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PS Post-op Day 4: Energizer Grandma



More micro-improvements today.  Reaching a little higher, standing a little straighter. Getting up and down from a seated/laying position is no big deal, and apparently I'm speed walking.  The Kid called me "Energizer Grandma" when she saw me high-tail it to toilet hunched over with my cane cuz I had to pee so bad after a nap.

Took a narcotic pain med this morning, and I think that is the last of them for me.  Gonna just stick with the Tylenol now, not just for the minor aches, but for this non-stop dizziness I'm still experiencing.  Been doing laps around the kitchen every hour and that seems to help both the achiness and dizziness, but the head spinning comes back soon after I sit down (unless I lay down) and the achiness comes back if I stay too still too long.

My right arm & hand is no longer swollen, but my left forearm still is, and the left hand just barely...but at least now I can see the wrinkles on my knuckles again!  My va-jay-jay is also feeling so much less tight, but is still looking up at me when I look down in a seated position.  I did not notice before, but my thighs are actually a little swollen.  My boobs continue to be a non issue.

My drains are draining very little now.  One drain has collected maybe 10 mls since 9:00pm last night (about 21 hours) and the other one has collected even less in the same period.  Both are coming out tomorrow, so I'm definitely looking forward to that.

I was feeling this unbearable itch on my left shoulder blade under the ace bandage wrapped around my boobs and Mr. went digging under there to scratch it for me.  He found what he thinks is a popped blister right underneath the velcro that was touching my skin there.  He put some gel on it, covered it with a band-aid and put a piece of cotton bandage between my skin and the Ace.  I'm now thinking I've got a bunch of blisters under all these bandages. :(

Can't wait to see what the incisions look like when they change my dressings tomorrow...one more sleep!


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5 hours ago, Arabesque said:

Why the dizziness?

I think its a combination of pain meds, not enough physical activity and not enough food. Am working on each of these...

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3 hours ago, rs said:

@ms.sss how do you make these blog entries?

On the website at the upper right corner of the banner, there is a dropdown labeled "+ Create". Then you select "Blog Entry". See image below. But I don't think there is an option to do this on the app (well at least I couldn't see it there...)


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    • I'm also trying to cut back on buying clothes! My problem is the opposite of yours though... I started buying new clothes after my surgery because it was so fun to look good in everything. When I would find something I really liked, I bought multiples of it. Plus on line shopping is so easy. Click, click, and a present gets delivered to your door I've done better in January, but still found myself shopping. Just this week I had an inspiration though... when I see clothes I like, I am just taking a picture of them or of the outfit, and then replicating it with things I already own in my closet. This is fun also. I swear if I had all the money I've spent on clothes since my surgery I could have gone on an extended vacation in some exotic locale. Live and learn right? When we know better, we do better. Good luck to you on your resolution. Have you tried selling your extra items on Ebay?
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    • I didnt know about this functionality either.
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