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    middle aged lady who had a band and had revision to sleeve. Best thing I've ever done!
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    hiking, working out at the gym,sleeve talk chat room,ballroom dance, and now Zumba!
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  1. Oregondaisy

    Back for support - nearly 7 years sleeved!

    I am really upset about my regain but I can't seem to do anything about it. Since I broke my back, I can't really exercise. Now I have to have neck surgery. It really stinks that I got used to being thin or average and now I am chunky. I need to lose about 25 lbs but I don't even know how to make that happen. It would be so easy to become bulimic. The bad foods go down so easily but if I eat meat I am way too full way too fast. I hate that feeling that my stomach is going to explode. All I want to do it throw up so I am not so full.
  2. I have a terrible time with constipation. Every time someone tells me this type of iron or that type of iron is not constipating, I get extremely constipated. I have to take iron because I become extremely anemic immediately if I don't. Is there any kind that is truly not constipating?
  3. Oregondaisy

    Can we talk about boobs and bras?

    I have the opposite problem as everyone else. I have completely lost my boobs. An A cup is too big for me. I went into the bathroom recently at a restaurant and told a lady her jeans were cute. They had cute sparkly stars on the back pocket. She thanked me and said "can I tell you something?" I said "what?" She told me I needed a better bra because my boobs were sagging. All the bras that fit me in the cup have no material on the sides. they are made for teenagers. I end up wearing sports bras which don't give me the lift or the look that I want-to look like I have boobs!
  4. Oregondaisy

    Vet Search

    Maintenance is way harder!! In the beginning, if I gained something, all I had to do was eat the right way and it came off. Now, if I eat wrong, I gain about 3 lbs and no matter what I do such as protein shakes all day, with a high protein small dinner and the scale doesn't move . It sure moves up if I eat wrong though. I am 8 years post sleeve. I am considering doing a complete fast. Oh and the other vets are on Lipstick Lady's page on OH
  5. Oregondaisy

    Wow. With the exit of so many vets...

    Can someone fill me in on what happened here? I didn't sign in for a long time when I broke my back and eventually had surgery. I came back and the whole site is different, and not necessarily better. I heard a lot of the vets left and I don't know why. There were a lot of us who liked to keep in touch. Now I have no way to reach any of my online friends. I really miss Cowgirl Jane. Can anyone explain what the heck happened to everyone? I Know it's difficult when a lot of the forums have all the wls surgeries mixed together. RNY, Band and sleeve don't have much in common other than we are thinner.
  6. Oregondaisy

    Wow. With the exit of so many vets...

    I am okay. I will never be the same. There is a big hole in my spine where the infection that was caused by the crumbled discs. I had to give myself IV antibiotics for 8 weeks and I am now on oral antibiotics for 6 months. I hate them. It's painful to walk, let alone work out. I loved working out and doing my exercises with weights. I am a lot flabbier than I was cause I lost a lot of muscle.
  7. Oregondaisy

    Wow. With the exit of so many vets...

    I've been gone because in October I fell and broke my back. It took me til January to go to the doctor and my then he said I was in critical condition and they took me by ambulance to the best hospital in the state, 200 miles away. I wasn't on my computer for months.
  8. Oregondaisy

    Back for support - nearly 7 years sleeved!

    I have been hungrier than usual. I never had hunger pangs since surgery but I do get them now. I never know what to eat. Nothings sounds good. I haven't had a protein shake since I got home from the hospital but I think I'm going to try to do a few days of mainly shakes. I am starting to gain again. I can't exercise at all. I see the surgeon this week. I can't wait to see the xrays. I want to know what's going on. I had a hole in my back because when I fell I broke L3 and it was just in crumbled up pieces so they had to take it out. Hang in there. I know exactly what it feels like to not have your clothes fit.
  9. Oregondaisy

    Back for support - nearly 7 years sleeved!

    Coops it's so common to regain about that much after 5 years post op. I had gained 15 lbs but I had emergency back surgery and i was in the hospital and a rehab center for a long time. The food was awful and I lost 20 lbs. There were days I didn't eat anything at all.
  10. Oregondaisy

    Feeling Your Sleeve 7 Years Later

    In a couple of weeks, I will be 8 years out. I can't feel my sleeve. I still get full really fast. If I eat meat, I am full for hours.
  11. Oregondaisy

    No longer answering these questions:

    I read some article that said banana have all sorts of nutrients and Fiber so I started putting half of a frozen banana in my chocolate Protein shake.. I have a hard time with it because I've always thought they had too many carbs and nothing else to show for it.
  12. Oregondaisy

    When do you delete your online dating profile?

    I agree with Cowgirl Jane. I wasted a bunch of time on this guy and he was very nice and treated me like a queen. Then all of his weirdness came out. He wouldn't shop in any store other than costco. It was a phobia of his. Then I learned about a bunch more phobias which were all completely nuts, and I had to end it. I wasted my entire summer, thinking they were one time issues, until finally realized he wasn't "different." He was crazy.
  13. Oregondaisy

    PPI questions

    yes you do need them because acid DOES mimic hunger pangs. I would try Zantac first before a PPI. Zantac is acid reducer. PPIs are acid blockers. It turns out we need some acid. Read up on PPIs, They are not good for you. .They ruin your bones. I have a lot of problems because of taking them for years.. They are very hard to get off of. The acid becomes very painful.
  14. Oregondaisy

    Does VSG typically increase heartburn

    I am 7 years out from my sleeve surgery and I have just now started to have unbearable heartburn. It's really painful. I take Gavascon liquid quite frequently, tums as well. I take Nexium right now, but I've found if I switch between nexium and Protonix, it seems to work better. I was taking Protoinix and it quit working. then I switched to Nexium which worked for awhile. It stopped working so I went back to Protonix. Again it worked for awhile, and now I am back on Nexium. I don't know what I'll do if it gets worse bc I don't have the money to pay for a revision to bypass. My ins. would not cover it.
  15. Oregondaisy

    Psych evaluation. Fail

    I think if you're getting counseling and taking anti depressants, you should get approved. Just don't tell the person doing the physc eval that whenever you're depressed, you go to dairy queen, or eat a pizza. Tell them you're learning to deal with stress by exercising more. Exercise really helps with stress. Those endorphins that are released when you exercise make you feel really good.

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