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  2. I get that your hair will fall out quite a bit and there's really nothing you can do....but has anyone ever tried treating with Rogaine before surgery to encourage new hair growth so that your hair looks a little thicker even while it's thinning out? I know a lot of people swear by Biotin, and I'll probably use that, too. But what about Rogaine? Any thoughts or experiences?
  3. So I had my sleeve on 11-6.. I’ve read a lot of stories on how hard it was to drink water.. how painful the removal of the drain tube was.. I’ve had zero problems drinking water I’ve always loved water and I can drink a glass of water with no problem just take smaller drinks.. soft foods have been a problem .. the biggest thing I wish I knew was that eve tho ur not hungry your mind is still addicted to food and I CRAVED unhealthy food and was not hungry at all.. I had to drink blue Powerade after surgery so if I had a leak it would be in my drain tube it gave me horrible heart burn and caused me to vomit a lot .. I wish I just drank purple Kool aid instead sugar free of course.. an when u get to eat again if u over eat .. it hurts ur mind says eat it up but please please go slow it’s painful if you don’t
  4. Great to hear! Glad all has gone well for you. Congrats on your new journey. Don't be afraid of disappointment. I am on my scale daily. I'm almost 4 weeks out and have lost 35lbs 28 of it after surgery. I had a few days of no loss and it picked up quick. While in the "stall" I actually lost inches vs weight. Good luck keep us posted! Sent from my LGMS330 using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. They tell you to prevent blood clots, to increase circulation and aid in healing....everyone's always saying...walk. Keep walking. But here's my question, how much is too much walking? Like...from Day one of surgery......can anyone give an estimate of how many steps they're doing per day? I want to push myself to keep walking, but not insanely, you know?
  6. Hi Everyone, all went well with my surgery and I’m back to work already. I have not not weighed myself since my Drs visit(I’m one that’s jumps on the scale every morning), I just don’t have the desire to. I think I’m scared of being disappointed
  7. Yeah ... I have a favourite Brooks Walker that I used to get as a 10EEEE. After Easter, there were no 10EEEEs imported to Australia, so I said to my wife that I'd use the gift voucher on a 10EE size. They were quite snug in April & May. They stayed at the back of the shoe-rack. Guess what? Five weeks post-op and 21kg (46 pounds) lighter and they are great comfortable fit. Yay!
  8. Seems like you need to up your protein intake to 60g per day. Did you get solid nutritional counseling before you had the surgery? There is some great information out there. I am still learning so much! Stay tuned to these boards, and it will help your journey a lot [emoji173]️
  9. Mmmm ... I was not so disciplined. On Sunday night, one of my long-time friends turned up with his wife, his birthday cake and a tub of ice-cream. He cut everyone a piece of cake and dished it up with a scoop of ice-cream. I had two teaspoons of cake and about a half scoop of ice-cream and explained that I was not going to attempt to eat more. Said to my wife later that a real test would have been to not have eaten any. - - - Power to you, @I AM WORTH IT.
  10. I will be praying for you, for sure! Hang in there and know you are making the best decision you can for yourself. What are your stats? Have you been waiting for a long time? What state do you live in? My surgery date was 5 days ago, so I’m still in the healing process. I’m not used to any of this yet, but I feel so much better already. My HW 289, SW 248, CW 240, GW 145. My journey is in front of me, and I’m ready!! [emoji3]
  11. Premier protein shakes from Walmart has 30grams of protein per drink .. 7 bucks for a pack of 4.. needs about 90grams of protein depending on weight I was 336lbs and require 90 grams the chocolate is good and the vanilla is good that’s it lol
  12. My surgery is December 5th! Start my 500 calorie diet today.
  13. So how long did everyone wait before they started drinking? I haven’t had any cravings for it but I was a big beer drinker before and I know I can’t have beer for a while because of the carbonation, but I was wondering about liquors. My dr says 6 weeks anyone start sooner than that?
  14. I am definitely not a CHI fan, not one single bit. Both from an employee and a patient standpoint. Where do you live? I am in Kitsap County, and looking to find a support group. Do you know if there is one around? When is your surgery date? I had my surgery on Wed, Nov 15. So far, so good. It’s a little bit odd getting used to my new way of life, and I am still healing, but I believe I have made the most important and wonderful decision I could’ve ever made for myself. Onward we go!
  15. I agree. My thoughts are the more people know about what it's all about, the more supportive they become. It's fun to see the doubters go "Ohhhhh. I didn't know blah blah blah". We have an opportunity to educate people and possibly help someone else. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. I agree. And yes, I see 90% of people bounce up 5-10% once they hit maintenance as their bodies try to find their ideal "set point". Just watch some of the long term YouTube WLS Vloggers. You'll see it first hand. They always seem at their thinnest 1-2 year out, and then they seem to "fill out" a bit a some time later (and a lot of them are complaining about regain). I just let it ride until I just stopped losing weight. Then I hit maintenance and did bounce up 7-10 pounds and stayed there, so I'm glad I went as far as I could go with it, because that damn weight isn't going anywhere, no matter how hard I've tried!
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  18. I have a good friend, and we try to get together once every month or 2 for sushi. I like the California roll, and a few others. I am 3 & 1/2 weeks post op, so i know this is not happening any time soon. But, has anyone here tolerated/enjoyed sushi a couple months post op? Is rice ok for the sleeve ? (just rarely, not often)
  19. Ohh thanks! My surgeon said the same thing.. i pray to God I don’t have any complications so i can be there with her. how are you doing lately? Hope you’re not dealing with constipation anymore. how come you didn’t update your ticker after 30 lbs loss! I have a feeling I’ll be updating every .5 lb xD ok so I wanted to ask you ( and everyone on here who’d like to share) these questions: are you driving yet? how many days post op did it take before you felt somewhat normal and went back to doing normal daily things? Have you been working out or walking? sooo I’m going to do a two weeks of the pre op diet :/ i think i’ll try to just stick with the clear liquids for both weeks. Don’t trust myself to tasting real food for one meal only a day. Will see how it goes
  20. Wow, I am glad to hear that others are having the same issue. I am 6 months post-op and I've been having extreme lower back pain. I have lost 77lbs thus far and I thought with the weight loss I would start to feel better and more mobile. But, I've had more pain then when I was prior to surgery. I've gone to a chiropractor to get readjusted, it worked for a couple of days but after a few days, the pain comes back. Anyone else has any idea what this may be? Any advice?
  21. My friend is having the sleeve surgery and has to do a pre-op diet her doctor is requiring her to purchase bariatric fusion and it can only be bariatric fusion protein powders but they're too expensive to buy for her does anyone know where I can get her some at a reasonable price that's not too expensive or even from anybody on this forum that may have some that they don't need any more that I could somehow purchase and get to her she's very limited on funds and really needs to have his surgery and her doctor will not do the surgery if she doesn't purchase the bariatric Fusion vitamins and protein powders
  22. Thank you! 💜 Everything happens for a reason!
  23. I had IBS-d prior to my surgery on 8/9, I did have problems with constipation after and took miralax daily for about 6 weeks. I have had no further issues and do not miss the awful cramping and bloating, feel great now.
  24. I also was ER/PR/HER2, Nausea is quite controllable , and appetite not affected to much. The first three round of chemo are processed though your bladder so if you thinking you’ve been drinking a lot of water now, get ready. The last three rounds are the nasty ones, and the drugs wipe out your sense of taste. It comes back quickly when you’re done, though. That makes it really hard to eat because sun much food , even stuff you like, will taste like cardboard or sawdust. You’ll have to get creative with proteins . Don’t forget to get a new toothbrush every three weeks so you don’t get mouth cankers, which makes it hard to eat . No spread is WONDERFUL , I had it in three lymph nodes, and I’m fine ten years later. Herceptin , for HER2 is a miracle drug. If you’re getting radiation after chemo you will unlikely notice it affects you at all. Every day after chemo you feel so much better you’d have to get hit by a truck to get worse. You’re working on the two most amazing journeys ever, at the same time. So very brave and strong, and don’t forget that you are , even when you feel like crap. From here, the only way out is UP. Sending hugs. We’re all sisters in this. Pauline
  25. I had the same issue after surgery for 3 weeks nothing. I went and got ducolax, i took 3 mini pills. Omg within 1 hr i was ready.. It definitely works and cleans you out. Sent from my SM-N920T using BariatricPal mobile app
  26. I can't return the ones I bought, so hopefully I can tolerate the amount of Maltitol in them it is nasty.
  27. It’s going to be blood work, EKG & chest x-rays and the readings/ correspondences in which they send to the surgeon are only good for 30 days.
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