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Day 2 Post-Op



I made it thru surgery! Not as bad as I thought. My mouth was dryer than dry, but they gave me ice chips.


My surgery started at 7:30am


They did the sleeve & hernia, was in recovery by 9:25, in there for about an hour, the to my room at about 10:30. I was on oxygen, they took it off at 11:30, just had to remember to breath deep when the buzzer sounds, they also gave me a breathing thingy that I have to do minimum of 10 an hour, it gets deep breaths, it helps A Lot with Gas bubbles & helps so yo don't get Phenomena I've been burping a storm. Walking around my room & the halls. No nausea at all They are stayed on top of the meds while I was in the hospital, the second morning I didn't have any. I just had gas pains.

Also, I was able to get out of the bed & I'm sitting in a what they call recliner... But it's better than the bed. I was able to be out of the hospital by noon the day after surgery, I hated being there, being on the IV & eating ice chips, I was able to walk to my GI & passed, so they said I was cleared t go home.


We ran to get my Rx & home we came where I started drinking an Iso Pure, not the greatest, but its protein, i wasn't to bad after I mixed some powder protein with it. took for ever to drink 8 oz. but I did that twice yesterday & so I hit my minimum mark of 50 grams of protein. I figured that was a great start. the only time I took the pain meds is when I went to bed. I don't like them they knock me right out.



Since this

morning I have choked down a iso pure without added powder & 1/2 a 16.9 oz bottle of water guess that's not bad where its basically 10am. I am not hungry, I just keep telling myself drink this, drink this. slowly. but drink this. then I give myself a break.

I weighed myself & I am down 2lbs the only reason I got on the scale is I do my measurements once a week those were not so good, but I attribute that to being swollen, my plans for the day are SHOWER! then this afternoon a walk, & maybe 1 tonight. and of course every-time I remember I use the breathing thingy. I haven't really had troubles passing gas, from either direction. I know TMI, I also had a BM. the nurses had me a bit scared about that. I had it on my own no medicines or juices.


I had it in my head it was going to be worse than it was. I guess it's better to thin that then have it be better. now if I could just Fast Forward the next couple months. :P


Hope everyone is doing well.


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Hi my name Bea im having surgy sept 16 im very nervous but you make it sound its not that bad thanks for you story

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Hi my name Bea im having surgy sept 16 im very nervous but you make it sound its not that bad thanks for you story

It wasn't as bad as I had thought. I had the same fears everyone else has, I kept my eye on what I want in life & pushed through my self doubt. There are people who have complications, But you get that in any surgery. Well in anything in life. There is no guarantee. I personally have tried so many diets & group garbage & pills. The time was right, I know people who have had success with all that, I also know a couple ladies that had major things happen from taking diet drugs, 3 to be exact. 3, 1 had a heart attack & in doing great now the other 2 had strokes & have life long effects. that was when I decided that was it, I started looking into this surgery & did tons of hours of research, & went to all my pre-op appointments & listened & took note. This is only a 1/3 of the tool to get the weight off. I have just started & hoping to be able to keep going forward. Good luck to you as well. :)

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Congrats on a very successful surgery. This is exciting. My surgery is Monday (Bea, I'm the 16th also!), and I'm just really hoping for an "easy" time. :) My surgery isn't until 10:00, so I'll probably be a basket case by that time, but I'm hoping for some nice relaxation drugs while I wait. Keep up the great work!

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