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    Origins of Overeating

    I can relate to your doctor apt. accept with my situation I remember in elementary school, everyone was lined up in the gym, they would call your name, you would go to the nurse, standing there in front of the scale, you would get weighed in front of your entire grade, then have it spoken very loudly to the assistant writing the total down for each student, why she couldn't have just sat by the nurse, but the whole class would know what you weighed, now mind you even though I was taller than most in my class, it didn't matter, my classmates just heard the amount, so then the teasing would start and the staring and the talking about you quietly to someone else as you walked by, I lived this every year til junior high, and the physical fitness tests, well I won't even go there, everyone knows what happens there in gym class when the heavy kid can't do anything. Thanks for sharing.
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    Origins of Overeating

    You are so right, our posts are similar. Thanks for the lead on the book, I will absolutely get it. I look forward to following your posts!

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