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Lap band forgotten



Forgetting for a split second you have a lap band is the worst!


I was hungry I stuffed my mouth with food, chewed a little and swallowed and OMG!!! I take my lap band seriously and I am always trying to be careful and eat correctly.


This is NOT my proudest moment. The food got stuck, there was pain! like my upper body was going to explode! I was able to get rid of the food without throwing up by using the muscles (that I didn't know I had in there) and gagged a few times, but did not throw up.


It took about an hour, a painful hour!


Still worth it having the lap band.


Yesterday I went out to meet my family at a camping trip out in the country. We had some BBQ and while everyone stuffed their faces with food, I just ate a little. And I had enough food, not starving myself.

Then I looked at them still eating (it took me about 20 minutes to finish my portion) and thought about how odd it is, not eating so much. I used to be the one who ate the most of all of them.

And I realized that I used to be a slave to food. And how much of my time went about eating and thinking about food.


I'm having my third fill on Wednesday next week. I have to talk to my doctor about my trip overseas to the Mediterranean sea. I am somewhat nervous about it because you eat differently when travelling. It's going to be hot (Ice cream and cold drinks) and then unusual eating habits. The trip is going to last 2 weeks, I hope he can give me some good advice.


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