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  1. voldemort

    My friend and I as Spock and Kirk

  2. voldemort

    Dragon Age: Isabela

    nice tat!
  3. voldemort


    WOW! No one can say you aren't flexible. lol
  4. Hello, I am unsure if this has been reported but the chat room and individual chat functions have not be working properly for a few days. Seeing chats is requiring a full refresh of the browser no matter if Firefox or IE. Active notification of new chat messages are not working.
  5. voldemort

    My Heart is Broken

    So sorry for your loss. We had to put down our family dog of 13 yrs in 2012 and it was so very difficult! We really didn't have a choice in the matter due to health problems she was experiencing. She was our first "child" and I can relate to your grief and the difficulties you are going through. Be assured that better days are coming, it just may not come as fast as you would like.
  6. voldemort

    5 months Out

    Congrats on your success.
  7. voldemort

    Finally finished!

  8. voldemort


    Oh no they didn't!!!!
  9. voldemort

    August 2012

    good work!!
  10. voldemort

    IMG 5368

    Nice tats and glasses combo!!
  11. when I get hungry, I stop being hungry and be awesome instead. true story.

  12. voldemort

    Enjoying a Beer while I still can =)

    Gotta love the Dos Equis XX!
  13. voldemort

    new tattoo 29 May 2013

    That is a LOT of work for a first session!!!
  14. voldemort

    Picture 818

  15. voldemort

    My Chunky face... Before weight loss surgery

    I don't see any chunk!
  16. voldemort

    For Lucy

    I don't think I have ever told you that every time I hear the song "LUCY" by Skillet I think of your friend.
  17. voldemort

    Hit onderland!!

    great job!
  18. voldemort

    My port

    wow! that's crazy.
  19. voldemort


    Great work! It's not always easy but the results are worth it all.
  20. voldemort

    Peeing on a tree random I know

    Watch out for the stickers!!!
  21. voldemort

    16lbs to go!

    Great work!!!
  22. voldemort

    8th Feb 2013 - front view

    Still the best view evah. <3