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How to REALLY make a change in 2018

I know so many of you are in some way thinking about how you'd like to hit the reset button in 2018. One of the most common issues clients face is the discrepancy between their long term desires and their short term actions. Here's a quick 5 minute tool, that if you use it as a framework each Sunday (or whatever the day before your week starts is), will change your life in terms of how you feel you manage your time.

Use my following 6 point framework to help organize your week and start to feel like you are finally living your life instead of it living you....

PS- "Mike" is my partner, so feel free to change that category to someone in your life that helps to support you throughout your week


Psssst... If you want to receive periodic tips on the psychological aspects of VSG and WLS, please shoot me an email at talkdoc126@gmail.com or friend "drcolleen long" on Facebook and let me know you're interested in support.

I'm also taking half off my Full From Within Ultimate course today through January 8th with promo code HALF2018 - if you want to really hit the reset button and step up your eating game in 2018. Just as a reminder, in the course, you receive:


and weight, from a psychological perspective.

The catalyst you need to rebuild motivation and/or stop yourself from plateauing, or worse- re-gaining the weight. In this course you will get:

  • the ULTIMATE weight loss guide which is chock full of resources including apps, websites, and books to make your weight loss journey as easy as possible
  • understanding of how to create a new relationship with food
  • understanding WHY you eat vs. just focusing on WHAT you eat
  • eliminate overeating and bingeing
  • journal challenges to help you critically think about how these principles will be applied to your new life
  • tips on how to stay slim in a work from home culture, where food is always readily accessible
  • guided hypnosis to target the deeper subconscious that is so difficult to change and can impede our goals despite our best intentions
  • daily habits of highly successful weight loss
  • how to become a natural exerciser
  • yoga & mindfulness for weight loss
  • how to navigate the psychosocial aspects of weight loss such as family, friends, and social events
  • hard and fast tips to get rid of the grey area that gets so many people in to trouble
  • behavioral steps that will help make this attempt feel "real" and solid
  • identifying the triggers of over eating whether it be emotional eating, lack of planning, cognitive distortions, etc
  • the ONE fundamental shift that must take place so that this doesn't feel like yet another diet
  • practical real life psychological coping strategies to avoiding over-eating and food addiction
  • recovery from food addiction
  • visual tools that will help in your weight loss journey
  • learning to define a new quality of life
  • personality factors to consider that can effect your weight loss success
  • clipping your psychological addiction wires- unpacking emotions related to excessive calories

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