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size 12



I went clothes shopping on my lunch break today. All of my pants are (finally) getting too big to wear. I decided since the weather is getting nicer that I would treat myself to a pair of capris jeans. The cute kind.


My highest size was a size 20. I hated being a 20 because most stores don't carry that size, and since I was too embarrassed to shop in the plus size section, or heaven forbid, a plus size store, I bought everything online. Which meant I often wore clothes that I hated (clothing rarely looks the same in real life as it does online on the model!) and clothes that didn't fit (because I couldn't try it on).


I still don't like clothing shopping. I actually hate it. But I needed some new clothes desperately. So as I was grabbing jeans I started picking up size 14s, because all of my size 16 clothes are too big. Just for fun, I grabbed one pair of size 12 jeans, thinking if they looked okay I could maybe get them for motivation.


But guess what?!?! They fit! Granted, they look more like sausage casings than they do jeans ... but I didn't have to lay down to get them on or do a funny jumping dance! The size 14s would have fit (and probably look) better ... but holy smokes! I can fit in a size 12! Me!


I can't even believe this. But seriously, that's what happened today! If I get brave, maybe I'll post a picture of me wearing them.


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It's an awesome feeling & you SHOULD feel great and be proud of yourself! All your hard work is paying off.

Take the time to look in the mirror, and smile! :)

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