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What's in your bento?

In a case of something that is old is new again: Have you ever used a bento box? The bento box dates back to the 5th century when Japanese farmers, hunters and warriors packed lunches in sacks or boxes. Farmers found that the seed boxes with multiple compartments worked better to transport their food. Instead of seeds, people used the different compartments to separate dishes like rice, vegetables and fish. The word bento comes from a word that means “convenient.” There are now bento boxes you can buy that can be plastic, glass or metal. Many now come with an insulated cover. You can find bento boxes in a variety of places including Walmart, Target, Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond. Look for bento boxes that have removable compartments that are microwave and dishwasher proof. This allows you to pack a lunch with food that needs heating. A kid’s size bento box will provide more help with portion control.

Small servings of leftovers, hard boiled eggs, drained canned fruit, deli meat, cubes of low-fat cheese, tuna and a marinated vegetable salad are just a few ideas of foods you can carry in your bento box. Pinterest has a lot of low carb, high protein for food ideas to pack in a bento box: https://www.pinterest.com/baileybariatrics/food-storage-tips/.

So, what’s in your bento?

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