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    I made a pizza today on a tortilla shell & it was fabulous! It was perfect b/c the crust was super thin & went down well Just thought I'd share my new idea with u guys in case ne one is craving pizza but can't seem to get it down...
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    So, I met up with friends and the kids tonight for pizza and breadsticks at Pat N Oscars, and I did not have ANY. I am just so amazed that I could do that! I am 8 days post-op, so I had a Protein shake before I left and am emergency sugar-free pudding in my purse. I was so scared I wouldn't be able to stop my self from sneaking in a little bite of pizza, yet, I DID (stop myself, that is)! I really had doubts that this band thing would work--I am such an emotional eater, and even told my doctor I eat when I am NOT hungry all the time. I can't believe I am actually doing this, and surviving without junk food all day...... I still feel like I am walking on eggshells though--I haven't told a SOUL about my surgery for fear that it might not work, sigh.... but, I think it just MIGHT be working! Thanks for letting me share
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    Eating prior to fill

    I'm almost six years out and there's nothing I cant eat. Some people are just like that. I can eat bread, rice, Pasta. But I will say, some things are harder and I've naturally gone off them over time - bread for example. I cant even really put it into words, i can eat it, it doesnt get stuck but it doesnt feel good to eat. So I rarely eat bread - just the occasional piece of toast. Yet when I was unfilled last year for 9 months, I suddenly loved bread again, and ate it regularly - though in moderation. The minute my fill went back in, I stopped enjoying it, almost instantly. I've lost weight easily and kept it off for years simply by eating all foods, just less.
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    Protein Drinks Stage 1

    Give your input on Protein Drinks and Mixes. What you found out for you, where to buy, prices, taste.... Before surgery I bought Atkins ready made drinks - 12 pack at Sam's Club for $15 vanilla, chocolate - 15g Protein, 150 calories, 11oz - loved the Vanilla Bought EAS ready made at Walmart - similar and a little thinner than Atkins. Also bought Isopure bottles of Grape, strawberry and Apple Melon - only didn't like the Strawberry I bought several for post op from www.supplementwarehouse.com - they were ok on the shipping but didn't have the unflavored in stock and held the whole shipment. I got the package 1 day before surgery!! I will reordered from them but not the unflavored. Atkins - Boxed ready mix drinks - Vanilla & Chocolate at Sam's Club 15g Protein per box, 160 calories - Great for a quick fix especially for first week post op. Bought the Strawberry but haven't tried it yet Syntrax Nector - Fuzzy Navel - $28.25 for 2 lb tub - 24g per scoop, 90 calories - This tastes like orange peach - I like to add 2 scoops to 16oz Water Syntrax nectar Chocolate Truffle - $28.25 for 2lb tub - 24g per scoop, 100 calories - Mixed in water tastes watery but I started mix with 16oz Fat Free Milk with 2 scoops and it is delicious! Syntrax Nector Unflavored Medical - $14.36 for 1 lb tub - 10g per scoop, 40 calories - add in chicken brother, mix first in cold Soup and warm up slowly!!! Designer whey Blue Blueberry - $9.29 for 10oz tub - 6g per scoop, 40 calories, 1 net Carb - This is absolutely delicious but I didn't realize this was so low in Protein - so I added unflavored 2 scoops and it added 20g Protein to the 6 for a total of 26g. Isopure - Apple Melon $40.56 for 3lb tub - 32g per scoop, 110 Calories - Bought at The Vitamin Shoppe close to me. Tried 1st time today - not as good as the ready made bottle drinks but will experiment to find a better taste. I am not adding any extra stuff to my drinks - (no peanut butter) Just trying to follow a strict guideline for maximum weight loss. For me I plan to do the Chocolate Truffle with Milk every morning for a "Breakfast" then a flavored drink the afternoon. Hope this helps someone!!
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    September Bandsters

    Me too! I will be glad to see everyones post tomorrow. I just finished a bottled water and thought... Well. Thats it! So I am off to bed to hopefully sleep some!
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    September Bandsters

    Good luck to all of us going into surgery tomorrow! Getting nervous, but definitely ready to move on to this stage of my life!
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    I tried this once and it wasn't bad-- I mixed vanilla Greek yogurt with sugar free chocolate pudding. I pretended the yogurt was whipped cream, LOL It was OK, and SUPER filling!
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    Cindy C

    no motivation! gained weight!

    The motivation is still inside of you. You just need to dig deep and retrieve it. Remember how you felt as you watched those pounds melt away... the compliments...the clothes you were able to wear that you could never wear before. Remember how good you felt when you walked up a flight of stairs without getting winded...the new found energy...discovering the bones you never knew you had...the first time you were able to cross your legs... Now remember all the feelings you had in the years leading up to February, 2009. The despair...the feeling of worthlessness...asking for a table because you couldn't fit in a booth...having to shop in the plus size department...the ugly clothes. Which feelings did you prefer? You lost 92 pounds and have gained back 12. Sounds like ice cream is your trigger food. GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE! Get yourself back on the band wagon. You did it once, you can do it again! Nobody else can do it for you.
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    Mind over matter---so true! Its funny, I keep thinking back to that night and thinking, what if I did have pizza? It would be OVER NOW anyway, and I would feel worse, not better! RIght now, I cannot even think of going 4 months without ever having pizza again, but then again, 14 days ago, I did not think I would last a DAY without any bread at all!! LOL--congrats on 4 months, and happy to hear you're NOT missing it
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    Great job...and it does get easier to say no to things. Once you start seeing and feeling the changes in your body, it will come easy to say no to those tempting treats. It is all mind over matter. I haven't had Pizza or Pasta in over 4 months...and I don't really miss it.

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