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First Post Op Follow UP~



Hmmm.... I don't know if I am happy or disappointed about my office visit today! I will have to admit ... I have been a scale junkie since my surgery but I guess my scale has been lying to me :angry: . I started this journey at 266.5 and as of today I am 249. That is according to the Dr.'s scale. So, I am actually only 17lbs down since my surgery. I liked my scales number better, but let's be honest .... IT LIES! I will go and recalibrate it as soon as I get home today ... or get rid of it and get a new one that will tell me the truth! Other than the numbers, I am happy to report that my tummy they took away had no traces of cancer, etc. Good ole' pathology is going to make sure they get the breakdown.... just thankful there wasn't bad news about that! Now, all my vitals were good, color was good, got off my Lasix the day of surgery and I still have NO swelling as well as getting off my Metformin, no traces of diabetes Type II either! I will say that was worth every penny and hour spent preparing and having this surgery! I did have to get another B-12 injection today because my energy level has been really low, but I kind of got a slap on the hand because I went back to work the Monday following my surgery. I put in at least 9 hours a day with a few minutes for a lil sip of soup and then home to mother four children, putting my recovery last on the list. I guess I thought since it didn't fall over dying, I was fully recovered. YES ... I love my job and I honestly couldn't wait to get back to work!! Well, with all that being said, I have not allowed myself enough "DOWN" time so my body is still worn down from my surgery! It has only been three weeks, but I didn't want to stay in the house, alone, and waiting for my body to heal when I knew I felt great! I still feel great, but, I do get tired (mentally and physically) by 2:00pm and push myself through until bedtime. (Which has turned into 7:00, opposed to 11:00) In my defense, I am up at 5:30 walking through the neighborhood getting some exercise and nature to start my day!


I did ask for feedback about losing 17lbs today and my sweet nurse said I was right on target. They mentioned most patients lose anywhere from 15 - 20 pounds by their three week check up. NOW ... by my four month check up she said the patients usually lose up to 50lbs. I will be happy to make that post!!! I guess I feel a little down becuase I thought it was more than 17, but I will take losing that 17lbs anyday over gaining 17lbs. Lots of questions from the nurse and a B12 shot and I was out the door!


I had to share and get my weight loss straight with anyone who reads my blog because I am an honest person and I wouldn't feel right lying about it ... that gets me NOWHERE!!! I did that pre-surgery! I will hope to have lost a few more by the end of this week!


Loving life and losing!!




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Thanks! I do think it has been a great journey so far! I guess I have been impatient and I will move forward with gratitude!! I know I am in a much better situation today than prior to my VGS. I do want to have a visit with my scale but I don't think we are friends right now so I went to the fabric store and got a measuring tape and I will befriend it for a while!! Hopefully one or the other will show my hard work is paying off!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend! Look forward to talking again soon!!


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