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  2. Things that Measure: What to Look for

    Key Points · Measuring your food helps you keep track of your nutrition. · Tracking protein is difficult unless you know the portion size. Measuring Spoons · Stainless steel (heavier gage like 18/8 is more durable). Plastic measuring spoons are lightweight and can be put in a dishwasher. · Aluminum is a metal that can bend easily and turns dull if washed in a dishwasher. · Look for a set that has at least a ¼ teaspoon up to 1 tablespoon measures. · Plastic sets are priced from about $1 to over $30. Stainless sets start around $6 and can be up to $50 for fancy, decorative sets. Measuring Cups · Stainless steel is most durable and dishwasher safe. Find a heavier gage weight like 18/8 if possible. · Aluminum is less expensive than stainless steel. This metal is more easily bent and dented. Washing in the dishwasher will make them dull. · Plastic measuring cups come in a variety of colors and styles. Check to see if the plastic measuring cups you want to buy are microwave safe. Most are usually dishwasher safe. · Tempered glass is microwave and dishwasher safe. Brands include Pyrex and Anchor Hocking. Safe for microwave use. · Measuring cups for dry ingredients are the ones that come in separate measures (1/8 cup to 1 cup). · Measuring cups for liquids come in stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and tempered glass. Sizes are usually 1 cup, 2 cups and 4 cups (1 quart). · Prices can range from a few dollars to $50. Food Scales · There are digital (requires batteries) or mechanical/dial types that look like what is in the produce section, but smaller for home use. With a mechanical/dial-type scale, avoid “high capacity.” These scales are meant to measure in pounds, rather than ounces. That makes it a challenge to measure accurately. Prices start around $8. · Digital scales are easier to read when looking for how many ounces the food weighs. Prices start around $25. · Scales that can zero out after you place your dish on top can measure each ingredient as it is added to the dish. Some allow you to use your own dish and some have a bowl you have to use.
  3. Stalls Happen Your surgeon will probably tell you about your likely weight loss. You might hear numbers such as 70 to 100 lb. in the first year, or up to 10 to 20 lb. in the first couple of months. Those might be realistic and turn out to be accurate for you, but what might also be true, that your doctor did not tell you, is that weight loss may not be steady. You might lose 75 lb. in a year, which is an average 1.5 lb. per week, but you are not going to lose 1.5 lb. every week for a year straight. You may lose 5 lb. in one week, 3 lb. in another, 0 lb. in another, and, some weeks, even gain weight. You are almost sure to encounter stalls, or plateaus, or periods of weeks or even a month when you do not lose weight, even if you are eating right. Your doctor may not tell you about stalls ahead of time, but you can handle them better if you are prepared right out of the gate. Your Metabolism May Plummet As you lose weight, you need fewer calories to sustain your basic body functions. Furthermore, when you exercise at a lower body weight, you burn fewer calories doing the same workout at the same intensity than you did when you were heavier. On top of that, your body may go into starvation mode and use even fewer calories as it becomes more efficient at using what you give it. While there is little that you can do to prevent a slower metabolism, you can at least be aware of it. Also, you can take heart knowing that you are likely to be able to exercise longer and at a higher intensity to offset some of the reduced body weight. It’s Freezing! Brrr…! Remember the days when you were the hottest one in the room, and all you wanted was to stop sweating? Those may be in the past. Part of the slowed metabolism can be due to your body’s new mechanism to save energy, which means turning down the thermostat. Another possibly surprising side effect of weight loss is that having less cushioning (body fat), so sitting in chairs or lying in bed can be less comfortable. People Can Still Hurt You You probably know that WLS does not change who you are, but your doctor may forget to tell you that it does not change other people, either. You may no longer get flack for being overweight, but people can still be hurtful. They can tell you… You took the easy way out with WLS. You have not lost much weight. Clearly, WLS did not work. You lost so much weight that you look sick. All you care about now is your diet and exercise plan. Your Social Life May Change Some friends will stick by you. Others may desert you. If some of your friends have just been “eating buddies,” or people you go out with to the bar or restaurants, you may need to exercise self-control at the bar or restaurant, find new activities to do with those friends or find new friends. You stand to gain wonderful new friends who share your new interests, such as walking, going to the gym, or cooking healthy fun foods. The Skin Stays Losing body fat will not give you a movie star’s appearance. It may not even be all that you need to lose. You may have loose skin that flaps, chafes, and interferes. There is a chance that you will want to get skin removal surgery for cosmetic, comfort, or medical reasons. Beware Replacement Addictions You may have been addicted to food. It may have provided comfort, entertainment, and companionship. Give it up, and you are likely to find something to replace it. Alcohol is a common replacement addiction, but you can do better! Stay aware of your emotional and physical needs, and you can be mindful about what replaces food in your life. Exercise, within reason, is a common choice; another healthy option is to make some great friends who are supportive and make you feel good. Your doctor will tell you a lot about what to expect after weight loss surgery, but she may leave out several important items. Go in with open eyes, and you can prepare better and come out farther ahead.
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  5. I cried

    I hope you get well quickly so you can discover more NSV's!
  6. Loss of desire/ED

    I didn't get all horny again until after I got back on soft foods, then I was good. His body is probably still healing and in a bit of a shock. Get the T checked and then be patient....it'll all work out.
  7. Protein intake

    If generally I wait for gnc, vitamin shoppe, or bodybuilding.com to have sales and promo codes and buy a bunch then. They frequently have 20 to 25% off coupons that stack with other sales (buy one get one half off) I believe I recently bought some at GNC with a 20% coupon that stacked with their buy 1 get one half off sale. If I need something in a pinch I'll pay full price from anywhere, but generally I load up during the big sales as they are very frequent. The GNC sale is probably still running (make sure to find the promo code for 20% off if you use it) , and all of them will likely have 4th of July sales soon
  8. 2 days Post Op - Update

    I’m surprised your surgeon’s office didn’t give you more guidance on your food intake. I’m attaching an image of two meal plans for you. One is “full liquids” for days 2-7 and the second one is “puréed foods” for days 8-14.
  9. Where is my Normal?

    Yes to all that......Its a marathon and not a sprint......you just have to deal with it until you heal and everything is better....no magical answer....its hard....its tough.....be tough....and you'll be fine.....
  10. Protein intake

    Wal-Mart has one called Body Fortress , made by Natures Bounty (i think) I got coupons for,it at the last Health Fair my,lived Wal-Mart had, a month,or so ago. it has 60 grams of protein.For $3 off I'll at least give it a trial.☕
  11. I cried

    Those moments are ones you’ll never forget! So happy that something positive came from a bad situation! Hang in there!
  12. July surgery

    I am hoping to get a date in July in the next week or so. All of my paperwork is done, I have lost my required 15 pounds, I am a teacher so I hope to have surgery and recover, and at least have a good start getting into a good routine before school starts again.
  13. wrong picture

    That is bizarre! Can you change it manually?
  14. August 17th, scheduled for VSG. Can’t believe it’s scheduled and can already feel the anxiety...
  15. I did the research, made a decision and then told people. I don't care about keeping it a secret, but if someone is of the opinion that it doesn't work I just agree with them that yes, that can happen. I have heard from several people about everyone regains the weight by the 5 year. I have yet to find anyone that personally knows a person this has happened too. I do know it can happen and the sleeve can be stretched, but I plan on following all the instructions, so I am not concerned about these mystery 5 year weight gainers.
  16. Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!

    No drat it! Just sometime after the second of July. Thought about camping on their front step, think they might open the front door and let me come in?
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  18. Pre-surgery (in 8 Days). Need Advice.

    Hello @Crazy4Charlito congratulations on your upcoming surgery, I am still pre-op, I hope to have surgery in August. I haven’t told a lot of people but the ones that I did tell, before they could get their opinion out I said if you can’t be supportive of my decision then I do not want to here what you have to say, I told them that I’m doing this for my health and to have a better quality of life...they respected my decision and got on board real quick. I’m a pretty private person at work so I only mentioned it to a few people that I am close to and knew they would be supportive. Be strong and it’s your business, you don’t have to tell them anything really. I wish you all the best 🤗 🌺
  19. Well I kind of forgot to mention almost all of the concerned family members are also doctors and I know they're really smart people too, so it kinda gets to me. But I like that list a lot especially the 2nd one and last one, and I'm definitely going use them
  20. Enough??

    Many people struggle with eggs. Some with cottage cheese. Here on the bariatric pal site, there are protein soups. They were all I ate for a while, and were great. Protein powders - well generally I detest the taste. But they ARE good and easy, so I played around until I found a recipe I could atomach - now I have it every day for breakfast. Give it a whirl but if you don’t like it, try out several. This was probably the 30th recipe I tried!! Here is is: One Nespresso shot of coffee (chilled) 20ml milk 30g vanilla protein powder (the least sweet one I could find) 7 ice cubes Blitz in bullet thingy and drink. Try recipes - there are loads on the web. You’ll find one or a bunch you like...
  21. Protein shakes

    Actually im sorry, i just looked and i got mine direct.I order so much amazon i lose track.
  22. Where is my Normal?

    Hello All! I had my Gastric Sleeve on 5/31/18 and I'm sitting at 2 weeks an 3 days Post-Op. My daily life is absolutely miserable and I'm wondering if it gets better at any point because it doesn't feel like that. Post Surgery Pain Lasted 3-4 Days and I was off Pain Meds with NO nausea. I was getting 48 ounces of water in a day and all was great. 1st Week Post Op I got cleared for full liquids but not told to integrate them slowly and made the mistake of having a very spicy creamy tomato soup. It WRECKED me. Since that day Nausea has spiked and I threw up for the first time 2 days later. I'm miserable. I ended up getting severely dehydrated because I'm nauseous and can't bring myself to sip. I ended up getting some IV fluids and a new prescription for nausea meds. Now my biggest problem is gas when I attempt to eat and the heartburn is INSANE! I've never dealt with this before but it rises to my chest and I want to throw up. It is terrible in the morning and evening. I will be starting some allergy medicine tomorrow to help with post nasal drip and seeing if they can prescribe a new med for heartburn because Omeprazole is too big and I can't handle eating the granules in food. (I gag.) Has anyone dealt with this? Does it get better? I don't want to eat ANYTHING! I'm miserable and regret my choice on the daily. When you're exhausted it takes a toll on your psyche. Any advice please?!
  23. So... the people WITH experience of this are saying “it works, it is excellent, as long as you are ready to change your life it is a great tool” and the people whose experience is confined to what they hear in the paper or from gossip is “no, too radical, it might not work, no need, danger danger”? And which group is is sensible to believe? I think a stock of ready answers might just do the trick! Feel free to pinch any of these, as the situation demands: “Thanks for your concern, funny how everyone has an opinion about what is best for MY body!!” “Thanks for sharing your worries, but I have enough of my own! Could you just support my decision?” ”oh, you are such an expert. When did YOU have this surgery?” (Complete with “I see it didn’t work for you - why not?” if appropriate) ”I know it isn’t a magic bullet, but it is a tool and I need this tool.” ”People who regain the weight generally don’t have a good support network to help them keep the weight off. Can I count on you being there as part of that support system for me?”
  24. Protein shakes

    I got mine from amazon. U can also buy direct.
  25. I cried

    I agree with Chrisb428 and Orchids&Dragons, that is a bono fide NSV, but what a horrid way to,earn this one!🏣
  26. 7 months post op

    Good job!! Im 6 months out. I also had low b1 and iron but it was at my 3 months appt. I got the bariatric advantage iron and b1 (which is hella expensive) but at my 6 month appt all my labs are back to normal! I just hit 80lbs down from surgery. Best decision ever.
  27. 233.9 down from 278 HW

    Oh no - I can’t read your story - in my iPad the link you posted just sends me to the forum index...
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