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Two weeks, two days!



I am feeling great! I know it's still early in the post-op phase, but I still haven't found a reason to be anything but grateful for my VSG. I am healing well and wearing jeans again. I have been a little crazy with the scale hoping for a huge weight loss number. I think 22.5 pounds is a pretty good start! I am thinking I am about to hit the dreadful three week stall and not looking forward to it, but I think I have made my mind up to stay away from the scale and maybe do a little measuring. I don't have to be ONE with the scale all the time!!! RIGHT? Actually, I am now down 23.4 pounds since my surgery date and that is working with me! I have started my work out schedule and actually have enjoyed getting up and working out (mildly). I am still a little slow on the walking, no brisk, fast paced, hard core walking yet, but I know that will come in time! I think I am most happiest about finally being able to eat again (chew, chew, chew) and not having to sip my meals! That sure was hard, but looking back, it seemed time went so fast!


I wish anyone thinking about one of the surgeries, doing one of the surgeries, or has already done one of the surgeries the best of luck in every aspect of this great life!




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I am enjoying your Blog :) It is nice to hear your encouraging words especially for those of us getting ready and waiting for our dates. I am in month 2 of 6 month required pre op diet. Seems like surgery will never get here.

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Thank you so much! I absolutely love this site and will really love to look back months from now and see all the things I thought were so difficult turn into just a bump in the road! I don't know if all my posts will be 100% positive, but I do know I will not sugar coat anything I go through!! There are days when I want to eat more than I know my banana belly will hold, but it doesn't take long for me to be reminded by my tummy that we are not going to do that anymore!! We are going to eat enough to nourish my body and get on down the road! I think the only part I struggle with right now is the afternoons and NO energy. I do think I am starting to adjust to that too, but I just take one day at a time! I don't know how it feels to wait for 6 months, but just my four weeks wait was difficult enough... I wish you strength and patience as you go through the next four months... It will be here before you know it!!! If you want to ask anything, please feel free!! I am here for you and any others who question WLS!!! YOU GOT THIS SISTER!!!


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