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    Not Losing...:(

    OMG YOU SOUND LIKE HOW IM LIVING!!! I have been banded for almost 2 years and ive lost quit a bit but NOT enough!! My last fill was in Feb and since then I've had nothing but issues. I would either not eat at all or eat "slider" foods. My main food, when I did eat was potatoes ! Mashed, baked, you name it! i also try to get in the occasional protein. i honestly would try so hard to eat right... proteins veggies, so on. Meats in general are like swallowing death. I just couldn't do it! I haven't lost weight in over a year, and i know why. sliders foods, clearly, are NOT the answer! i started noticing that my acid re-flux was becoming unbearable !!! Know what I did, after fighting and arguing with myself, I got an un-fill! I just got it today. My doctor didn't sound happy with me when i told him how sick ive been and weak (even was tested for being anemic because i NEVER had energy) he took out 3 cc's. I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm nervous... can I handle this?!?!?!? You know what, not eating is not the answer, slider foods is not the answer! Go get an un-fill!!! i am excited to go by turkey and chicken... I am thrilled that i will be able to sit and try and eat a healthy meal without having to run to the bathroom to get "rid" of it. I wish you the best of luck!! I didn't think anyone was going through was I was going through... boy do i love this website!! :wub: Ronni
  2. ShrnkN2

    New Here!

    Congrats on your up coming 2 year bandiversary! you must be proud to have lost so much weight!!! good luck on your surgeries! I will say a prayer for your quick and healthy recovery! What kind of advice would you give to someone who is stuck and feels like this surgery was the wrong thing to do.... aka that person being me! i too was banded almost 2 years ago! i am MISERABLE i just went today to get some taken out of my band because i havent been able to eat much. Much congrats!! -Ronni
  3. ShrnkN2

    Need Advice

    are you looking for eating tips? Like, making sure youu dont get stuck?
  4. ShrnkN2

    Im Losing It....

    I was banded in Feb of 2011. I've lost my momentum. I don't know if it's my miserable Job not allowing me my time at the gym or just me making excuses. I feel like I'm at the point where I hate my band. I'm now just trying to eat things I know won't get stuck. I sick of it. I am so miserable. I need motivation I want to break down. I could be doing so much better than this.
  5. I was banded almost 2 years ago and sometimes I have very strange stomach pains on the side my port is on. I thought maybe it was just acid reflux bug I'm beginning to worry. I go to the BATHROOM at least 4 times a day with what seems to be diarrhea. I never have a solid stool. This has been gng on for a good 2 months. Any suggestions out there?
  6. ShrnkN2


    Simple carbs like what? The pain isn't intolerable. But it's like severe acid reflux. That's what it feels lile
  7. ShrnkN2

    Getting Unbanded! Never Thought I'd Be Here!

    I will say a prayer for you.... good luck. Although you wont be banded, we'll still be here for you!! xoxo
  8. Welcome to the band world! The first couple of weeks I had a couple mental break downs. Sobbed like a little baby at times... asking myself the same thing. "What the hell did I get myself into? Why do I go through something so extreme to be "normal" or healthy? This isn't fair? Did I make the right choice? Is something wrong? Am I supposed to be feeling like this?" Girl... I can't even tell you how much I cried. I still do at times because it's not easy. I was banded Feb 16, 2011. It was the best decision I've ever made for myself. It's been the hardest thing too. People think that weight loss surgery is the easy way out... in my opinion, getting the lap band is one of the hardest. I've retrained my body into thinking whats right and wrong. Without the lap band I wouldn't know the difference between my Protein intake and my Fiber intake Bottom line is everyone take this journey in their own little way. You have to be careful. Once you get to your 3rd or 4th fill you'll prob start feeling restriction. Like I said, everyone is different though. Up until my 4th fill I didn't have any restriction... I thought something was wrong because if I chose to, I could have eaten everything in front of my face (like I used to).c:-D I wish you the best of luck with everything. We are here for you, ALWAYS! <3 Ronni
  9. ShrnkN2

    Flipped Port???

    Mine is kind of on my waistline... It does make it uncomfortable to wear high pants or tighter pants. Not painful just kind of awkward.
  10. ShrnkN2

    What Exactly Is "pbing" Or "sliming"?

    I've never heard of either one of those.... but getting stuck is not a good feeling. it feels like something wedged in your stomach that wont budge. For me, when I throw up while being stuck it's like a huge air bubble of mucus along with the food that got stuck. It's hard to explain but it's really nasty lol. Papaya Enzymes help a lot when you're stuck as well. It's a digestive supplement that helps the food go down. It's different for everyone....
  11. Hi Lacey! First off, anyone one who says this is the easy way out.... brush that off your shoulders! The band is by far the OPPOSITE of the easy way out! I was banded 2/16/11. I'm down about 80lbs now. I thought that I would be at my goal by now but ups and downs have prevented that. I thought when I was banded that it would just fall off. With the band, it pretty much MAKES you change your life. My weakness' before were bread, fries, chicken fingers.... you get the picture? haha Now, I can't dare to even eat any of that. The band has trained and taught me to eat. The first 6 months were the worse. Mainly because of the fills. It took about 4 fills for me to get restriction and feel full quicker/ not be as hungry. The 5th was an un-fill because I was too tight and couldn't keep anything down. I wouldn't change it for the world... at all. This has been the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life. It may take a while depending on your goals and some people may just not understand your decision in doing this. Find that one person that you can always lean on and keep them close. You'll need them. Everyone's journey is different. Some people have no issues, when others have more than others. This website is the best outlet! We are all here. We don't judge, we encourage. Good luck to you! God Bless, Ronni :wub:
  12. I had the same issue! i have been banded a year and a half... i remember the first 2 months i had the worst pain everytime i would breath too deep. did they give u a inhaler type thing when u were first banded? it's a really weird device that ure suppose to use to help you breath after your first banded.
  13. ShrnkN2

    Stomach Pain!!

    Hey Rosie, You def sound like you're too tight. From experience it seems like your doctor put way too many cc's in, in such a short amount of time. It took me about 6 months to build up to where you are, and I thought that was rough. The reason I say you're too tight>> you can't even keep down Water. What I've noticed is when you get stuck a couple times when eating, it makes your stomach expand (swell) inside your band. Kind of makes the band seem tighter than what it is. Like it's irritated or something. This causes you to get stuck much more until you allow the swelling to go down. Eating yogurts or doubling up on my Protein shakes helps me get back to normal. These aren't proven facts, just my thoughts. I was banded 2/16/11 so I'm accustomed to my body and my band. Normally after a fill it takes about 2 weeks to get the full affect of the fill. I've had to go back to get an un-fill because my doctor put too much in. As far as the acid reflux.... I'm completely with you 10000%. I have severe acid reflux now since getting my band. Throwing up will cause/ make it worse! I take Ranitidine over the counter meds every day... it helps a tun!!!! Good luck and keep your heap up! The first 8 months were prob the hardest for me! So many changes in my body and my emotions and they weren't all good. :wub: Ronni
  14. ShrnkN2


    u look abs incredible! u are so beautiful! keep smiling... u should be sooo proud!
  15. ShrnkN2


    your stomach may be swollen... where the band is around ur stomach. thats happened to me before. go on liquids for a couple days then start slowly with Soups then mushies. good luck <3
  16. ShrnkN2

    Acid Reflux When I Get A Fill

    Ever since ny 3rd or so fill I have horrible acid reflux... I am not too tight. I suffered for months until I ran accross an over the counter medicine called rantidine. Not 100% on the spelling. I tried everything from home remedies such as table spoons of honey, tums, and even milk. None of it helped. The rantidine is in all did brands, CVS wal mart, Walgreens.... all of them r great Hope it helps u like it has me
  17. This is all normal. I had the worst gas pains for a good 2 months after surgery. Tje movement thing... I could sworn at times there was a child kicking around in my belly after surgery. Made me very uneasy. That too is normal. Ur muscle tissues take a long time to heal after surgery. You can do the same activities u always have been able to... just know ur limits. When it doesn't feel right.... back down a bit. I'm 13 months post op and my port still gives me a run for its money at times. Lol good luck and Congrats on the new you <3

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