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Saggy Vaggy



Sooooooooo... Yea. If you're squeamish, you may want to skip this entry. I'm going to keep it as clean as possible because I don't want this entry deleted, I think it's important to talk about.


Anyway, so I'm starting to notice the weight loss on my body parts. My thighs are sagging, my face, my breasts... All heading downhill. But I knew sagging would happen, so I really didn't stress about it.


Well last night in the shower, I noticed something else sagging...... My vaggy! What? What's this? Is that all me? I decided to investigate further once I was out. Got a mirror, locked my door, turned the lights on bright. I took a good look.


I Definitly noticed some changes. First of all, i noticed stretch marks! Who knew you could get stretch marks from losing weight down there?! They were on the side and towards the back..Ugh. Wonder if I should try rubbing Merderma or Palmer's Cocoa Butter on it.......??


Umm. Nah. I better not.


And do you know how it looks to blow up a raft, balloon, etc., with air? Well that's how it used to look. Now deflate that balloon, raft, etc. That's how it looks now... Wonder if I can get Botox there??


Nah. Sounds painful.


Guess ill just have to live with this saggy vaggy. I wonder if any other WLS female patients have noticed sagging in well.. Unusual areas.


Nah. Probably just me.


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