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  1. karewpah

    Jogging/running advice needed

    Awesome! I buy my shoes at a run specific store for that reason. The return policy if they aren't right for me
  2. karewpah

    Jogging/running advice needed

    I would recommend you are fitted professionally for shoes. Typically running shoes are a half size larger than what you normally wear. Also do a regular anti-fungal routine on your feet and shoes. Bandage the toe up, but take it a bit easy so you don't progress the injury further
  3. karewpah

    2014 Races

    My first race of the season is a 5k tomorrow followed by a 10k in April and May. Through the summer I'll do a zombie run, warrior dash and finally in Oct a half Marathon. Runners...what are you race goals this year?
  4. karewpah

    2014 Races

    1 step, 1 walk at a time Keep lacing up and getting out there!!
  5. karewpah

    2014 Races

    Awesome to see the runners out there. Today was my first race of the season. 5k and I finished 9th in my (advanced) age group!
  6. karewpah

    2014 Races

    Wow Dee!!! Wow!!! Good on you !!
  7. karewpah

    Jogging/running advice needed

    My foam roller is my best friend! Perfect for stretching and working out the kinks.
  8. karewpah

    Jogging/running advice needed

    I would say there is no reason to wait unless your Dr says so. It will be easier at the lighter weight but either way it will be tough. Run walk is the best way to start. Go get me tiger
  9. karewpah

    SLIMBAND?! Don't do it.

    I found SWLC and Dr Coburn in Mississauga to be top notch
  10. karewpah

    Jogging/running advice needed

    Exactly what B52 said...go to a specialty store. They will have books there too. I use Runners World website and find it has a lot of good info. as for how you think you look...quiet the criticisms in your head. Other runners will look at at you and think...way to go...taking back your health. The people lapping you in their cars...they'll be jealous that they're not out there taking care of themselves. As you lose weight...you can reward yourself with flashy running gear
  11. karewpah


    For those who do Crossfit...how do you ensure adequate nutrition for your WOD? Is there a particular meal you eat in advance that gives you the correct portion size for a banister but also enough energy to complete the WOD?
  12. karewpah

    Surgeon didnt recommend a first fill

    Wow...I'm almost 3 years out and only @ 5.8 in a 10 band. Remember..it's not how fast you fill. The band shouldn't restrict the amount you eat. It is truly only meant to allow you to feel satisfied for longer.
  13. karewpah

    Do you still eat popcorn?

    I do. I just count the calories in my daily target...and I don't do it often
  14. karewpah

    Confused, upset

    If I'm reading correctly, you're hoping to lose 58 lbs in a month and a half? That seems like an unrealistic expectation to me. Just focus on one day at a time and one hour at a time. Stay away from the foods your surgeon hasn't approved. This phase before you start your fills is called banister hell...a horrible time for sure, but if you manage through it, it will prepare you well for when the fills start coming. My recommendation, start discussions with a nutritionist and look at setting realistic goals. All the best
  15. karewpah


    Zucchini chips, handmade
  16. karewpah

    I hate fish...

    I must grab some my next Costco run...hopefully they're in Canada
  17. karewpah

    Self pay question

    I am over two years in ad haven't paid a cent over my initial cost..Mis is right...complete BS
  18. You know, I think I overlook the low tech options and then kick myself if I don't use "an app for that". Mental note... Pack a small note pad and pen/pencil in my purse
  19. karewpah

    Im so hungry!

    Wow is all I can say. "I know it's bad for me"...and then get all indignant when people tell you exactly how bad, yet in a very polite way. Mis...you are SUCH a BULLY for trying to keep people informed and healthy...there's some real nut jobs out there...and you're certainly not One of them
  20. karewpah

    Ontario bandsters: Which clinic......?

    Dr Coburn @ SWLC...his staff and himself are top notch
  21. karewpah


    No way...they are far too large for me
  22. karewpah


    I have 1 prior to each meal in a glass of crystal light...it really keeps me "moving"
  23. karewpah


    You can get the granules...I use them to keep me regular.
  24. My Dr or nurse does not pull all fluid out...they only did this the first fill after surgery, but not since then...
  25. karewpah

    Mexican Food???

    An easy way do eat the leftovers if you find them dry is to add some salsa to moisten it up. Enjoy