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    13 days out from my surgery, have had ups and downs with the biggest challenge be 1) energy and 2) hunger at the end of the day. I've fixed the hunger by making sure I'm sticking to high protein liquids. Here are some tips and tricks I've learned to help me keep moving forward: Food tips: Perfect treat: Pre-mixed Premier Protein, Vanilla. Warm in microwave then sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg. Such a treat, and fulfilling! Making sure to get my protein drinks in late in the day so I don't have that late night hunger. I've been using Gatorade Zero to fill in between meals, since plain water is hard on my stomach. I tried a recipe from a cookbook, but it really grossed me out - using plain greek yogurt, mixing it up with my chocolate whey protein. Gagged! That memory has kept me going on liquids alone. Use bone broth as a meal, adding my own salt and spices, nice an warm, and comforting. Exercise Tips: Set little goals, and then if you can keep going, keep going. If you need to take a break in between, take a small break. Listen to your body, and if you need to rest, or take a break in between, do it! For me, I started with walking laps around my pool / patio at night, and use my FitBit to keep me motivated. One day I had 10 laps, then I challenged myself to do 5 more, then 5 more, etc. Started at 5,000 steps then challenged myself each day until I got up to 12,000. However, if I didn't have the energy, I listened to my body and didn't push it. After I was comfortable walking, I started on my Bowflex Max 5 - not at the interval training level, but just at my own pace. First days were hard. I skipped two days, but then hopped up on it again and found I was able to go several additional minutes without needing a break. Just like any exercise, keep your water or Gatorade Zero or other non-calorie hydration close by, small sips are all you need. Setbacks: Some days the hunger was really strong - I found myself tasting Kosher salt & spices in between meals, which kicked any feelings of being deprived to the curb. (I don't know if this is allowed, or healthy - but just a taste did the trick). I've gotten over those cravings from the first week. After losing 12 pounds the first week, I stalled for about 2 days. I was discouraged, but kept moving and the weight loss kicked in quickly. I am now down 16 pounds since 12 days since my surgery. Keeping my energy levels high enough to put in the walking and/or Bowflex. I have to push myself at times, but I do it and feel better after knowing that I am increasing my metabolism and strength with each cycle. I also let myself rest when I need. Hope sharing this helps as you approach your post-surgery healing and journey.
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    I've gained inches, and I'm loving it! Measured myself today. Haven't since Dec 22. Lost (another) 2 inches from my waist, same from the chest, hips. But my arms stayed the same ... and my thighs had both gone up 2.2 inches! All the walking must be doing something good for me, I just didn't think I'd really be able to add muscle while eating so little. I'm so excited I did 2 whole pushups to celebrate (can't believe I can do that again ... twice! ... it's been at least 8 years). Wohoo!
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    I got my date, Feb 2. I am so excited.

    I got my date, Feb 2. I am so excited.
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    Just got the medi-tape off my incisions and OMG they are so tiny! They look fine like little scratches- I've had worse scrapes from my cats! I doubt they'll even scar. 😃
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    Quick success story though... I went into the holidays giving myself some grace but not wanting to go crazy so I set a goal that if I could get through the holiday with only gaining a pound or two that I'd be happy. I'm .2 lbs LESS than when the holidays started. WOOT!
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    Going on two months post-op, feeling great, more energy and have become obsessed with exercising. Folks around you may not be to enthused by your outward changes, but it gives me more motivation to keep going lol. I know I'm doing something right.
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    Really tired today after 24 h shift. Saturdays are the worst. My last 24 h shift will be next week. While I won't miss the working hours I will for sure miss a lot of colleagues.
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    4th Day post-surgery. Feeling great, positive, looking forward to a healthy me. No pain whatsoever in my surgical site, no nausea or stomach problems. Some rib pain and shoulder pain is still there, but trying to be active through it. Beautiful weather, makes it is to be outside and walk around, get my steps and fresh air in.😁 Starting a few easy chores around the house.
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    Things are overwhelming right now. I expected it, but anyway... *sigh* Got a really short fuse today.
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    I need to put things into boxes because I'm moving on Tuesday. I need to study because I need to be prepared for exam. I need to put things into boxes because I'm moving on Tuesday. I need to study because I need to be prepared for exam. I need to put things into boxes because I'm moving on Tuesday. I need to study because I need to be prepared for exam. --- Feels like panic-ping-pong somehow.