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Two weeks post op!



I am two weeks post op and finally back in normal clothes! I have had to wear soft pants with elastic or sweat pants up until today! I have started a work out plan and noticed with only being 22.5 pounds lighter my walking seems much easier! I was up at 5:30 am and went on a two mile walk through our neighborhood. It was somewhat exhilerating with the light rain and dense fog in the pitch dark but I am motivated to work out along with my weight loss! I am on solids and have enjoyed finally having the taste of real foods that I have always loved in moderation. I will tell those of you in preop or thinking about gastric sleeve, your tummy lets you know when you are DONE eating! I have finally recognized what FULL feels like! Although sometimes I would love to finish my whole plate, I know I can't and I just remember to enjoy the flavor of what I can eat and push the rest aside! I have yet to regret my decision and would do it all again if I had to. I still sit with my coworkers and discuss the way I used to eat and WOW, what a change. I would keep on going until there was nothing left and still want more. I am so proud of myself for my accomplishments and how it seemed so easy to get through the surgery and recovery phase! I know you have it in you too!! I am a little eager to see what my final weight may be but I will patiently wait and let dreams come true!


Hope anyone contemplating one of the surgeries will research and get good advise from those that have already gone thru any of them! I will be the first to say that my VSG was far less pain and suffering than I ever expected!!


With love,




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I am new to this forum and a little more than 3 months away from my surgery date. I am encouraged by your story. So, 2 weeks out and you are already back on solid food? Keep up the good work!

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Thanks you OhSoNoni! I hope that you are getting excited! Three months will go by faster than you can imagine!

YES, I am two weeks and two days post-op and am eating the same things people around me are eating, just much smaller portions! I have learned to slow down and enjoy all the flavors of the foods I love knowing that I will not get to gorge myself like in the past! It was was baby steps in the beginning but I got through it with many tasty broths and soups! I remember the first thing I ate was scrambled eggs and I was scared to death they would not work out so well, but I did a small bite and waited a while before I took another bite!

If you wanna talk about anything, feel free to send me a message! If not, thanks for the kind words and I wish you the best of luck! If you are like most of us, you will not regret this at all!

Best wishes and look forward to talking again!


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Thank you for the encouragement. I am really excited, but also a little nervous. I haven't shared with many people that I am embarking on this journey. People are very judgmental and at the mere suggestion of this procedure I got some negative feedback. I don't understand why people think surgery is the "easy way out." I think it's anything but "easy." Anyway, I initially had a surgery date for March, but my insurance is very strict about fulfilling the 180 day pre-op waiting period. Therefore, my surgerday had to be pushed back to April 6. Like you said, the time will go by quickly. It's already the end of January!! I hope things are continuing to go well for you. Have a great day!!!

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I guess I look at my overweight being that I was always more willing to take the easy route and that led me to more weight gain. Even at my thinnest, I was still looking for an easy way to cheat the system. My cheating and falling for the easy way led me to gaining even more weight over the years.

I will be honest and tell you, I am also one who chose not to tell many people about my WLS. I chose only a few people I knew would hold me accountable as well as give me positive feedback on choices I make for my new life ahead of me. I have a very encouraging group of honest friends and family that I trust will not share my journey, as for the rest, I will not lie, I will tell them I have decided to make better food choices and exercise more! You are right! There are so many people that will snub their noses at you for the mere fact of thinking of having a WLS, but the way I look at it is "It's not taking the easy way out"! I once read a book with a terrific truth to those who say by having WLS you are just taking the easy route. NO, there is nothing easy about preperation for the surgery, having the surgery, nor life after the surgery. I can say there are times that because we eat less and have been encouraged to exercise more the weight will come off faster but there isn't anything easy about it. The book made a suggestive: When there is negative feedback, or derrogotory comments, remind those by asking; "Do you still go out back and beat your laundry with rocks to wash?" "Do you have still hand wash all your dishes?" "Do you still hang your clothes out to dry?" I am quite positive the answer to at least two of these questions is NO. Well, does that mean they took the easy route out? NO, they found a more efficeint way to wash clothes and dishes so they aren't slaves to chores, they found help. Well, we found a way to help us not be victim to food addiction with a little help! Honestly, I chose to weed out the negative people in my life. I do not like to be involved with people like that! I think they are just envious. What we choose to do with our bodies is our choice, nobody else matters!!!

As far as me, I am in my three week stall and I dislike it! I thought I would shed the weight faster, and I did the first two weeks, and then there is this nice hill to climb, "Three Week Stall". I've read much about it and I will do all I can to stay motivated and positive about moving through and climbing up out of the valley! I want to be on the top of the mountain, not in the foothills!! =)

Wishing you a fast next few months!!

Keep in touch!


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