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    Just logged into my insurance and found out I'm approved! Yes!!!!!!
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    Just deleted all of my food delivery/ordering apps and unsubscribed from several restaurant emails. I start my pre-op diet next week- unsure what that will look like until I meet with my dietician on Monday, but I want to be prepared for success. Let's go!
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    On vacation for two weeks since yesterday. The weather? Ok, let's not talk about the weather... ☔️
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    Today I had my second of three required office visits; have completed initial blood work, EKG, nutritionist and fitness evaluation. Scheduled Appt with therapist later this month. Have started Protein Shakes and NoCal vitamin water and cutting back big time on Diet Coke. EGD on hold due to Covid elective procedure restrictions. Hoping things settle down and I can proceed on schedule to surgery in the early November timeframe. Really looking forward to taking advantage of the kickstart this surgery will give me to reclaim control of my weight and increase my mobility. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    I got the recommendation from my NP, today I have the Psy Eval. After that it should be on to testing to make sure my body can handle the surgery. Also I'm down to 350.8 this morning.
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    Hope you guys are still doing alright. I'm still drowning in work but managed to take a 4-day-weekend this week. Stumbled across this and had to think of the "choosing the goal weight"-threads and that many people obviously don't seem to fully realize what it might cost them to get (and stay!) there. https://www.precisionnutrition.com/cost-of-getting-lean-infographic It's just an infographic, there is a longer text available.

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