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Great Gains in Weight Loss Surgery: The Sky’s the Limit

Freedom from Medical Chains

Medical benefits are probably most closely related to weight loss, but they are still worth noting as a “side” benefit of Weight Loss Surgery. As you lose weight, you may have improvements in blood sugar control, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. You may have less joint and back pain. You may have fewer trips to the doctor, and be able to take fewer medications.

Better Sleep

Never underestimate the power of sleep! Losing weight can help you sleep more deeply so you feel better all day, every day. Your sleep can improve as you feel more comfortable in bed, and if you had sleep apnea that goes away or diminishes with weight loss. Just think how good life could be if you did not have to did not have to use a CPAP machine!

New Food Finds

Strange but true…there is a whole food world aside from burgers, burritos, fries, and bagels. Who knew that you might end up loving to start your day with oatmeal cottage cheese protein pancakes? Your favorite snack could turn out to be kale chips with parmesan. Dinner might be roasted cauliflower with grilled salmon – something you might never have considered when your go-to was mac and cheese from a box.

Sure, you might miss a few foods, but you might notice that you are loving all kinds of new health foods, and the way they make you feel. On top of it, eating slowly can help you savor each bite and enjoy the textures and flavors more.

Saving Money

Saving money probably was not your main reason for considering weight loss surgery, especially if your insurance is not footing the bill. Still, Weight Loss Surgery could be a financial gain in the long run as you consider some potential savings.

  • Lower medical bills for doctors’ visits, prescription medications, and complications such as complications of diabetes.
  • Fewer sick days taken from work.
  • Lower food bills as you eat less and potentially eat more homemade food.
  • Fewer “extras,” such as higher prices of plus-sized clothing or needing to reserve two seats on a plane.

More Meaningful Relationships

Were your relationships built around food before Weight Loss Surgery? Did you consider your friends your best eating buddies, with each of your meetings at a restaurant or each other’s houses for a (unhealthy) meal? Weight loss surgery frees you up to explore other interests. Deepen your relationships with your friends as you walk together or meet at museums or other sights instead of depending on food to bring you together. And, if you do meet for a meal or snack, feel good knowing you can focus on the conversation as you eat slowly.


Ultimately, weight loss surgery is for you, and you can benefit inside as you look better on the outside. You can gain confidence from your new looks, maybe as you fit into clothes you love, or you see a few muscles popping out. Confidence also comes from your achievements. If you can do something as hard as going through Weight Loss Surgery and sticking to all those healthy lifestyle changes, you can do pretty much anything you set your mind to.


Energy is a wonderful thing, but it may be in short supply when you are carrying around extra pounds. Lose a few, and you might feel your endurance explode. You can keep up with your kids, enjoy a day at the mall or beach, and go on vacations. Getting through the work day can be easier. Life is better all around when you have energy.

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss tool, and it is so much more. Use it properly, and you can make great gains in many areas of your life. Part 2 of the series – to be published soon – will discuss ways to get what you deserve – maximum gains from Weight Loss Surgery!

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