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    I love Chipolte!

    Before being sleeved my son and I went to Chipolte on the regular. I would either get a buritto or three soft tacos, plus I would order two bag of chips (to share with my son) and an order of guacamole. I'd also take a couple bites of whatever my son ordered. Post sleeve, we still go to Chipolte on the regular...about once a week. Now I get the burrito bowl with grilled fajitas veggies (onions and green peppers), double steak, mild tomato salsa, corn salsa, and cheese. We still get two bags of chips and an order of guacamole. When we take it home I enjoy 1/3 order of chips with about half of the guacamole and just a little bit of the bowl. Then I divide the rest of the bowl into three microwavable bowls. I usually take one to work and have it for lunch, and then I have the other two for dinner in the next few days. So yummy! I love my sleeve and am happy that I an still enjoy my favorite foods!
  2. ThatDudesMom

    Good Food Find

    That sounds really yum! Thanks for sharing!
  3. ThatDudesMom

    Would you sleeve again?

    I didn't have any major health issues...but since being sleeved I sleep better, I have more energy, my skin isn't as dry or itchy, my feet NEVER hurt even after being on them all day, my daily headaches have been eliminated, I am not as sensitive to perfumes and other scents, and most of all my self esteem has sky rocketed! Yes! I would do the sleeve all over again. The recovery for me was very doable and worth it. Good luck as you make this major decision!
  4. I'd be interested in knowing who told you this...doesn't make sense to me. I'd call and find out.
  5. ThatDudesMom

    Just a few random thoughts...

    I am happy and excited for you. What you posted could have been from me a month after I was sleeved. You will continue to be amazed as you progress!
  6. Totally agree. I have been very open from the get go, including sending out an all school e-mail to the teachers and staff I work with, and then to the parents of my students. Any time anyone asks me how I lost weight don't hesitate to tell them that I had weight loss surgery. Sometimes it turns into a conversation that I do not mind having. I have never regretted telling anyone. It's interesting that you posted this...because I was just thinking that being open and telling people might be the seed some need to eventually explore the option for themselves. Power to the Sleevers!
  7. ThatDudesMom

    is Vertical Sleeve FDA approved?

    I think...and I may be wrong (highly likely)... that the FDA recently (in the past year) approved it for a lower BMI than they had in the past, therefore more surgeries are being approved by insurance companies.
  8. I am happy with my progress with the sleeve but have been it somewhat of a stand still. I am super excited over the fact that in 10 more pounds I will be overweight instead of obese. Unfortunately, being super excited has proven over the last couple of weeks not to be enough. I'm not experiencing a stall, but rather a self inflicted stand still. I'm a teacher, and over the summer I did a great job watching what I ate and was a work out queen. The start of school has wrecked my routine and impaired my better judgment. But now, I'm settle in with my new class and ready to get back to it! I'm hoping there are at least a few other folks out there that are close to being overweight and would like to support each other as we leave obesity. I would be committed to checking in with the group at least once a day. I have started a new group in the "GROUP" section titled "Almost Overweigh!" Hope to see you there!
  9. ThatDudesMom

    can i have this????

    I think it is okay to add...but would add it to a soup you already know agrees with you. That way if it doesn't go so well, you will know it is the cheese. Cheese is one of the foods that took me a little longer to eat...cheese and eggs. Good luck!
  10. ThatDudesMom

    Almost Overweight!

    Great! If you want...go to "Groups" and join "Almost Overweight!." Hopefully we will find some more peeps!
  11. Thank you so much for posting this! It's just what I needed as I prepare to start my push tomorrow for becoming overweight instead of obese. I'm about 10 pounds away! They all make soooooooooo much sense.
  12. ThatDudesMom

    Do You....

    I am 100% happy that I choose the sleeve and wouldn't even consider anything else if I had to do it over again.
  13. ThatDudesMom

    White or Dark Chicken?

    I say if you were to like both about the same go for the white (for less fat), but if dark is what you really prefer it is okay. If I am cooking at home I tend to use dark meat because it is moister and because I prefer the flavor.
  14. ThatDudesMom

    I love Chipolte!

    I can't remember when I started eating chips, but it was pretty early...just as soon as I got past full liquids I think. Also crackers. Not by the bag or by the box like the "olden days," but just a few now is really the same thing. =)
  15. ThatDudesMom

    when did you....

    After my surgery I had a 10 post op visit and then went back 3 weeks later. It was then that my doctor told me I could do anything that was not discomforting. I walked, did water aerobics, and did weight machines.
  16. ThatDudesMom


    Great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing...it is very inspirational. Continued success!
  17. ThatDudesMom

    I put on a pair of size 20 jeans....

    I love it! I know the feeling you are talking about, and I remember not too long ago when they were 20s that zipped. Now 14s are zipping. Unbelievable! Congrats!
  18. cheese and milk were a little hard for me to tolerate for maybe the first 2 months...I am fine with it all now. =-) Dallas
  19. ThatDudesMom

    Callanetics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours

    Just got it on ebay for $1! Super excited! Thanks for the recommendation!
  20. ThatDudesMom

    Should I be concerned?

    You might find this thread from a few days ago interesting. http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/21742-anyones-incision-pain-get-worse-before-it-got-better/page__p__183533__fromsearch__1#entry183533
  21. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I didn't have this issue with the sleeve surgery, but SO DID 8 months prior with my gallbladder removal. Relief is just around the corner!
  22. ThatDudesMom

    Whatcha eating today!!! Saturday

    Iced tea first think in the morning and through the day. Snack (while watching son play soccer): Sunflower seeds Breakfast: I took my son to a coffee shop and ordered a Western Crepe. It was huge. We picked it apart eating all the ham and cheese together. I also picked out the green peppers and onions. I had several bites of the actual crepe. I got full, but didn't over do it. Lunch: chicken breast with melted cheese. A bit of my son's salad, a cherry, and half a strawberry. Snack: Pro Jo Protein drink from Bariatric Advantage Supper: Shared a steak and shrimp dinner with my son at Apple Bees. At two of the medium sized shimp. 5 or 6 small bites of steak. About three bites of loaded baked potato, and a couple bites of cheesy corn.
  23. I eat what I want OFTEN. Sometimes, if I do it without thinking and then starting beating myself up, I quickly remind myself how much I would have eaten before being sleeved. No worries...move forward!
  24. ThatDudesMom


    That sounds a bit much for simply being in ketosis. I have not had to monitor ketosis with the sleeve, but did do a diet prior to being sleeved where I did. Some of what you mentioned was supposed to be normal the first couple of days, but not longer. I would maybe check with my doctor to see if something needs to be tweaked.
  25. ThatDudesMom

    1st post op visit today

    Great news! I am so happy things are going well for you. Enjoy your soup! One of my favorite things to do at that point was to go to a grocery store that has a Soup bar and buy soups that I could dip a spoon in vertically and then eat what didn't drip off. This allowed me to have a full liqiud with full flavor. It also made me eat slowly. Best of luck to you!