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My thoughts on: The Biggest Loser Finale

LilMissDiva Irene


In the last few Seasons of Biggest Loser I've watched it less and less. Once I seen Dolvett and his demeanor with those he's training I started to get more interested again but never as much as I did in the first few seasons.

This status isn't about Rachel and how thin she looked. I admit I only barely watched the finale yesterday and yes IMO she took it too far. That said, she is extremely competitive and she won. Is it okay? Probably not but that is something only she herself can work to correct.

It's really UNFAIR to judge her because I know how it can be to take anything too far. I have an addictive personality and I empathize with her. Who would I be but a hypocrite to demean her. All I can do is pray she remedies herself.

All that said it is also VERY UNFAIR to lay blame on her trainer. I highly doubt Dolvett would approve if he knew she took it that far. And especially shame on NBC and the comments left by Bob and Jillian on this issue. Personally Jillian constantly cracking her whip on those she's trained in the past makes me think she is full of hypocrisy! I can not support her anymore, as I had in the past. When she returned after leaving the show for the enth time she came back softer but I'm unsure it was from the heart. That's her cross to bear though.

I will never again watch BL. I hope Dolvett does leave the show but as he does to take his personality elsewhere. To train people in a positive, respectful and healthy manner. From what I see of him, that is really what he is all about.

Losing weight should never be competitive! ! I fight against this all the time. Anyone who is obese already lives their life with feelings of low self worth and inadequacy. So then we display a bunch of severely overweight people and put them in front of a TV screen, put them in a bunch of ridiculous scenarios and expect to be entertained by it? No. No more.

This show is a clown song and dance... and shame on ME for partaking in it for as long as I did. In my own defense though I watched it more for the inspirational factor, but I see now that is not what it's really about.

And I will not continue to be a part of the problem.


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I love the show and love seeing how the people end up. I do think Jillian is a bully, a lot of the time. I know I wouldn't want her to be my trainer.

Rachel did go over board to win the money. But then she was a swimmer, so maybe this weight is normal for her younger self.

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My thoughts are very similar to yours.. I think the show is cruel . It is a unrealistic view on obese people. Jillian is a tyrant I think they should have left her off the show period. I like Bob okay and Dovett is a good trainer too. Rachel was going to win from the beginning, she has a competetative personality but I think she looks too thin. I have lost 60 lbs this year it has been slow but steady and I am healthy. Biggest Loser has become a soap opera. All the psycho analysis by these trainers is ridiculous and disingenuius .

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