Boost Your Protein with Unflavored Protein Powder

Finding unflavored protein in a single serve packet will allow you to sample a brand without having to buy the larger container first. Single serve packets of whey protein isolate are available online with Bariatric Fusion, Jay Robb and Unjury. Whey protein powder is also found in the bulk bins at Sprouts Farmers Market. You can buy a small amount to taste test. Our patients have also liked the larger containers of unflavored whey protein by brands like Inspire , Isopure (GNC, online) and online (online). Keep in mind, whey protein must be kept under 140 degrees, otherwise, it will curdle. Soy protein isolate is also available. Brands include GNC and brands like NOW Foods and Genisoy, which are available online and some natural foods stores. These will be in larger containers. Sprouts Farmers Market also has soy protein in their bulk bins, so that you can buy a small amount to taste test. Sometimes you can get a sample taste of unflavored protein in stores that sell natural foods, supplements and sports nutrition products. Ask about the return policy if you don’t like the product. There are many other brands of unflavored protein powders on the market. If you have a group of bariatric buddies, perhaps the buddies can buy different brands to try and share. This cuts the cost of taste testing. May your protein status be awesome!

The trick to mixing Protein powders that have a tendency to clump is to think of gravy. Add your powder to a small cup and add a little Water and stir. Add a little more water and stir some more. It should be a thick batter. Continue thinning it with water or milk until there are no lumps and then add that to your Soups or whatever.

As for Peanut Butter, as always - refer to your post-op diet papers or call your surgeon. Never trust strangers on the internet with your health.

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On 3/28/2017 at 0:17 PM, BigViffer said:

You might want to mention that unflavored does not mean no flavor. It means that nothing was added to the powder to mask the taste of the whey.

absolutely agree!!! I use unflavored Protein in my drinks to increase my daily protein, but by no means is it unflavored! I can only use 1/2 of a scoop in my drinks otherwise I can taste it and cant stomach it.

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