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Oh, no my jeans!

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Ok, I was saving two pair of jeans because they were like new, they used to be so tight I couldn't wear them. I was looking forward to be able to put them on. I got them out yesterday to try to see if they would fit, and horrors of horrors, they are too big!!! I couldn't even get them to stay up comfortably with a belt. I'm crushed because now they have to go to the good will and I didn't even get to wear them!!! Oh well, I suppose that is a good thing. People have finally noticed that I'm losing weight, one at church and one saleslady at work. I told them thank you and yes it is hard work. I've lost 45lbs and I know I should be proud of that but somehow doesn't feel like enough. I know that I shouldn't compare myself to others but sometimes it's hard not to get weight loss envy. I was sort of complaining the other day and my son said to me that even though I'm losing weight I still look good and healthy unlike two of his co-workers that had the bypass procedure, he says they've lost a lot of weight but look like they've been sick. So i guess that losing slowly isn't so bad as long as I look healthy. I'm off all BP meds now, and have reduced my diabetes meds in half, Doc says probably will be off all soon. I am waiting to go back for another sleep study to see if I can go off my CPAP, I can't wait to get rid of it. I have 4 lbs to go before I hit one-derland, I can wait I'm so close.... but probably another 2-3 weeks. Oh well, slow and steady....

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I have a couple pairs of jeans to that I hope to fit in. I guess I need to get them out and ready. Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far. Keep up the good work. I am 38 pounds away from ONEderland myself and cannot wait to get there...

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I was seriously bummed when I outgrew a whole slew of clothes - and it keeps on happening :) but I think I like my new ones a whole lot better! The hard part is sticking to only buying jeans and tops with stretch so they last longer. My strategy has been get one that fits - and also one that is smaller - 2 to sometimes 4 sizes. this is when I bought a pair of size 12 jeans that fit well - and realized that when I put on the size 6 that was the new goal size that they fit even better...go figure. This big rump can now wear a size 2 in certain sizes, which is crazy! Congrats on approaching Onederland:)

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