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The Art and Health of a Cup of Tea

As frigid temperatures grip our nation, some of our patients are having a tough time wanting to drink water. Cold water on a frigid day isn’t that appealing. Have you thought about brewing yourself a hot cup of decaf or herbal tea? This counts toward your fluid for the day. Just the time it takes to brew tea can provide a time-out from the busy and stressful time of your day.

The art of a cup of tea is making it. Take the time to fill up the tea kettle (or a pan) with water. Put it on the stove. Heat to boiling. You know the saying: “A watched pot never boils.” If you don’t have a stove, you can heat the water in the microwave. While you are waiting for the water to boil, work on some of the stretches our exercise specialists provided in your initial consultation with them.

Once the water is boiling, pour the hot water over the teabag that you have placed in a favorite mug. Let it steep for three to five minutes. If you need a little sweetener, try stevia or monk fruit. A squeeze of lemon juice can add a bright flavor to your tea.

The steeping time is another great opportunity for those stretches or perhaps some deep breathing. Stretching and deep breathing are healthy ways to bring down the stress of the day. Getting extra fluids can also help with stress. Along with water, decaf or herbal tea can provide anti-oxidants and a trace amount of some vitamins and minerals. Hot tea can also be poured into the thermal containers like Yeti or Ozark Trail to take with you on your drive to or from work or school.

Have a lovely cup of decaf or herbal tea today!

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