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    middle aged lady who had a band and had revision to sleeve. Best thing I've ever done!
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    hiking, working out at the gym,sleeve talk chat room,ballroom dance, and now Zumba!
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    part time legal work, but mostly just goof off
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  1. Oregondaisy

    Back for support - nearly 7 years sleeved!

    I am really upset about my regain but I can't seem to do anything about it. Since I broke my back, I can't really exercise. Now I have to have neck surgery. It really stinks that I got used to being thin or average and now I am chunky. I need to lose about 25 lbs but I don't even know how to make that happen. It would be so easy to become bulimic. The bad foods go down so easily but if I eat meat I am way too full way too fast. I hate that feeling that my stomach is going to explode. All I want to do it throw up so I am not so full.
  2. thank you ! I will go to the health food store and see if they have them
  3. Where do I get this Yellow Dock?
  4. I am wondering if people are leaving here and just posting at Bariatric Pal Facebook Group. I admit that it's easier since I am on facebook every day anyway, but I miss my friends here.
  5. What is this "Yellow Dock" is it a laxative? If your labs came back normal, is it something that has iron in it? I am confused....I just want to keep my iron levels normal and not be so constipated. So many people take Miralax but my doctor told me it causes kidney failure and my mom died from kidney failure. It says right on the container not to take it more than 14 days. This is always a problem and I have been sleeved almost 9 years and I need a permanent solution.
  6. they don't usually do iron infusions on people with the sleeve, but I've heard of a lot of gastric bypass people having them done
  7. I have a terrible time with constipation. Every time someone tells me this type of iron or that type of iron is not constipating, I get extremely constipated. I have to take iron because I become extremely anemic immediately if I don't. Is there any kind that is truly not constipating?
  8. yes, I lost over 100 lbs with the sleeve. I know quite a few ladies who have PCOS and have gotten pregnant after having WLS!
  9. Oregondaisy

    Can we talk about boobs and bras?

    I have the opposite problem as everyone else. I have completely lost my boobs. An A cup is too big for me. I went into the bathroom recently at a restaurant and told a lady her jeans were cute. They had cute sparkly stars on the back pocket. She thanked me and said "can I tell you something?" I said "what?" She told me I needed a better bra because my boobs were sagging. All the bras that fit me in the cup have no material on the sides. they are made for teenagers. I end up wearing sports bras which don't give me the lift or the look that I want-to look like I have boobs!
  10. Oregondaisy

    Back for support - nearly 7 years sleeved!

    Glad to see some of the old timers here. My story is long- and I really don't feel like typing all the problems that caused 4 back surgeries. I can't really exercise the way I used to. I have almost given up caring about my weight gain. Wearing a 14 is way better than wearing a 24. I do eat right but I can't wear any of the clothes I saved in case I gained weight back. The pants I wore when I was 145 during my first year after being sleeved don't even come close to fitting. I have lost all the muscle I gained when I was going to the gym every day. It makes me mad that I weigh 145 and clothes I wore at 145 before don't fit, but I can't risk doing anything to hurt my back. I can barely walk now. I am in a lot of pain if I try to walk even a block.
  11. Oregondaisy


    it's pretty common for people with the sleeve to have to be on a PPI indefinitely. It's a double-edged sword. The PPI blocks acid, but acid is necessary to absorb iron and calcium. I have taken calcium citrate since the day of my surgery. I have recently been diagnosed with Osteoporosis.
  12. Oregondaisy

    Hello Again

    Well we have to be vigilant because it never gets easy. I did shakes and a small meal for dinner and I lost just fine doing that. Then some event comes up and I over do it and gain 3 or 4 lbs back that it took me a month to lose. The farther out I am, the harder it is.
  13. Oregondaisy

    Over 60 and having the sleeve

    Do you have any kind of additional coverage because medicare never covers everything? You should be able to get a hold of medicare and find out how they pay in your state.
  14. Oregondaisy

    Vet Search

    The food I want isn't the right food! It's terrible. I could probably eat Taco Bell every day. Who even knows if that's all hamburger without fillers. I still love fast food, even though I can't eat a big portion. I crave sweets all the time. It's very hard not to give into all the sweets I come across every single day.
  15. Oregondaisy

    Vet Search

    It's really hard. I have no willpower if I see someone else eating sweets. I just end up binging on something later if I don't have some of what my friend or eating partner is having at the time. I just need to have a few carb free days then I know it will get way easier but I can't seem to make that.

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