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I knew I wasn't ready to eat out



Yesterday my husband wanted to treat me out to dinner. I'm 5 weeks post. My doctor advised me not to "eat out" untill 6 months post. I reminded hubby of this. Also, I knew my food choices would be limited. Plus, I never knew how my stomach would react to new foods. Sometimes she accepted foods with no problem. At other times, she pretended to accept the food, to only regurgitate it minutes later. If I feed her something she really didn't like, she would regurgitate AND sent a message to my bowels to discard it ASAP. When this happen, a bathroom was needed as quickly as possible!


Ok so back to dinner. I didn't want to hurt my husband feelings. He was just trying to do something husbandry. So I agreed to go out to eat. We went to Texas Roadhouse. As I sat there looking through the menu, I reminisced about what I would have eaten pre-sleeved... For drinks, I would have ordered a water and a virgin strawberry daiquiri.. Um um i love strawberry daiquiris. they are so good! Next an appetizer of a Texas Onion. delicious! My main dish would go been the sirloin steak entree with a sweet potato with butter and brown sugar. House salad on the side with EXTRA ranch dressing. Did I mention the bread? Well bread has always been a favorite of mine. I would of eaten 5 or 6 rolls with lots of that cinnamon butter on top..... Yes, eating was good pre-sleeve!


But since i was Post-sleeve now, I settled for a grilled chicken salad with a glass of water. I was so proud of myself! When the salad arrived, I took about 3 bites. I immediately felt sick. I looked around at the other patrons enjoying, steaks, fries, burgers, and ribs, etc. I looked at my husband. He was enjoying his steak. I don't know why I felt sick. The salad tasted great. But my body no longer responded to food the same. A lot of times I can't even stand the smell of it. And watching all the people eating, eating, eating.. I knew I was going to hurl. I stayed calm and sipped some water. Yes I know I'm not susspose to eat and drink within 60 minutes of one another, but hey sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I sipped more water. It took all I had not to throw up.


Once home, I went straight to the bathroom. There I threw up AND I had diarrhea at the same time. It was horrible. Next time I am going to listen to my instincts. I KNEW I wasn't ready to eat out!


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I ate at the Roadhouse about 4 weeks post op but I had mashed potatoes and applesauce.. I can't do much salad even now. I am 1 year post op.. now I can eat at roadhouse, I eat steak bites off of the children's menu and green beans.. no bread or potatoes.

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