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Getting my surgery Jan 26th



It took a lot of phone calls, complaining and even threatening to sit in the lobby of my PCP's office till I got it - but I finally got the medical clearance and got a real not a dummy date from my surgeon for my surgery. Jan 26th, it is 2 days after my 60th birthday and I am so ready. On Jan 19th I have the Pre-admission 4 hour workshop which includes:

1. a weigh in haven't seen or been weighed in since Nov 23rd the last 6 month supervised diet visit. Trying to maintain this weigh during the Holidays was not easy at all. I wasn't told I couldn't gain but felt it was important for me not to do so. However I proved unsuccessful with all the various activities around here. Yes I did gain 10 pounds and have been trying to get off every pounds gained plus more these last few weeks.We shall see tomorrow how I did. I hope I am at least back to the weight I was on Nov 23rd.

2. An hour long workshop with the nurse to remind me of what the surgery will entail, what I have to do this last week to get ready for it and the pre-op 1 day diet I must follow, what I must eat and the vitamins I have to take, breathing exercises I have to do after surgery.

3. Meet with the nurses and the Dr that will put me to sleep.

4. Plus ant tests that are now out of date because I had to wait over 2 months for the Doctors to give me clearance. They were so slow I was hitting the punching bag with their faces on it every day. People who started after me already have their surgery and have lost 35 to 50 pounds already. But at least this time around I have a surgery date unlike 2008 when I was told the insurance would pay for the lapband but not the fills. This time around I decided on the sleeve which was not allowed in 8 years ago.


I have been thinking about my life after surgery and what I want to do with the new found freedom I hope to get. I hope and pray that this weight loss will allow me to walk again despite all the medical difficulties I have with my back, hips and legs. I hope that I will not need surgery on those parts but if I do there better not be a single Doctor who refuses to do what is needed for me to walk again. I can't have gone through all this to still be using a electric mobility device to get around.



1. Whether I can walk again or not I will still be doing my exercise of riding my tricycle, using my arm peddler and pulley and doing the sit down circuit at either Youfit or Curves. I like the equipment at Curves but the lady that owns and runs it is a gossiper. She has told me about others who had surgery and things about their personal life that she had no business telling me. Makes me wonder if she told any one about my personal struggles. I like that Curves as it is close to my house and easier for me to get into with the scooter and walker. I will not tell her about my surgery but if she asks how I lost the weight from the time I left her place (as it has been over 5 years) till I get back, I'll just say high protein-low carb and leave it at that.


2. If possible in Feb after I have recovered from this gallbladder, sleeve and possible hernia surgery I want to go to the monthly support group the Doctor offered. I didn't feel right going before and thought it might make me too anxious. However, once I have the surgeries I know I will need the support as I have told no one as I only have one family member left (my brother who is 8 years older and doesn't ever call me or keep in touch) and when I called him I told him it was gallbladder and exploratory surgery for the nodules I have in various parts of my body.. I didn't lie as I do have numerous nodules, which I hope will not prevent the surgery from happening. The doctor is aware of them and I had 2 catscans done so he knows where they are.


3. I also want to engage in life again and do the things that other do, which haven't been possible to me.

a. I want to join a bowling league. I use to bowl in college and was on several leagues. I didn't bowl well but I had fun and it was exercise.

b. I want to go to the movies. It has been years since I have been able to go to see a movie. At one time I was able to fit into the stadium seating but the painful walk up the steps and the side stepping to get to a seat was beyond belief. I can't even remember the last movie I attended but I know I stayed on my scooter in the handicap section.

c. I want to go on the Fair rides and all the attraction rides in Orlando. For many years the Wednesday before my Birthday a groups of us supersized people would go to the Fair. Of course none of us could go on any of the rides so we did all the shows and other things available. Next January I want to go on the rides. WOW this makes me think of all the weekend trips I could make to Orlando for all the different attractions that are there and really enjoy myself by being able to go on all the rides. What a wonderful world would open up to me. To be able to take a cruise, ride a jetski, skydive in one of the domes, do a zipline. These are all things on my bucket list and some how I plan to do every one of them.


4. If I am able to walk again, I want to leave the current job I have working 2 days per week with the Blind teaching them keyboarding and braille to become a Zumba and Bowka instructor for the elderly. I love to teach and what better way to combine my love of teaching and exercise as the same time. Of course I will have to take some classes in these two exercises and get certified but I do believe it can be done here in Florida as I have researched where the various training programs are located and a few of them are in Florida.


I also have a goal of riding my tricycle (if I can't ride a bike) around Lake Okeechobee in Feb 2017 for the Loop around the Lake for Literacy. No not the whole Lake as that is 115 miles but I want to do the 14 mile ride up on the dike. I already checked into and am allowed to ride the tricycle if I can't ride a bike. I told the lady (in charge this year) that it would be a milestone goal of mine. I am hoping to be below 200 when I take this ride. The only bad thing about it is it will cost be $85.00 to do so. However if I can use it to raise money and I raise $200.00 I will get back my $85.00. So once I have the surgery, see where I am weight wise in 6 months then I will start thinking about how to turn this into a Pay it Forward kind of thing and raise that $200.00 so I can ride for free.


I know this was long a long winded entry but only those who have been close to 500 pounds and have just existed not being able to really live their life the way they wanted to will understand what this surgery will do for me. Granted I lost 180 pounds on my own over the past 10 years but I am now 60 and do not want to wait another 10 years to get off the remaining 160 pounds. I know this is not the magic cure and only a tool. But it is a tool that will help me lose the remaining weight and allow me to LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE. By the grace of GOD I am going to do this by my 61st birthday.


Since my surgery is in about 1 week my next posting will be after I get home and have had some time to recover. No doubt it will be about the surgery, recovery and how well I am doing. I hope that my posting these entries in some small way helps others who are just beginning their journey and will provide encouragement to all following this new way of life.


For all those who did read this posting please let me know how you are doing and feel free to become friends with me as I am sure we need each other's support to accomplish all our goals. Stay Happy and Healthy!!


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I'm so excited for you!! Keep us posted on your progress!! And well,though I am not exactly new at this journey, I feel like I'm new (fell off the wagon for a very long time!!) Either way, we are here for one another and I can't wait to see the progress!!

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Your testimony is beautifully written and inspiring.

Thank-you for your honesty and for sharing your account of past disappointments and future hopes. I hope everything is going better than good.

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