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When I'm in Doubt....

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I have been lost in thought for awhile, running all kinds of emotions.

So I thought I will do my old standby. Make a List...

a List of Why I am wanting to keep my head up & not cheat, not give in to my belly...

all its moaning & groaning of thinking it wants something Sweet or Salty... or something besides Shakes, protein, veg's or a single piece of fruit..


things I want to be able to do.

~sit in a both when I go out to with my family.

~not have to worry about whom is driving, due to the seatbelt issue.

~ride any fair or amusement park ride.

~be able to go buy cloths that don't come from The Big Girl section (basically anything without a X or few)

~be able to not have fear of people asking when I'm Due.

~for that matter no terrible comments or remarks.

~to be able to actually Smile without hiding the pain of something.

~to not have to worry if I drop something & have to pick it up in public.

~be able to go swimming at a public pool without giggles.

~when family & friends gets together to not worry about a chair breaking.

~to be able to ride the dirt bike.

~to be able to wear high heels again when I feel like it.

~to do a 5K without walking.

~going skiing.

~go tubing.

~go rollerblading again.

~ride a horse without extra stress.

~go on the zip-line.

~go golfing without getting to tired.



I have many more that have rolled through my head & now that I sit to type they have disappeared.

This Journey is for me, for my Health & Happiness.

Sometimes I just have to remember that.


this was just a quick rant.

I'm so ready for this change.

Happy Trails to everyone on their own Journey! :)

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Good job staying focused on why you are doing this! It's going to be really difficult sometimes but just remember why you are doing this and why it is so important for you and your health! As a bonus you'll be able to start checking things off this list and it will affect your family in such a positive way! Congratulations on your upcoming surgery and I pray it goes off without a hitch!

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