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    jennifer you are NOT alone.. some of us are going to be slower.. we can get through this.. I too have gone from a 20 to a 16, and had really thought I'd be a 10 by now.lol Was just talking to a friend that has lost 36 in 6 weeks..I just smiled and said, that's so great.. inside I went.. ARGH LOL
  2. CiCiRN


    I am 1 year post op, and I have lost 31 pounds. I get so discouraged! A friend that had it done at the same time has lost 100 and never works out, I work out daily.. makes no sense..lol But I feel better.. I look better.. I'm a slow loser too..but still a LOSS!
  3. CiCiRN

    Little Green Band

    Go with the flow...be calm and embrace this.. you can DO this.. I was off work 10 days, and really it was more than plenty.. I ended up with a hiatal hernia and had to stay over night.. I had planned on out by 1pm also..so please..go with the flow.. Nothing is written in stone, it's healthcare.. you CAN do this.. My doctor prescribed liquid vicodin, I used it a few days ..and then not again..
  4. CiCiRN

    9 months out

    So now it's been 9 months.. I am down about 38 lbs. I fluctuate 1-2 lbs weekly, just depends on my week.. we all have that, I'm just admitting it.lol but ya know...I am still feeling great! I work out daily at something.. some days I walk.. some days I dance, zumba etc. some days I do wii. On ward..and forward.. am back to adding protein into my diet, I don't think I'm getting enough... how YOU doin?
  5. Put on your big girl/boy pants and just do it....if you gained, accept it and go on.. you will LOSE again.. I have a friend that is trying to lose the weight that she gained BEFORE she goes back to the dr.. (she was 'unfilled' a year ago due to an erosion.) if you can do that..you don't need the band..lol Start on a focused plan.. YOU can do this.. YOU are worth it!
  6. CiCiRN

    Where am I going wrong?

    I was banded 12/6/10. Initially I lost, the pre diet etc. from After I think I'm right at 8lbs since I started fills. A total of 32 lbs. that's it. I eat 60 grams of protein a day, I drink about 80 ounces of fluid daily, I eat VERY few carbs..I did best on the 1200 calorie pre diet really.. and yet I am not losing.. I tried eating plenty of gree salad, which I loved.. but my body seemed to go into a starvation mode and didn't lose a THING. I am so frustrated.. I work out daily, I'm changing it up now and working on cardio every other day, and weights the other days with walking. I need to WORK it and make it work.. just frustrating..
  7. CiCiRN

    Calorie intake question...

    ok, I just joined my fitnesspal.. I think I just might like it~~ and to move myself along.. I just did 75 minutes of Jillian work out..and 15 minutes of wii yoga.. talk about a hot mess. LOL move move move~~
  8. CiCiRN

    Where am I going wrong?

    Isn't that crazy. My doctor is saying I'm not eating ENOUGH..but if I do eat 1000 calories daily..I don't lose..which is what she wants me to eat!
  9. I am right there with you... I had a long talk with my provider and she said we all hit plateaus...we are in that mode I think. I was banded on 12.6.10 just before you, I have lost 32 and am still sitting there..I just had a fill a week ago and am hoping that will be my 'sweet' spot!! I do know we need to get UP and MOVE move MOVE... What are you doing for exercise? is it daily? calories taken in? Also the band is a TOOL..you can eat a normal amount of food..or you can 'listen' to your band and stop when you feel full.. Maybe we should be accountable to each other to motivate!!
  10. Happy 6 month surgiversary to us all!!
  11. Happy 6 month surgiversary to us all!!
  12. CiCiRN

    Waiting for approval

    I was denied at first.. and the approved 6 months later.. I had to have a cardiac workup..due to being over 50, even with no cardiac history.. and then have a sleep study, that took the longest to prove that I snored..lol It is a hoop to jump through and jump you will.. and it's so worth it.. good luck!!
  13. My provider is liberal on foods..just cautious on bread..greater chance of it getting 'balled' up I guess.. and I agree with the trying a variety of foods..I usually will try one small bite of something new..and if it goes..YAY! If not then will try something else.. She said...I don't ever want you to feel deprived of food..this is a TOOL..not a solution.. and I abide by that...
  14. Welcome to you hotabriana...feel free to jump in and peruse the topics..
  15. UGH I gained a pound since my last Dr. visit. a month ago. I have been eating a lot of salad, and drinking plenty of fluids, but she thinks maybe I might be sabotaging myself with too few calories.. so new mindset..work it work it ..work it some more!! it was JUST pound...and I can lose that and MORE.. here's to the journey! I
  16. Well I got thru the weekend of bbq's..and I think I probably ate too much..I don't feel over stuffed, but I'm sure I'm fuller than I should feel..ugh so tomorrow..I start NEW.. So what do you eat for an average day.. I am curious!! Normally... Breakfast, lunch and dinner... I'm almost 6 months post op..have been stuck at this same weight , plus or minus 2-3 pounds..yo yoing .. must get back into the swing, I worked SO hard to get this surgery... can't sabotage myself now!!
  17. I worked for 2 years to get my surgery..and in that time, I dieted, I exercised, I worked my butt off..all for the love of myself.. and in that time, I only told a FEW people what I was doing.. and in the end, 2 were super supportive.. and 1 keeps me going with telling me how great I look.. and the one person who had the surgery before me..and got an erosion..and has now gained back her 100 lbs lost.. is my worst supporter.. I have tried everything to get her moving and back into being motivated.. and I find myself floundering.. so no more.. I am my biggest supporter.. GO ME! it's not about others.. it's only about you..own it and embrace it..
  18. CiCiRN

    Holiday over doing it..

    You can eat bread and it doesn't get stuck? My provider says NO..all caps.lol But then again, I can eat a tortilla in place of bread and that's generally what I do. Awesome on your weight loss..I can HOPE that really start losing.. Today so far, I have had a piece of string cheese and an 80 cal yogurt. and of course my water..wheeee...
  19. CiCiRN

    Holiday over doing it..

    It does 'tip' the scales..and that is more than likely why I keep losing and gaining these 2-3 pounds.. I have been exercising nearly every day..so now I am going for EVERY day..something..even if it's just 10 minutes at a time..3-4 times in a day..it's MOVING..lol
  20. CiCiRN

    1st night out .. and like a FOOL I over ate

    Totally with you on this ...just one bite over and you feel over stuffed.. so now I am of the mind..listen to the band..if you take 3 bites and feel full.. STOP walk away.. we can do this..
  21. CiCiRN

    Surgery today!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers today!
  22. and it's called an Incentive spirometer.lol just so you know..but dohickey works too..
  23. Usually for a few days after discharge...up to a week.. The main thing you use this for is to increase your deep breathing and to keep from getting pneumonia.. way to go!
  24. Yikes! AND....you can eat bread? my provider really doesn't want me to try it, sure way of getting stuck..unless it's something super crunchy..like toast or a tortilla...but isn't that the scariest feeling???
  25. CiCiRN


    I love my Ryka's.. I have wide feet , and I'm a nurse so I know about being on my feet for long periods of time..I also love Dansko's for work..they are heaven sent..seriously!

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