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No 3rd fill



I saw my doctor/Surgeon yesterday for my third visit after the lap band. I was supposed to have my 3rd fill but he decided against it because he was so happy with how I'm doing yay :)


On average I'm loosing ca 0,800 grams or 1.7 pounds a week and he said I was on the speed that her prefers the most. I'm so happy. I was so nervous since I wanted to loose more before my visit and usually when I'm on extreme diets, the weight goes down faster than this, but then again, I've never lasted more than 4 months on Extreme diets. Lap band is not a diet but a lifestyle, so I'm extremely happy :)


I had also been thinking that I didn't want another fill yet. I have had a few "stuck" episodes and I have problems eating when I wake up. I think that my band is balanced now and I know when, how and what I can eat.


I also talked about me eating to fast sometimes and that I am afraid of band slippage. He told me not to worry about that too much. The band was stuck where it is. But I should eat slowly and practice doing that. But that I wont damage anything. Even though I have a PB or I have a "stuck" episode, I shouldn't worry about damaging anything.


I also talked to him about me going abroad on a plane and what I should do, that I was worried I would gain weight. He told me to relax and he would see me again after the trip because he doesn't want to make any changes before the trip, in case I feel bad after it. He also told me not to eat on the plane, only fluids. It's a 4 hour flight so I think I will be able to manage :) but good to know though.


Today at work we had pork for lunch. I felt it a bit dry after the first bite and it felt like it wasn't going through very well. I stopped eating the pork and ate the potato, veggies and some cottage cheese. I never threw out food before the lap band. I always finished everything on my plate. So this is a very new thing, not finishing everything on my plate.

I'm becoming a food snob! haha, yes I my stomach is not a trash can anymore. Only gets A+ food :)


Happy girl today :)


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