running for a couple of hours. I then two hours latter have two boiled eggs, soft boiled, they go nice and easy. This is another 140 callories, and 8 grams of protien. Putting me in at 25 grams in the morning. Adding the eggs was essential for me. I am carnavore by nature so I have started encorperating soft turkey meat, lunch meat style and pickles. Four small slices of turkey meat or equal to 3 ounces and one pickle cut into fourths and thats my lunch. Thats 135 callories....pickles have none. With a whooping 24 grams of protien. Often ill have about half ounce of cottage cheese, sneeking in some much needed calcium and another ten grams protien putting me at the end of my lunch cycle at 59 grams of protien. Dinner, i've noticed chicken breast works great for me in the evenings. 4 ounce of chicken breast, not I throw tabasco, or red hot on mine. One helps me slow down my eatting process and two I like hot food. Gives me my final 359 callories for the day. Putting me in at 859 for the day. Often ill use my last bit of callories in drinks like a flavored tea. A small serving of v8 or something. Another frustration for me is I was told I could get my first fill although im doing amazing at this time was two weeks and could be filled at any fill location. Wrong! I got banded in Mexico which means there is one and only one company that will fill my 10cc band one! Which is fill centers USA, which the closest one to me is Albequerqe, NM four almost five hours from me. We I havent been there and so getting to finally go will be a bonus. However, thats a lot farther than the one that is here. The cost for my first fill is 359 dollars and each additional fill is 165 which does not enclude travel costs. As this location is so far away I do not want to get a fill and head home, all to have a problem that night. So we will have to grab a hotel, and spent the night meaning doggie and kid sitters again! Worst part no fill in two weeks! No fill in 4 weeks, they will only do a fill after your post op for 6 weeks! Okay, this is not what I was expecting. I am doing well, and continueing to lose weight, however if it were not going better than expected then I would PISSED! My first fill date is actually set for May 4 which is 37 days away which will actually put me and 7 weeks post op. I will survive and lets hope I continue to lose weight in the mean time. Going to work on a different menu for this week but so far so good. All and all not bad. Not going to update my weight here for a few weeks. Working on a bit of shock value...you will be amazed!
  2. Faith... I call it taking a leap of faith getting banded. I went to Mexico to have mine done as i could have never afforded to get banded any other way. My family and friends fretted about the risks. But as I saw it I had to have some faith that this was what was ment to be. I like yourself was a big child, no a fat child I weighed 210 pounds by the time I was twelve. When I finally said enough was enough? November 2010, my friend was planning to go herself and get it done. I of course thought that she was nuts! But after thinking about it, I made the choice. Of course I tourtured myself first making sure that I could infact stay on liqiuds for weeks. And I did for almost five weeks I managed in that time to drop 31 pounds...I had surgery March 14th, 2011 and in one week I lost 17 lbs. Yeah it was all about my eatting, it hasn't been easy but if I can do it so can you. Always here if you need a friend, and some support. Tom
  3. Thomas Moore

    Five Days Post Op

    Sean, thanks for the responce, and the WTG I think we all need that.
  4. Thomas Moore

    Five Days Post Op

    Jin, I made myself and everyone nuts for weeks prior to the surgry only eating liquid and making myself nuts worrying about if my mind was well enough to deal with the changes that woulod come with the band. I remind myself daily about how the band is the tool, and like any tool it is only as good as the person using it. I think you have have to have your head in the game. right now this time, is your healing yorself after years of miss use. It's all about you, and you focusing on you. 26 pounds in no little amount of weight to loose...so pat yourself on the back and keep on trucking for the your goals.
  5. Thomas Moore

    First Week Down

    Yeah it's really clicked together fast for me and I can not even begin to tell you the difference it has made on me.

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