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3 Days Into Pre-op Diet



Well I am now on day 3 of pre-op diet for the lap band. I am hungry and cranky but I am surviving. I have my EGD tomorrow morning. My mother-in-law was supposed to take me but there was apparantly some miscommunication between her and my husband. So after stressing and scrambiling around all night, my sister will take me. I feel so bad for her because she has 3 kids that she has to find babysitters for to keep them over night and to get one of them to summer school. But she is an angel for taking me. Do to the traffic and construction out that way we will have to leave really early tomorrow morning. My husband has me stressed out as well because him and his guy friends are riding their motorcycles to the Biker Ralley in Austin tomorrow. I am trying to convince them to leave tonight because we are supposed to have some pretty severe weather go thru the metroplex tomorrow and the last thing I want is to be put to sleep worrying about him making it safely to Austin. AAAUUGGHH MEN, they think they are invinsible.

I had a protein shake for breakfast and dinner yesterday and had a can of soup for lunch. I felt like I was more hungry during the day by eating the can of soup during the day rather than having the soup so I am going to back to having the shake breakfast and lunch and soup tonight. I am still needing the couple of almonds here and there to hold me over too.

Welp, back to work. Hope my EGD goes well and pray for them finding a hernia so it will be cheaper on me and my insurance will cover the hernia repair. Fingers crossed.... (I know that sounds very wrong).


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