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Day 2 & 3 Pre-Op Diet

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Day 2: This day did not go buy as smooth. Not as busy & the hunger or ghost hunger (I have plenty of storage I will be fine…) :wacko:

still stuck to the diet just mainly had a headache, broke-down & bought Crystal Light Grape Energy to relieve the caffeine headache.. My Surgeon prefers no caffeine during pre-op, along with avoiding ibuprofen due to it being a blood thinner, & to try not to take Tylenol. Where you get the Rx version as Post-Op., which is all, ok, just a Pain. I ended up having a hard time going to be cuz my belly thought it needed the Fast Food one of my older kids brought home, well actually just the wrappers.. MAin it was the smell that made my tummy rumble... <_< I thought you know this is a good trail now. I can’t make them change how they eat just because of what’s going on with me. I prevailed. Surprisingly felt better for it when I walked away. Best of all no regret! Small victories. Sad thing the stuff doesn’t even taste nearly as good as my head always thinks it does. So I am Happy. :rolleyes:


I did better on water, I got right on target. Protein 64 so it’s improving.




Day 3: Finally had my Blood Labs early this morning. Now I’m just Crossing my fingers that nothing major is found. The blood work wasn’t bad didn’t even feel where she poked me, no bruising either which is unusual for me. The horrific thing was the Urine Test. I awoke to Mother Natures Wrath. :blink: Ugh most embarrassing… I know I’m not the only one, one of the nurses said it’s the drastic change in my diet. Which I have had before & I am pretty sure it’ll happen again at some point. LOVELY life as a Woman!! :(


She also told me some of the more scary stories of people.. #1 STAY AWAY FROM ALL FIZZY DRINKS. Or basically this whole process is in vain. The #2 is do not push your self to eat, like Stuffing your self most people don't eat to much for a very long time, she said that's why you go to your post-op appointments. Good thing I have already heard this info from the Dietitian & Dr. along with pretty much everyone else who I have seen.


Water I got right on, well I'm drinking my last bottle before I head to bed, ^_^ also & Protein I got 75!!

I think it’s a lot of choices & making the best of it.

I also found to curb the hunger to cut the vegetables up small so they look like a lot more, the old toddler trick worked today. It took a lot longer to eat it also.

The biggest problem I found, with the dry meal rule is getting all the water in during the day. Unless you get up earlier specially when you have a lot of driving to do. It’ll work its self out. The joys of continuing to learn..

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