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  2. I'm 10 months out and 15 pounds from my goal. I'm currently 110 pounds down (80 from surgery). I'm a slower loser, I will lose for a couple weeks, then stall, then lose and this pattern has been going on for about 6 months now. My skin is okay, my arms are awful and my upper belly (muffin top) is really saggy but my legs have bounced back beautifully so I think it is many factors. I've noticed that my arms are starting to rebound more now that I pretty much have been stalled for a month.
  3. Carb withdrawal. ((hugs)) Drink lots of water. Maybe take a calcium/magnesium supplement before sleep and that might help you relax. At least that's what I do...
  4. I wanted sleeve but surgeon recommended RNY cause I was so big - his words. I'm glad I did RNY cause they found a hernia and fixed it. And I have not had indigestion since surgery and I had it often prior to surgery. Of the people I know who have reached goal or are very close it's RNY.
  5. Let's hear from the other Marchers!
  6. Hi So for all my Dallas folks where are you getting your fills now? I need fluid released but have no idea where to go since True Results is now closed.
  7. i know this is an old post, but I am seeing my Dr on Friday on Base at Lyster Army Clinic, I would love to hear what all requirements there was and your experience.
  8. I am going tomorrow with Dr Ponce at MIT where is yours at with Dr Ponce??
  9. Crystal light - is aspartame.
  10. Yes and no. I had so much skin around the stomach and sides, that I always wore my pants lower than what they should be. Now I can wear my pants higher where they should be. The waist size is still the same but now the inseam is longer.
  11. I’m having really bad anxiety about the surgery. I keep overthinking everything from wether or not to do the surgery down to do I pack certain items or not. I’m 28 years old with two young kids and I’m worried about them and trying to recover with them. What if something bad happens during surgery.. kinda freaking out today! Is this normal??
  12. My doctor said the same thing. I signed up the the mail order nasal spray and it was over $600 a month. My insurance only covers brand name meds at 50% and there is no generic alternative. It was going to cost me over $300 a month out of pocket. My doctor said he isn't familiar with the patch, but agreed to let me try it for 6 months. He said if my labs come back fine I can continue with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I can't afford the spray. I ordered a 6 month supply of the patch through this website and it was $100...I'll check out Amazon and the other websites too!
  13. It doesn't sound long at all that's what had me so worried. So I'm relieved that I should be good to go. I've always healed pretty quick so I'm hoping that's the case this time as well. My surgery is November 29th I'm excited but also kinda nervous.
  14. This is a quote by the same guy in the video I posted who is a RD working with Dr. McDougall. I like the way he explains things. Right now we are all bombarded with every kind of vegan or plant-based diet in the world. How would you capsulize Jeff Novick’s diet? I have really been thinking about that lately and how best to describe the principles of a healthy diet, and I think, plant-centered, minimally processed, calorie dilute, low SOS really sums it up. It’s not just vegan, vegetarian or plant-based because one could have a pretty bad vegan, vegetarian or plant-based diet. So I like to say “plant- centered” but I also add that it should be minimally processed. I don’t say “whole” or “unprocessed” as not all processing is bad. Processing per se isn’t what’s hurtful, it’s processing that either detracts from the value of the food (i.e., refining) or adds something that is potentially harmful, (i.e., salt, sugar, etc.). So plant-centered, minimally processed, and then calorie dilute, because so much food has become so calorie dense which is a major contributing factor for obesity and many other diseases. The fourth principle is a diet low in SOS, which is salt, oil/fat and sugar. Even if you have a plant-centered, minimally processed, calorie-dilute diet and you cover it with salt, sugar, and oil, it is not healthy. I’m not going to say none, but low, as it isn’t all or nothing.
  15. Find a nutritionist who specializes in bariatrics and learn from them. Our needs are different. Read and learn everything you can about eating a very healthy diet. I recommend paleo with few if any fruit, and I do include dairy. People are going to disagree with this, but exercise is great, just not for weight loss. It is almost all about diet. Your tastes will change. Mine did right after surgery, and continue to change even now as I continue to improve my diet. The honeymoon phase is a real thing. During that time weight will melt off. But get ready because one day it will stop and you need to have developed the skills necessary to either continue to loose if you want, or maintain. Learn, learn, learn. Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. I had my final visit this morning with my surgeon before surgery 10/9. I was surprised too as he said the only day I would be doing liquids only was the day before surgery. These next 2 weeks will be low fat low carb. He sad he didn't do the liquid diet because it's not good to put your body in shock like that right before surgery.
  17. I had my final visit this morning with my surgeon before surgery 10/9. I was surprised too as he said the only day I would be doing liquids only was the day before surgery. These next 2 weeks will be low fat low carb. He sad he didn't do the liquid diet because it's not good to put your body in shock like that right before surgery.
  18. Thanks so much mzsantiago88. I just worry since I am prescribed suboxone from a different dr he'll think it's odd. I never abused pain pills - I was prescribed them til, well, I was not. I got sick from the sudden stop and I've been on suboxone ever since. It's fine w surgeon... I just don't know how tough the psych evaluations are :/
  19. I feel like 6 weeks doesn't sound like a long time, but in reality you heal a lot during the first few weeks. I'm 4 weeks out from my revision and I can already barely see my incisions. Obviously everyone heals differently but I think without complications that is enough time to be prepared for a walking intensive trip. They have you up and out of bed walking almost immediately out of surgery so you'll have lots of time to practice :-)
  20. Me too. Full of regret. Glad to know it gets better.
  21. Thank you 😊
  22. Thanks. I mostly eat protein and a half a cup of vegetables everyday. I few occasions I have had fruit.
  23. Great thanks! I'm a pretty active person. I do a lot of walking on the daily so that won't be an issue. I just wasn't sure if surgery would greatly affect getting back into that.
  24. Hi there So you are a week after me then. Congrats! The clear liquid diet- well honestly it stinks! I only had 3 days on that. I will be in full liquids now until this coming Monday- will go to puréed. The liquids are rough. Full liquids are better because i could add cream soups, SF pudding, High protein yogurt, and some refined grits. Oh and protein shakes. Still- I'm over all that too! Can't wait for puréed! Sick of soups and such. I am not cooking right now- making hubby and son fin for themselves! When I start puréed foods I will start cooking again.
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  26. 17 months out and 93 lbs down as of 10 months out. Maintained within 5 lbs since then. Don't measure, weigh or count anything. I do low carb, focus on protein and do Nothing low fat. But I do lots of healthy fats. I see my nut every few weeks. She specializes in bariatric and I think that makes a difference. Love the way I eat and the foods I eat and I think that makes all the difference. I agree that most store bought mayo has junk in it. Take a look at Primal Kitchen mayo. A bit pricey, but we're worth it. They have a chipotle lime flavor also, which I put in my chicken salad and am eating now. Hope that helps. Good fats are healthy. Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  27. If you know the person that works there I would anonymously send the HIPPA act to her desk and type a note saying don't tell anyone...It will def scare them enough to make them think hard about it. Don't cave into feeling guilty, you will regret telling them if you do.... I regret telling my niece, I know she has blabbed it to the very person (s) I don't wish to know even though I swore her not to talk about it.
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