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  1. deltadawn817

    bread hurts my sleeve

    same here but it helps if it is toasted.
  2. deltadawn817

    Recovery: C-section vs sleeve

    sleeve has nuttin on c section.
  3. deltadawn817

    Ewww. Sorry poop question

    colace didn't work for me at all. It is just a softener. Apple juice always helped me.
  4. deltadawn817

    Freakin' blender balls!

    I put them in the dishwasher top rack and I stick them on the rack as in the put the rack peg through the whole in the blender ball they stay put and don't get caught. I had one get caught and then I started doing this.
  5. deltadawn817

    Stop sipping

    I think the time varies with everyone but it was a good 8 months before I realized I didn't have to think about my sip size. I was able to gulp a little then too.
  6. deltadawn817


    I would take to your PCP about this. I get dizzy when I need fluids. but if you really feel you are not dehydrated then I would consider looking into and about hypoglycemia.
  7. deltadawn817

    Incision possibly infected?!?

    They are not red but I will still keep an eye on them. I would also try to keep them dry hit em with the hair dryer for a little bit when you get out of the shower also it wouldn't hurt if you wanted to put a little triple antibiotic ointment on them.
  8. deltadawn817


    I know there are many people out there that are not addicted to food that are over weight. They just don't take the time for themselves. I wasn't a food addict but I was medicating with food when I didn't know I was at times. I know I didn't eat my first meal of the say till noon with being up at 7 and then I would eat again at 3-4 pm then again sometimes at dinner 6 pm and then again at night before bed at 10 so all my food was in the later part of the day as I just took care of myself last.
  9. it was an option for me but I had to do it for 30 days before surgery.
  10. I have a IUD Mirena and PCOS and was not getting a period at all. I am a year out of surgery and had my first one right after surgery and then two more in the past year so a total of 3 periods since surgery.
  11. I am sorry you are going through this and I feel you need to find another vice for your stress. I am a huge stress binge eater. I can't have things in the house that I will eat till it is gone period. I just can't buy it and have it around. I would suggest if you like crunchy do cut up veggies, if you like sweet find a yogurt you like, Or a frozen yogurt
  12. Glad it was just spasm. On a side note you may like to be all fancy and like the pink but it is VERY hard to read and font is rather small too. I had to copy and paste what you wrote into Word just to read it.
  13. For me the sweet spot in time frame was 8 month out. I didn't have to think about my portion size, cold liquids didn't bother me anymore. It all just became natural for me. from portion size, to bit size to gulp size.
  14. deltadawn817

    Advise please

    I would say put less on your plate you can ALWAYS go back for more. Ice cream you will be fine if you can tolerate dairy still. Many people can't after surgery too hard to digest. if that is the case you will be able to just go with out Soda.. once you get further out some people still drink it no issues at all. I can't I feel like my tiny tummy is going to explode when I tried to drink a sip so that was enough for me to not want it anymore.
  15. deltadawn817

    doc wants me to have bypass

    I am going to suggest if you really want sleeve over bypass then I would suggest a double surgery and as if that is an option to have your band removed with the excess scar tissue and then schedule the sleeve at a later date after the repair surgery has had time to heal.
  16. It is very normal for women that have surgery to get their period right after. Also as for the bathroom issues liquid in liquid out it is very normal and will take your body time to adjust. You need to get it tested if it is like water and you are going 10-15 times a day you could have c diff.
  17. deltadawn817

    Any ladies out there have PCOS put your hands up!

    There are two types of PCOS. Don't let any doctor fool you there is one type from being over weight. As fat produces estrogen, estrogen produces fat.....but you can have PCOS when being in a healthy weight range. Is this something you have always had or just as your gained weight? I have PCOS it was all blamed on me being over weight. I still have migraines I don't have a regular period ( I also have a mirena IUD) so I don't know if it just me or the IUD. I did stop growing facial hair for the past year while I lost the bulk of my weight but it has started back up again recently. I don't want to discourage you at all but There is great control of PCOS symptoms with food. I have to stay away from refined sugars and that helps my symptoms a lot.
  18. I know you are saying your are craving it but the chemicals are really not that great for you in diet soda. I am not going to go on and on because it is not like I never drank it in my life. With that being said if you would like some flat soda go for it just be careful as sometimes sweet stuff makes my tiny tummy hurt and other are successful soda drinkers post VSG
  19. deltadawn817

    Heat/ sweating soo much

    I had to laugh a little when I read your post as I am FREEZING all the time now. I even carry a sweat shirt in the summer now for when I get chilled. I dress in layers and as soon as I get to warm I take off a layer but in an hours time I putting the layer back on.
  20. To the original OP when I first found this sit I thought it was GREAT, WONDERFUL I was ecstatic I found a place to go to HELP me. I am now a year out and I rarely visit due to peoples posts being mean, hurtful, accusatory..etc I could go on. I decided that to make my VGS trip successful I had to stay away from here because even typed words hurt and bring in doubt. I feel some people forgot that we are/were all overweight for a reason. Weather it be food addiction emotional eaters or some other suppressing issues. There for a lot of the responses were not helping me. I now when reading a post don't read responses I just post to the OP. I have stopped asking any questions and just hope to help others how I want to be helped.
  21. I love it cold with just cocktail sauce. Also it is good make into a salad with a little mayo, celery, onion, salt and pepper.
  22. deltadawn817


    Prilosec takes time to start working and he more it build up in your system the better. Acid can happen at many different times for different people. Could it be what you are eating causing it? I can't eat certain things but it is nothing new after VSG for me those foods bothered me before too. I have acid issues more when I need to eat. When I have gone too long because I am not hungry and have forgotten to eat something. I am also a year out.
  23. deltadawn817

    Vitamins - Morning or Evening?

    I take liquid and take a dropper full at 4 different times of the day.
  24. I want you to know her decision in her feeling have NOTHING to do with you. IT has everything to do with her own personal struggles. I am saying this because she is overweight also. This weight thing has been something you have shared and had in common. Today is my surgiverssary and I have learned so much about myself this last year on so many levels. There are reasons why we over eat and don't exercise and self destruct You will still have to deal with those issues no matter what route you take in a weight loss journey. I feel your friend is just at her own loss on her issues and mad at you for grabbing your issues by the balls and dealing with the issue at hand.
  25. PPI is like Prilose, Zantac,... one/two a day pill. I have to take a PPI every day if not I tend to eat all day to keep acid at bay.