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      New BariatricPal Facebook Group!   02/10/2018

      Hey BariatricPal Members! I am excited to announce the new BariatricPal Secret Facebook group ! We are an exclusive group that is open by invitation only – and you’re invited! You can get the support you depend on from BariatricPal over on Facebook, too. We’re here for advice, encouragement, and companionship as you make your way through the WLS journey. To join the group, just click or tap this link. Then click or tap “Join Group.” And hurry! If you join within the next 15 days, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a 1-year subscription to the BariatricPal Box of the Month Club – a $300 value! See you on Facebook!
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      All-inclusive weight loss surgery $4,600! Plastic Surgery $2400!!   02/12/2018

      Don't compromise your health because weight loss or plastic surgery costs are too high! BariatricPal Hospital MX offers All-inclusive weight loss surgery packages starting at only $4,600 and Plastic surgery starting at only $2400! Begin a new chapter in your life in BariatricPal's brand-new, state-of-the-art hospital designed specifically for bariatric and plastic surgery patients. Visit BariatricPalHospitalMX.com for more information and to receive your free surgical consultation.  
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      Bariatric Box of the Month Club has launched!   02/12/2018

      The BariatricPal Store supports your weight loss and health goals, and we have a fun new way to do that! We are introducing our monthly BariatricPal box! Each month, you will receive a box of goodies. The box is different each month. Get the box delivered to your doorstep for $39.99 each month. You'll love discovering and trying new surprises. Your subscription continues until you cancel it, so you will never miss a month. We also offer an annual subscription to the BariatricPal box. You get the same box, plus a reduced cost of $34.99 per month and a free Yunmai smart scale! Learn more or subscribe here!

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  2. Other posters have given you good answers but my two cents: listen to your gut (now that you still have one...teehee). See if you get good vibes from the docs and everyone. In my case it was when the surgeon said (in my first meeting with him after pestering him with thousands of questions) "Don't worry, you'll get the whole team to support your weight loss here, not just the surgery". I really loved that, thought the whole exchange was uplifting.
  3. Sleep Apnea Test

    I went to my first appointment with the cardiopulmonalogist today. She did an EKG and said it looked like one from a sleep study of a person experiencing sleep apnea even though I was awake. I'm going to have an echocardiogram next week and will get a sleep study soon. Sent from my XT1575 using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. Hi my name is Teri. I live in Florida. I started my journey in January and will complete my “pre” consults (psychology, cardiac, sleep, GI) and all nutrition requirements March 2nd. My surgeon recommended RnY and I am hoping for an April surgery date.
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  6. Hi Sammie, I’m 27 and will be having my surgery 2/27!! Rny and ready counting down the days. I live in southern Indiana, really close!
  7. My seminar will be in Lexington, Ky. I live nearby. Which surgery have you decided on and yes!! I would love to be friends!! This is all so new, scary and exciting at the same time!!
  8. Gym workouts

    Nice! Good idea. Surprisingly this is the first time someone told me about jump rope
  9. Gym workouts

    Awesome! Yes you will be fine you won’t screw anything up babe! I do the bike also [emoji4]
  10. Gym workouts

    Omg I get tired so easily I don’t know if I could do the stairs yet [emoji30]
  11. Gym workouts

    It’s annoying but there’s no need for me to seem rude. I just simply smile and head over to whichever machine I decide to use. I look great, that’s why the men stare. I got over it, thank you though [emoji4]
  12. Gym workouts

    Haha I’m trying to reach this goal! It’s more difficult now
  13. Gym workouts

    What is a Barre class?
  14. Where are these trolls coming from?

    Yes even people who have had surgery or just want to be on here! They can post whatever ignorant, irrelevant and rude opinions they want to, like you for example [emoji4]
  15. Where are these trolls coming from?

    Well since you’re assuming so much let me correct and inform you! Katkat speaks to me all the time. No harm was meant in the comment, she would’ve said so otherwise. This topic that I started has nothing to do with Katkat, clearly as I said comments are from weeks ago. But of course you decided to magically miss that part [emoji6] Now let’s discuss you! Are you ok? You owe yourself an apology for being pathetic and lacking self esteem. Assuming that I’m posting about another member PERIOD is ridiculous, age is irrelevant. I’m not you. I don’t obsess over people on the internet. You just seem to have a negative comment on every single thing I post, including you telling me that you have a problem with me posting MY full body pictures. Are you ok? Why are you upset that I post full body pictures of myself? Why do you think I would care? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Quite ironic that you didn’t respond to that comment but you want to make this one. Cut it out [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] you’re obsessed. You can’t stop me from writing WHATEVER I WANT and you can’t stop me from posting FULL BODY PICTURES WHENEVER I WANT! [emoji8][emoji8][emoji8][emoji8][emoji8]
  16. Well here goes mine,7 months post op lost 121 lbs
  17. March 5th 2018 is my date!

    How was your first day of pre op dieting,???
  18. Where are these trolls coming from?

    KaKatLady can post her opinion. So can every other newbie who wants to.
  19. Where are these trolls coming from?

    Please read this again, GoldenBarbie. Note where KaKatLady answers your questions...with a guess she admits is a guess... And you're rude as crap to her. KaKatLady is 72 years old, and she's harmless. When you pissed all over her...and AGAIN took a piss on her with this "troll" thread...it did not endear me. I think you owe her an apology.
  20. Great [emoji6] Thank you! Is there a self esteem board also? Please link me to that if possible. I would love to post on there [emoji4]
  21. Where are these trolls coming from?

    It’s been like that for a while, interesting actually like we’re not all on here for similar reasons. I literally laugh at everything because in real life it would be a different situation [emoji4]
  22. I kinda like yoga. We actually have a board that is especially for fitness and exercise discussions:) It's over here: https://www.bariatricpal.com/forum/991-fitness-exercise/
  23. Aww I love myself and my progress so YESSSSSS I will continue to take pictures of my body and post them [emoji4] any other suggestions that are helpful and not hateful? [emoji6]
  24. My operation is scheduled on 3rd March, I am 56 ! Your story is very inspiring but one thing that is worrying me the extra skin & looking old! When did u start after the operation getting prepared for the marathon !
  25. Where are these trolls coming from?

    Hungry sore people are ornery. It sucks to be fat. It sucks to completely redefine your relationship with food. It sucks to wonder when the scale is gonna move again after you've had your stomach cut out and are following instructions to the letter. So many things. There are a lot of legitimate reasons people are angsty. BUT....You're right that people should do their best to be civil and conscious of other's feelings....particularly on the main board where we exchange help and information. To me...this thread is a rant and belongs on the rant board. It's not informative or helpful...it's just a rant about perceived "trolls"...which is as subjective as it is pointless. The rant board would be a good place for it.

    How did you lose so much weight I was sleeved on 2/2/18 and have not lost much HW-224 SW-212 CW-199
  27. Where are these trolls coming from?

    Indeed but lately I've been getting hella notifications (which I am disabling shortly) about posts I participated in and im excited to see the helpful and encouraging words ... Instead everyone seems to be looking for a fight , and on another post someone was literally trying to bait me into an argument "conversation" ? I'm just baffled as this forum felt like a safe zone and it has quickly turned into a battle ground
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